This was posted 6 years 2 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20% off Bose: QC25 Headphones $319, Soundtouch 10 Wireless Music System $239 + More @ Myer

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    Combine with AMEX $30 Credit for $150+ spend
    (I have that deal, it may be targeted)

    • How to get this deal? thanks

  • No QC 20i?

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      After using QC20i and QC25 for quite a while (~1 year), I highly suggest going for the QC25.
      Don't bother with QC20i, the only advantage it offers is the size. Since the QC25 is so much more comfortable, I personally believe there is no point buying the QC20i, unless you really need that small form factor.

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        I would take this comment with a grain of salt.

        Consider your own personal circumstances. Ask yourself some questions: Are you able to sleep with headphones on? How do you sleep on the plane? (if you tilt you head to the side would the headphones rattle against the wall) etc etc

        In my experience the qc25 and qc20 are equal in comfort and noise cancelling.

        • True, being able to sleep with it on is one of the best part of having QC20i.

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          @Clain: Thanks for the comments - I already have a QC20, but now have an iPhone so would be useful for the 20i.

          Also - I travel overseas around five times a year (excluding holidays) so being able to sleep on the plane, the small form factor means I can carry it in my pocket everywhere means for me the qc20 goes everywhere I go, which to me is the most important thing. Plus with the 25, I wear glasses so the seal is not perfect and nc isn't as good!

        • @edpkicf: Great point about the glasses part! This makes the QC20i a great candidate for your next purchase.

        • @edpkicf: Sounds like you can afford full price for the QC20i :)

  • soundtouch 30 must've gone up in price. now sitting at 675

    • that's the old version man, click the link in post and the 2 next to it are the cheaper ones and are also the later version :)

      • yeah i just saw it :P my baddddddd

  • Hell yes the Samsung R7 on sale and we were just talking about this. Still too expensive but i have a myer voucher that needs to be used. Bought one :)

    • Make sure you apply for the cashback :)

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    Just snapped an QC25 from Myer $319 plus GST refund at custom will be $290. RRP is $399, JB HiFi sales verbally offered $345. Was about to buy from there this afternoon but there were some secret supernatural force stopped me. Then I checked OZB before this post!

    Deal angels exist.

    • Good price! Lol.

    • I got them at $340 then cashed out come vouchers. Damn!

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      If you read the comments, a few have snapped one up for $284 at officeworks by price-beating this deal:

      That makes $256 after the TRS refund

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        but the minimum value of good to claim gst refund is $300? for $284 you cant claim refund i think

        • oh yeah, forgot about that. You're right

          Then you will need to buy another $16 worth of stuff from OW to claim trs. Still a better deal

  • Just in case, show them this and JB will always sell at $340 -

  • Is this the cheapest price people have seen for the QC25? I'll be aiming to claim back GST as well, as i'm flying in 3 weeks time, so a total of $287.
    Anyone seen it go cheaper than that to date?

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      I just got the QC25's price matched with Officeworks against

      They're not official Bose resellers (I checked with Bose earlier in the week) but just called up Officeworks then and the chick was happy to price match it for me and take off the extra $5, so came to $284.04 :-)

  • Cheapest I can see is if people pricematch to David Jones, get 5% off that as well, brings it down to $303 and with the GST claim brings it down to $270.

    • Unfortunately, DJ doesn't have Soundlink ii wireless Headphones on their site. So no price match from online shop.
      If you want to price match you gonna have to find out in retail DJ.

  • Bought a qc25 with $30dollar off by amex. And am going to claim tax refund. Great deal!

    • how to get $30 off? Is it targeted?

      • I think so. I didn't see the offer yesterday. However when I check it again this morning. I saw it on my 'offer' list.

  • I picked up a pair of the Limited Edition triple black QC25's today, my first pair of expensive headphones… purchased more for the noise canceling than sound quality for my upcoming trip to Mexico, NY, Vegas & LA. Got em from JB Hi-Fi told them Myers had for $319 and they gave them to me at $317 didn't even show the Myer price.

    On another note can anyone recommend a decent bluetooth adaptor to make them wireless?



  • Confirm the promo is back again online - didn't show in store but get them check online . Just snatch a sound touch 10 Myer cbd .

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