expired Inflatable Jet Ski (Refurbished) - $70 delivered

Inflatable Jet Ski (Refurbished) - $70 deliveredAffiliate

I am not sure about the average price of a Jet ski, but I am pretty sure $70 for one is a bargain

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    hahaha oh damn it's made by astone…the hard drive enclosure dudes.
    same logo and everything..i guess they're multi-talented.


      its like this ..

      • inflatable floatie with an…
      • egg beater drilling with plastic fans :D
      • a free hard drive installed inside too

    lol use to be about $120 back in the day at KMART


    yeow max speed of 4km/h.
    That's no fun the main task when driving a jet ski is to throw the person holding on behind you off lol


      4km/h !?
      I reckon! No fun at all!

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    REFURBISHED - now what does that mean? Fixed all leaks?


      i was thinking that too


    sold out !


    Poor buggers who bought them.

    According to a guy I know who works at a wholesaler on these things they break down constantly.


    it's not a jet ski, it's an 'ocean scooter', in the shape of a jet ski, at 4km/h there is nothing 'jet like' about it! ;)


    Bummer, Sold out, would have got one for the kids in the pool :)

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    Astone making inflatable "jet ski" toys?

    hows the quality and warranty? can't be trusted….careful of being zapped!

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