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Xbox 360 Elite 120GB for $299 @ DSE


very cheap considering arcade sells for $299 when not on special. for those who missed out on the MW2 deal last week.

Xbox 360® Elite is the premier console package with a massive hard drive, a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) port, a high-definition cable, and a premium black finish for the console. In addition to a black wireless controller and Xbox LIVE® headset.
Hardware, software, and services: Fusing powerful hardware, software, and services, Xbox 360 fully engages you in a gaming experience that is more expansive, dramatic, and lifelike, where the possibilities are limitless and your imagination knows no boundaries.
Xbox LIVE: Xbox LIVE is where games and entertainment come alive, the only unified place where you can play with anyone, anytime, anywhere. And the best just got better. Connect Xbox 360 to your broadband connection, attach a storage device (hard drive or memory unit) and get instant access to Xbox LIVE Silver. Express your digital identity through your gamertag and gamer card, talk with others using voice chat, and access Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
Xbox LIVE Marketplace: Access hundreds of arcade games, trial demos of full games before purchase and keep your favourite games fresh with instant access to new content. Accessible to Silver and Gold members, Xbox LIVE Marketplace lets you personalize and extend your experience, on demand.
Games: Xbox 360 redefines what games look like, sound like, feel like, and play like to engage you like never before. Every Xbox 360 title supports 720p and 1080i high definition resolution or 480p standard definition resolution, in 16:9 widescreen, with anti-aliasing so you enjoy smooth, movie-like graphics and multi-channel surround sound. Vibrant characters display depth of emotion to evoke more dramatic responses, immersing you in the experience.
Digital entertainment: Amplify your music, photos, video, and TV. Watch progressive-scan DVD movies right out of the box. Rip music to the Xbox 360 hard drive and share your latest digital pictures with friends. Make the connection, and Xbox 360 instantly streams the digital media stored on your MP3 player, digital camera, Media Center PC, or any Microsoft® Windows® XP 2005 Edition-based PC.
Box includes Xbox 360 Elite Black console with 120Gb HDD, Xbox 360 Black Wireless controller, Component HD AV cable, Ethernet cable, Xbox 360 Wired Headset and HDMI AV cable.

Ballina DSE, Bankstown Dick Smith, Bankstown Square DSE, Blacktown Dick Smith, Canberra Centre Dick Smith, Carnes Hill DSE, Chatswood Chase, Erina Dick Smith, Greenhills DSE, Lidcombe Dick Smith, Narellan, North Parramatta Dick Smith, Orange DSE, Parramatta Westfield DSE, Roselands, St Ives, Sydney CBD Dick Smith, Tweed City DSE, Woden Dick Smith
Altona DSE, Bendigo Dick Smith, Broadmeadows Dick Smith, Caroline Springs, Chadstone DSE (Large), Forest Hill DSE, Fountain Gate Dick Smith, Frankston Power Centre DS, Geelong Dick Smith, Highpoint Dick Smith, Knox City Dick Smith, Nunawading, Southland Dick Smith, Springvale DSE, Traralgon
Calamvale DSE, Queen St Brisbane DS, Rockhampton Dick Smith, Springwood Dick Smith, Stafford City, Sunnybank, Toombul DSE, Townsville Dick Smith Large
Elizabeth Dick Smith, Modbury DSE, Westlakes DSE, Whyalla Norrie DSE

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  • Wow, i've never seen a 350 before… Thanks for the post!

    • lol typo its 360

  • http://www.dse.com.au/cgi-bin/dse.storefront/4b679280003a661…

    direct link. for some reason its listed under accessories but preety sure the description says console.

  • +1

    i still don't know how they charge 299 for the arcade considering our strong Aussie dollar… 199 USD = 223 AUD…

    surely shipping per unit doesn't equal 100 bux, if it does they are getting ripped off!

    even Canada gets them for 199 CAD (210 AUD)

    • +3

      That can be easily justified by adding GST (import custom) and shipping cost.
      And also volume discount.

      • yeah just recently had a bit of an education into customs…. 600 dollars later on a 700 dollar item i think I'm a bit wiser…although that being said, I thought they could get GST back when they sold it, eg the customer pays the duty… so 10% of 199, shipping costs id imagine wouldn't be too much more after all where are they made? probably not in the US? (or is there that extra 20% or so importing tax putting on another 40 bux)
        im sure they'd still have tax in the US..

        still a fair bit away from the 210 vs 299….

        • What were you taxed $600 for that only cost 700? Alcohol or something?

          You'd still be looking at paying 5% on top of the 360 price (duties), plus 10% (gst) on top of that (by "that", I mean cost+duties), plus shipping (which we'll estimate to be around 20AUD per unit based on a 20hq container)… all this works out to roughly 277AUD (I'm just basing this on the retail price you've listed). We've seen them go for 199AUD in the past weeks.

          Anyway, the problem isn't really notable with 360s so much as it is with other tech related goods… The dollar getting stronger definitely has made a difference (you can take a look at netbook price trends), but you can't assume our prices are going to plummet just because today our dollar is at 88cents, when tomorrow it could be at 76cents. It's a bit of a silly comparison.

    • dude 199 cad is cheaper than america lol

    • I agree, but then again, I'd rather pay a bit more and live in Australia :)

  • My only quibble is that when something that doesn't fit in my pocket has the same hard disk space as an iPod I wouldn't say you could fairly characterize it as "massive".

    • lol, didnt notice that, yeah bit stupid the price they charge for HDD is ridiculous.

      1TBs dont cost that much more than other sized drives…why not just use 1tb…2tb or more is massive… but still a good deal on this actual product.

    • It's a propriety drive, so Microsoft can sell it at whatever price they want and if you want one, you will pay that price. (3rd party ones have apparently been disabled through the xbox 360 new firmware update). It's like asking why the hell does a dualshock 3 controller cost $100 RRP, some online sell it for $60 and make profit still, it's just an overpriced controller with a small battery and bluetooth.

      • DAMN, now THAT is dodgy… man now i know why i've never bought a 360.
        only one reason for that update… greed.

        • sony, microsoft, all the same. microsoft locking out drives, sony locking out controllers, we never win.

      • get your facts right m8. "3rd party HDDs" have NOT been disabled, Its only the "Action Replay memory cards" because they were being used to modify gamesave/gamescores. The "unofficial" sales of HDD on ebay etc "could get banned" but i highly doubt MS will do that. Why ? MS knows if they force their hand they will loose their loyal customers.

  • Sweet deal Ravzter ;P

  • +1

    Sold out!

    • not surprised they where never going to last that long at that price.

      probably getting rid of these and only going to stock the 250 GB model.

    • +1

      The offer was probably never valid online. I just called my local store and they've got one waiting for me in the back room.

    • try ringing any store near by you they might have in store.

    • +1

      Sold out online, not in shops

  • Good deal! is this instore or just online?

    • i reckon best to call store and book it , good stuff sells out online preety quick . was sold out online when discovered the deal so may be Pete is right ..

  • Awesome. Xbox deals are getting awesome… hope someone finds some good deals on games… Been like a month since Game or JB have had any good sales…

  • dse also have 50% off some xbox 360 games too, catalouge starts tommorow.

    • Whoa whoa whoa!! Which games? Any specific titles?

      • Found it! DSE catalog… haha sorry.

    • Yeap yeap. Not really awesome deals but some of them are attractive…

  • Seems no WA?

  • +1

    Curious — at what point will everyone who is interested in buying an xbox 360 already have one? I guess there are some fence-sitters that might be awaiting another price drop…or Microsoft's beloved RROD that ensures fans have to continually replace their xbox 360.

    • lol good observation..

      i find it funny too that alot of the interest/purchases over current xbox deals are by current owners of the xbox

  • Mate put one on hold and picking it up this arvo…. Good score.

  • The MW2 deal was much better but this is still a good deal.

    • Yeah its not that bad of a deal… the 399 deal was way awesome but this deal should suffice for people who missed out on that deal…

  • great find, I missed last 399 deal, so I acted quickly to put one on hold, which I was told the last one left in lidcombe. Hope I can score one this time!

    • in that case u shud plus my deal :D

      • +vote for you mate, got back with two of them, one Elite for myself, one for my friend who also wants one of the Elite as its the cheapest price atm. But it turned out that Lidcombe NSW store dose not have anymore left except those on hold. The console I have got was manufactured in Jan 2008. Its really old but its easy to mod for me. Thats probably why DSE is trying to get rid of them, the old stock. Don't know how old are those sold by other stores, can anyone confirm the manufacture date for this deal?

        • not the right place to ask but how do you mod ? lol

          • @ravzter: I got my Elite like a few months ago and I was thinking.. For those of you who JUST bought the deal… I'm not sure the deal has the HDMI cable included (mine did not).

            However, the DSE website for THIS deal shows that HDMI cable IS included. Maybe you can go to DSE and demand one. I dunno. Just suggesting for those who bought the deal today; maybe you can get a free HDMI cable. If your deal already included the cable, then ignore this comment.

            DSE's Description:

            • Download movies and TV shows in high-def
            • 120GB Hard Drive
            • Store more games and entertainment
            • HDMI™ port and cable included

            This is from their Specifications page of the deal:
            Box includes Xbox 360 Elite Black console with 120Gb HDD, Xbox 360 Black Wireless controller, Component HD AV cable, Ethernet cable, Xbox 360 Wired Headset and HDMI AV cable.

            • @ragflan: Ok this is interesting. Just opened the box and found the HDMI cable, are you sure you dont have it included? Also I found two games in the box as well, halo 3 and gears of war. I didnt know this when I bought it, but I am 100% sure I can see the "Free Inside" printed on the box right in front of me and the two games' pictures as well, and I believe they are full version. I am really surprised.

              The pack I bought is called XBOX 360 Elite Go Big, has anyone got a different version? Please let us know.

              • @iadelaide: yep thats the one old model

                • @aussman: iadelaide, I bought my Elite for 449 a couple of months back. It was from Ebgames with 5 free games. It did not come with the HDMI cable. I believe the new models do not include the cable. That's as far as I know. But its awesome that your console came with 2 free games. I had no idea that today's deal included free games. Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 are both awesome games.

                  Can anyone else confirm receiving games in today's 299 deal?

                  • @ragflan: original console came with HD/composite av cable, HDMI cable and dongle to have HDMI with optical cable for sound

                • @aussman: I am still googling, will iXtreme Lite Touch do the job?

              • @iadelaide: That's a great deal! I bought one yesterday, I'm sure it has Go Big written on the box somewhere. It came with HDMI cable but no games sadly. I did get 2 years extended warranty for $20 extra though. The guy at the store was willing to discount even more for me since it was the last one they had in stock.

                Anyone care to enlighten new owners on the differences between the "falcon" and "jasper" models?

              • @iadelaide: Can you take a photo of your reciept and post it . The reciept should say YG xxxx those four numbers i need for my dick smith to match this deal. I would love to get the games included in this pack. Thanks so much ,

            • @ragflan: The newer Jasper models don't come with an HDMI cable. You will have a 256Mb or 512Mb memory chip soldered to the motherboard though.
              Awesome games iadelaide

              • @ESEMCE: Also runs less hot :)

  • +1

    crap, those who already have a 360, please leave some for those who don't!!
    i've been waiting for a price drop and now it's out of stock!

    • ring ur nearest DSE, they probs have it or can tell u who has them in stock. it was always sold out online

  • This deal has been available for weeks just no one has seen it been on the website since early january saw it at dse when I bough my modern warfare pack
    Note this is the original elite ie very old stock!

    • That would make this console the falcon model and the $399 elite the jasper model?

      • correct

        • Wrong…
          These consoles are the pre july/august 2009 price drop units in the Grey rather than White box..

          They include the HD cables and HDMI cables (removed from the current Elites)
          Depending on the stock of the store.. I have seen consoles dated from 2007. 2008 and June 2009…

          I have personally bought a YG5300 Jasper Elite… under this deal..

          Some consoles have included the Bonus games (halo 3 and Gears of War) as well

  • If DSE cant get one in for you, go to JB Hi-Fi (or any other store) and get them to price match. Most of the time the guy at JB wont even call to check other stores stock. And K-Mart also price match.

  • 6 in stock Sydney CBD Powerhouse - George St

    All come with zero games at that store…

  • iadelaide , can you post your reciept , thanks heaps.

  • thats what i need and showed to my local dick smith (miranda) but unfortunately this one doesnt come with the games you got so your very lucky

  • Picked 1 up yesterday at Dick Smith's Elizabeth store. No games but cracker price (299) considering microsoft want 200 for a 120g hard drive alone, if you can find one. Might be worth ringing Whyalla country store try to pay over the phone with a credit card and ask them to ship to your address. Country folks will normally go that 1 step further to help a customer??? Worth a try.

  • What do you look for on the box in order to get a Jasper model?
    Is it just the 150W power rating on the box somewhere?

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