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Blackmores Fish Oil 400 Capsules $16.50 Plus Shipping @ My Fiorella


Hi guys,
We have a special on Blackmores Fish Oil 400 Capsules. Only $16.50 (website price is $15 but its exclusive of GST, when you check out, it will add it for you)
There are a few others items on sale as well. Shipping within Australia is flat rate of $13.50.
Can be send directly to China.
Limited to 100 only.

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    Why are you all out of baby formula? lol.


      No particular reason :)


    just want to say for any chinese doing the "Dai Gou" here, they would know where to get for cheaper. The odourless 400 Blackmore fish oil were selling for 15.99 not long ago.

    and your baby formula is all more expensive than supermarkets. sure there are hardly any stock in supermarket, but so do you.

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    Did you bulk buy your stock from Woolie/Coles when they have 50% off on the fish oil?


      Probably that's what they do….
      Sounds doggy….


        Leave our furry friends out of this

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    I'll probably be metaphorically stoned for this but



      Actually, was just about to mention this… always interesting (and sometimes even a little sad!) when medical research proves held beliefs don't add up…

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        as a pharmacist, i read the above link twice just to make sure i didn't miss anything. but the post is pretty pointless. it lacks so much information, that you can't concludes that fish oil does nothing.

        out of the 24 studies, only 2 studies found no evidence that fish oil lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke. so that means 22 studies showed some sort of benefits.

        out of those 2 studies, because lack of references list, there are not way to tell whether they are good quality controlled studies or poor controlled, or even funded by parties with opposite interests.

        fish oil in fact lower total cholesterol but increase triglyceride. at low dose (3g daily), it improves general health. and at high dose (9-12g daily), it reduces inflammation, so people with arthritis may move/function better.

        there definitely is a place for fish oil in people's general health. but i do agree eating 2 fatty fish dishes weekly is better than eating fish oil. but again, do you worry about the mercury level in those fish etc.

        other things mentioned in the post talking about thin the blood is pretty rubbish, it sounded like for average joe, that taking some fish oil will make you bruising to death. it will thin your blood, but at a much higher dose, like 9 capsules a day etc.

        i could go on, but i am getting busier at the pharmacy.


          Good post thanks.


          As a pharmacist you profit from the sale of Fish Oil.

          The actual quote from the article is "All but two of these studies found that compared with a placebo, fish oil showed no benefit." All BUT 2. That's not 2 out of 22. That's 20 out of 22. Please don't lecture me on science if you can't get that right after claiming "i read the above link twice just to make sure i didn't miss anything"

          How many more articles and studies dubunking this would you like me to pull out? Because I can find dozens.



          it's only a good post if it's correct.



          i wish i profit from selling fish oils for my boss.

          anyway, sorry i read it wrong, you are correct saying 20 out 22 studies showed no benefit. but you also have to take things in context.

          how did they compare the two groups? how many are in the trials? are they double blind or are they semi blind trials? what are the risk groups? what are the end points results? are they the real results or pseudo end points?

          none of these are mentioned in the article.

          from the article, it says the risk groups patients have high cholesterol, hypertension or Type 2 diabetes. therefore they must already have prescription medications to manage these conditions. in a way, these medications will reduce the risks of having cardiovascular events to a degrees where fish oil didn't show up in the final results. or are fish oils need to be consumed in much longer years to prevent any cardiovascular events?

          there are always 2 sides of story, just like the stories you saw on current affairs /today tonights. just because it is published on newspaper doesn't mean a lot.

          i will prob go to my states library to borrow a login code for paid database and have a search about these studies. but at end of the day, the supply only exists if there is a demand on the market. and these things go in phases, just like the krill oil was the hot cake 2 years ago etc.



          There is also a demand in the market for astrology and tea leaf reading. The market can be gullible.


    Vets of ozb, my dog was hit by a car as a puppy. She's now 8 years old and getting a a but stiff in her rear right leg. Would a dose of fish oil help her out? If so, what dosage?

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    Pointless to advertise on ozbargain? Shouldnt you be selling these on Taobao, Tmall, Wechat etc?

    Diesmile sounded like the guy who runs a chemist store out west distributing items to Dai Gou customers? ;)

    Anyway Swisse Cranberry are on special, last ive seen they were $16.99

    Royal F'tard bee venom around $32 etc


    nice website…is $22 RRP included GST? I am very slow with Math…Can you add GST next time so I know the REAL price…