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Petbarn 20% off Everything Online with Free Shipping + Additional 20% off Cat/Dog Dry Food


Petbarn is having a 20% off sale on dry dog and cat food. Addtionally, they are offering 20% sitewide using code GV1039. The 2 offers stack and you end up being able to buy cat/dog food for close to 40% off. Best time to stock up on food.

Ends today so be quick.

Received via newsletter

20% off and free shipping on your next purchase offer only valid with discount code GV1039. 20% off your next purchase and free shipping expires on Sunday 15th of November 2015 at midnight (12am) AEST. Offer only valid for online orders at www.petbarn.com.au. Limit to one use per customer. Maximum cart amount to which this discount applies is $500. Retail sale and quantities only. While stocks last. Illustrations, photos & packaging are only a representation of the products advertised. Regular and sale prices, offers and selection on www.petbarn.com.au may vary from those of Petbarn stores and of Petbarn local advertisements. Prices and offers are subject to change. Online orders can only be dispatched to valid street addresses in Australia, currently Petbarn is unable to deliver to PO boxes or Parcel Lockers.

Update: Coupon still appears to be working however most likely will expire at some point today.

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    Thanks OP! Been waiting for this discount code to stack on the discounted dry food :)

  • You legend!!
    I already have an 8kg bag waiting to use which I got on sale a month ago im just about to use. Your code made my day I picked up two bags and with discount you effectively pay full price and get one for free.

  • thanks op. stocked up for at least a yr.

    • just hope you bought some variety. Had a friend that also bought a year's worth of a single flavour. His dog was clearly uninterested and upset after a month. The poor thing only ever ate it after sniffing and poking at it for many hours or face starvation.

      • thankfully I already know what my dog likes lol. Still have to stand there and make her eat it. She's clearly not food oriented at all.

  • FYI the checkout loading after it says 'submitting order info' is super slow for me. It eventually works after about 5 mins.

    • Yeah, it was very slow before posting. Same happened when I put coupon in but refreshed page and it worked.

  • +3

    Perfect. Don't even need my superannuation anymore with these to last me through retirement.

  • +1

    passing on my dogs' gratitude. "woof woof neil"

  • Comes in at the same great price for 15kg Nutro as this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/217039. Fantastic company. They promptly sent out a replacement to an out of date batch I received and some little gifts too.

    • +1

      They shouldn't be selling expired food to start with, that's bad

  • fail to place the order with paypal payment, the paypal send me the email says the payment has go through, should i send them a email to confirm my order?

    • Check the order section via My Account.

      • at the end I place the order with credit card and use the contact us page to send them massage ask them to cancel the payment from Paypal.

  • Prices seem to be increased from my last order with Pertbarn, even with the 20% code applied. no deal for me. Anyone else finding the prices have increased?

  • +4

    Bad pricing. Their panoramis is way overpriced and don't stock Blackhawk

    • Thanks. Saved me going to their site to see if try have black hawk. They sell artemis?

    • They price match anywhere in oz. Google oveds. Panoramis brown is $80

  • Thanks OP - brings the big bags of Advance down to just over $75 :)

  • If I remember correctly, this morning I saw Supercoat Dogfood at coles is 12$ for 8kg ?

  • Thanks OP got some dry cat food

  • good offer but i tried to place an order but failed after paying from paypal. So i assume Paypal is a no go.

    • My paypal transaction was fine for what it's worth

  • 45kg (3 bags of 15kg) of dog food delivered for free is pretty damned good

  • Great deal

    Ordered the maximum of 4 bags of Advanced allowed

    Thanks Neil!

  • Thanks- Appreciate the post saved me $27 Plus free delivey

  • Any body knows a good cat's worming table ?

    • +1

      Any body knows a good cat's worming table ?

      Kitchen table is the go for worming.

      • I like Advocate as it does fleas, worming and I think ear mites.

    • lol right, tablet it should be …

  • +1

    Thanks OP got some cheap Royal Canin

  • Thanks, Just ordered some Rabbit Pellets for $8.29 with your code, I still have a lot of food so why not order another one plus free delivery! TY OP!

  • Awesome, thanks! Bought 2 packs of 15kg Advance, saving me $80 + free shipping!

  • Anyone here have a food recommendation for a small Devon Rex cat who has had six teeth removed due to gum line fissures? She still enjoys dry food (Friskies) & right now, she'll eat Fancy Feast canned. I'm wondering if I should seek out food which is better than this (risk buying something she won't eat)? Anyone else have successful experience with a picky cat & this shop's offerings?



  • The checkout won't let you set up an automatic repeat purchase at the discounted price.

  • @Kevan2

    Really looking for someone here who has experience with this shop & the various foods for cats they've tried, with success. I mentioned the teeth & that she still eats Friskies, which are small in size, so I wouldn't be recommended larger chunks of dry food.

    I see good reviews for their "Indoor" dry food by Royal Canin.

    Anyone else have advice re: this site?

    • It's pet barn, they have stores everywhere

    • You have probably already ordered, but my cats enjoy Royal Canin indoor. Get the matore one, smaller pellets. As for wet food, I get BFF, try half fancy feast/ half new food to help transition..and don't mix them together, so cat can choose taste. Hope this helps.

  • Damn, that don't sell pets online :|

  • Does anyone have any opinions on this dog food review site? http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/showcat.php/...

  • The pet food I wanted was slightly cheaper on petcircle with their $40 off at the moment.
    Great deal but make sure it's not cheaper elsewhere. Also stocked up on supercoat from coles.

  • Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Can't complete the transaction - site must be getting hammered!

    • +1

      Payment went through 4 times… I can't eat that much pet food!

      • Just a question, did you get an error saying that the payment didn't go through? I don't want to re-order in case I end up with 4 orders!

        • Yup, said payment didn't go through, on the 3rd or 4th time it said 'Do not honour payment', which led me to check my account and…

        • @thewarden: Oh no. That's no good, you should try chase that up if possible or else you'll end up with far too much petfood.

  • Thanks for the deal.

    I had the same issue with "Unable to place order" with Paypal. But paypal shows payment as having gone through.

    Think I'll just leave it and contact them to make sure they honour the order.

  • Had the same problem, PayPal goes through and got an email receipt from PayPal but website says "Unable to place the order". I guess they'll have a lot of sorting out to do tomorrow :)

    I just hope they fulfill the order and don't cancel it altogether. First time ordering from them and if they don't honour it will probably not try them again.

    • -1

      will probably not try them again.

      Your loss then…

      When they do their 20% off and free postage promotions, you won't find cheaper pet food…

      • so exactly how much cheaper?

        • 20%

          Depends on the brand

  • Great deal unfortunately Petbarn only seem to carry 500g bags of my cats brand of dry food. It's a shame as they have the large size bags of Optimum dog food and Woolworths carries 1.5kg and 3kg bags of the Optimum for cats.

  • Mine didn't work with Paypal. It just stopped processing…

    Tried with credit card payment… It took 4 tries before the order successfully processed.

    • What pets do you have jv?

      • +1


  • +1

    Paid using PayPal, but confirmation step to place the order after redirecting from PayPal was very, very slow. I thought it was going to time out.

  • I just placed an order, another top up on kitty litter. Final payment screen took longer than normal (about 30-40 seconds) however it still processed. So it appears the code is still working.

    Thank you OP!

  • Thanks so much!! Pretty much the only time I shop at Petbarn nowadays are during these sales.

  • Coupon still works! Ordered this morning (10:30AM).

    • +1

      Cheers. Have updated. Doesn't look like they've updated their website at all. Offers still showing say expire Nov. 15. Dry cat & dog food still 20% off.

  • +1

    It's still working today… Just topped up!

  • awesome - Just bought 3 12Kg bags of Iams brand for my Shiba Inu - saved a bundle :)

    i saw this morning it had expired so stoked its still on

  • Have had 2 refund emails just come through…

    • My order was refunded, they did not even bother to contact me to discuss the reason.
      Looks like the dogs are going to go hungry.

      • If had 3 payments processed, but 2 refund emails.

  • not valid / expired

    • Ah OK. Have marked expired.

  • I haven't heard a thing from Petbarn or Paypal? Has anyone else had confirmation?

    • I received my order yesterday.

      • Did you receive an confirmation from Petbarn? Actually, I did receive a confirmation of withdrawal from Paypal, just nothing from Petbarn.

        • Yep. Is it in the orders section if you login to your account?

        • @neil: Just on the phone to them now…

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