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Bunnings Window Film Energy Control 2.4x 1.2m Mirror Privacy $10 Normally $40.90


Was looking to get my house done for a while.

Saw this at Bunnings Werribee and bought couple of them and they're really good and easy to apply and good mirror finish.

Werribee has no stock but Altona and Hoppers crossing have a few left

For $10 it's a massive bargain.

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    Was $40.90 then $15 now $10

    Could be this one:

    How's the visibility from inside seeing out?
    Does it block too much light?

  • Can I use this on the outside?

    Can I use this with coated energy glass? Will it negate the coating?

  • Can you use this on your car window ?

    • Don't think it's going to be legal to do that. But can be used on any glass surface

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        Wanted to add it to my sunroof

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          That should be fine I guess.

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    From outside it's practically Mirror from inside its not too dark, it's just in goldilocks zone

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      Have you checked at night with lights on inside? Normally one way mirrors work best when "outside" is brighter. Won't matter for keeping heat out but could affect the privacy function.

      • I'll post a pic when when it gets a bit darker

        • Nevermind. Didn't read.

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        Here's with light on inside and full dark outside.

        You can see the floor and he walls, I used flash on the phone. I have blinds behind the door so this doesn't worry me much.

        I have all the down lights on inside.


        • I wonder what will happen if you put it on the inside, and the outside?!

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      Just curious, can you see through it from a close distance? How close does it have to be if u can?

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        You can If you have light on inside and put your eyes next to the glass itself and concentrate.

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      Would it be difficult to get off like if you're in a rental and need to remove it when you leave?

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        It's actually very easy to get it off. I had to take one off as I put one with lot of finger marks on it(thanks for my Misus)

        I used a blade to get one side off and then ripped it off.

        Mind it was only about 1hr after I put it on. So not sure if it gets any harder after couple of days.

        • Normal window tint isnt set in 1 hour, not sure if this differs.

          Worst case the glue will be similar to normal tint, which you can use a hair dryer to heat the glue and peel the tint, then a razor blade and soapy water to remove the residual glue. Provided you dont scratch the glass it will be 100% original after removal

      • For tint where the adhesive has fully cured (three days plus) the easiest method of removal is steam. See Youtube for vids.

        If you have a clothes steamer, that will suffice. The bonus is there should be no (or minimal) adhesive residue.

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    Great deal, this sort of film makes a huge difference if you've got a window that gets a lot of sunlight in summer.

    Here's a pro-tip For those hardcore ozbargainers who don't want to pay $10, you can use emergency space blankets as well. They work the same in that they look like a mirror from outside, but you can see out from inside. I spray the window with tap water, and they stay up for months and months.

    Sure the finish is no where near as good as a professional film because the space blankets have folds, but it's hard to beat $1.5 including shipping off eBay.

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      keeps radiation off too. make a sunhat.

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      emergency space blankets - Are they really see through from one side??

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        Sure are!

        Basically the side with less light is the one you can see out of. So during the day when it is bright outside, you can see out but not in, and at night if you've got a light on inside, you can see in but not out (so get some curtains).

        I'm fairly sure windows films and space blankets are made from the same stuff, metalised mylar, however the window film is higher quality.

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          Are you saying that the house 'window film' is higher quality than the 'space blankets'? :)

        • @devank: yes, the house window film has no creases as it probably comes in a roll and it probably has some adhesive on the back. Dunno about the house film, but the blanket is very thin and more difficult to handle (i've only tried frosted window film and that is way thicker and easier to put on).

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      Thanks a lot for the great tip, its stuff like this that keeps me on Ozbargain.

    • I have tried this and it blew off in the wind because it was outside. I had to do it again using water/cornflour paste made over the stove and that has seemed to work for a few of months now.
      It is not a professional finish. as stated, it has creases in the folds that you can not get out but it serves my purpose of doing the garage for privacy without needing that much light.

      If i could do this for $10 i'd go that option but for $40 i would go space blankets LOL

    • Thanks for the tip. Will buy this instead. :)

    • thank you for this tip. i've ordered from ebay this morning. i would assume that it is applied the same as the window film. can't wait to try it.

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        I'm not sure what the procedure for window film is, but what i do is:

        1. Spray the inside of the window with water from a spray bottle
        2. Roughly cut the space blanket to size, leaving some overlap on all sides.
        3. Carefully position the space blanket on the window, doing what you can make it smooth and avoid air bubbles (this can be a little tricky).
        4. Carefully trim the excess blanket with a utility knife.
        5. Spray the blanked with water, and use rag to smooth out any further air bubbles or creases.
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    I read these things make birds to fly and crash into your windows if you live in a bushy area.

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      Yeah, I put some film on to deal with the sun, birds were attacking their reflection constantly, had to hang a fake hawk outside to deal with the birds. Just wondering what I'm going to have to do next to deal with the fake hawk…

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        • Thank you! I finally know how to ask my hairdresser for my haircut now, instead of showing them the outline with my hands.

        • @marquise: I'm pretty sure those haircuts are called "faux-hawks" as in "fake-mo-hawks". My barber had no idea what I was talking about though and he is young….

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      I have blacked out (tinted) windows and yes occasionally get the odd bird attacking itself or flying into the window. A few taller potted plants in front of the window has stopped that and the garden hose …

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        You should be more careful about what you put the potted plants on. Surely you'd want to use the garden hose again one day?

    • Any window with a reflective aspect/mirror effect may attract the aggressive attention from birds as little as a house sparrow up. If the the bird has developed a ongoing habit which is annoying (early morning and all day), you can smear some jif over the reflective part and it will deter the behavior. Wash off in a few days when the bird has gone somewhere else. Or you can wait until breeding season is over.

    • We've been lucky with birds so far. But last week, I forgot to close the blinds in the spare bedroom and our cat attacked her own reflection! There's marks on the film, it's possibly scratched a little.

      So cat owners take note, ensure limited cat access to mirror-tinted glass after dusk.

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    Great for summer to keep the house cool, but the same sun will most likely warm your house in winter, so it'll keep a cool house even cooler in winter. So I suggest outside blinds where possible for effective temperature control.

    • it says on the packaging, "It keeps inside cool in Summer, and Warm in winter with it's film technology" don't know how legit that is though.

      • This is correct. but to what extent. summer certain rays are excluded from entering house, cooking windows and fittings, winter there is some reflection of heat back into house ie reverse of summer.
        If window small area, Glass doors bigger area 'protected'

  • does it keep privacy at night when the light is on?

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      with all the light on inside and outside light off.

      If you turn on the outside light it starts reflecting it again and you can't see inside.

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    Any other film reduced? Looking for a frosted option but don't want to pay the full price. I am currently using space blanket's frosted cousin, baking paper.

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      I used aluminium foil one summer… not sure how cost effective it was, but it did the trick.

      • That won't let any light through, though.

        • yup, but it's good for a 40 degree day to keep the house a bit cooler.

      • Apparently foil is not good long term. Etches into the glass or something, though don't know how long that takes.

  • i will go and take a look tomorrow tks OP

  • Called up Nunawading Bunnings only to be told that they have cleared the stock long back (about 2 months ago) and have new stock. He wasn't ready to figure out which other stores had stock of this clearance item as it wouldn't be available on system (reason: it's shop specific and not a bunnings wide clearance).

  • Yep same with stock at Burieigh Bunnings, cleared months ago. New stuff full price but also cuts out heaps more light too. Too much for my use

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    called Bunnings Ashfield, nothing special.

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    I bought a 5m roll of original Renshade from Ecovantage about 3 years ago for $67 delivered (NB. the 5m original roll doesn't seem to be available anymore via this link) which was enough to cover my 4 west-facing windows, and help to keep heat out. The Renshade stays on with the help of some velcro dots (4 per panel).

    A cheaper option, if you don't particularly need to see out, is to use aluminium foil. In winter I use 25mm diameter bubble wrap (bought a bulk roll from ebay). Both alfoil and bubble wrap stay on with water (spray with spray bottle, bubble wrap goes bubble side to glass). Neither are all that pretty, but the windows I have them on don't really face anyone so it's not really an issue for me.

    • I put up bubble wrap in winter on a south facing window. It always falls down if I use various types of sticky tape, so you make it stay up just using the surface tension from a water spray bottle?

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        Pretty much. It should stay on by itself using just water - see http://www.builditsolar.com/Projects/Conservation/bubblewrap... for more details or search youtube for videos on bubble wrap insulate/ion.

        Every now and then I'll need to re-spray, so I just keep a spray bottle handy. I've only used tap water, but have read that some people add some soap/shampoo/glycerin which I gather is supposed to aid in sticking. Have also seen bleach mentioned - add to prevent mold if that's an issue/concern.

        You can also use some tape in addition to the water. I've done this on the top and side of the fixed pane on a sliding door - helps to keep the sheet of bubblewrap on the glass and stop the back edge of the sliding door itself from catching on the fringes of the bubblewrap when the door is opened.

  • what would happen if you install the film on the outside?
    I had plans of doing this.

    • You wouldn't be able to see anything from Inside as the mirror finish will be towards the house

      • ah youre right. didnt think of that.
        so it can only be glued to one side?

        years ago, I installed some car film, and i remember it could be install both sides.
        though it wasn't a mirror film

        • yeah, just the mirror side is glued

  • no stock in Bunnings Epping, Vic
    the nearest one is in Bunnings Maribyrnong, Vic

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    No stock in Adelaide.

    • Indeed. Wasted time to go araound to find it

  • Heaps in Launceston but they are still full price :(

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      At both stores?
      Remember we also have "North Launceston" now, but let's call it Invermay.

      • Ah yes, I forgot about the poor old Kings Meadows store. I'll give them a call, but I'm sure it will be full price too…

  • Anyone confirmed discounted items in metro NSW?

    • All gone in Kirrawee and Caringbah. so that's probably it for the Shire.
      They were $10.00.

  • Or does anyone know where else to buy it where it's not so expensive? Cheers

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    Oxley QLD told me their 'special' price is $39 and wouldn't do $10 oh well. Good deal if you can get it

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      Thanks saved me a trip. If they will not do it unlikely other local stores will not.

      Toowoomba has only standard priced items and it is same as Oxley quoted. Go figure unless it is a promotion and the $10 stock was pre promotion stock [old]

  • The guy who posts the bargain suddenly becomes consultant ;)

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    Full price at belmont wa

  • It is not the new Pillar brand stock on clearance but only the very old deleted stock on clearance. Call up the stores quote the stock code 3961202. But most stores are out of stock.

  • I just scored another 4 from Bunnings Altona

    They have only one left now


  • Is it only me that gets annoyed by Bunnings and their random specials? These types of "deals" should be put in the forum since they are so limited.

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      More than 10 Aus wide is good enough according to the guideline.

      • "Altona and Hoppers crossing have a few left"

        It is >10?

        Personally I will never go to Bunnings for one of these "deals" but I think plenty of OBers will. Just making conversation.

        • If you plan on going why not check it out anyway while you are there. Not worth driving around to look for it that's all.

        • @wtfnodeal: They only had a few in stock, and 96 people liked the offer. Pretty sure it's not even worth checking out when I go there. I'll stick to the timber area and save my energy…