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Dyson V6 Handstick - $398 (Save $201) @ The Good Guys


Available on The Good Guys website and Ebay store, assuming in-store as well as it is "As Advertised".

Please post any CashRewards or Amex or whatever deals that can be used in addition.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    2.5% back ($9.95) with cash rewards if purchased through the Good Guys ebay store.

  • If you've got the Amex's spend $300 and receive $50 credit at Harvey Norman, perhaps go and get Hardly Normal to pricematch it? YMMV of course.

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    Significantly more expensive than this deal from two weeks ago


    When combined with 7% cashrewards, total was down to $349.95.

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      That's due to offer stacking however - so this is a good deal with people who don't have access to Amex / DJ storecards

      • But that's what we are good at!
        Ozbargainers are expert at stacking offer :)

    • Got mine for $320 about 6 months ago with some stacking + ebay sale I think it was

  • I've got a $50 ebay voucher from the Woolworths C+C deal, might throw that in there.

  • Need a Dyson offer for David Jones! Waiting to use my 20% off gift cards and Cashrewards/Qantas Mall. :(

    • How did you get 20% off?

      • Via Amex offer spend $200 online, get $40 back

  • As alternative, Costco Ringwood also selling for $400s.

  • Can this still be haggled in store with pay less pay cash? I have a store gift card to use.

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    I got this vacuum in the last sale (approx $330 + free attachment kit) and even though I normally roll my eyes when someone mentions Dyson, it truly is a very good machine. I use mine primarily on floorboards but also on carpets in other rooms when they need a quick going over.

    It surprisingly has a lot of power for a small unit, is light, easy to move around corners, easy to swap attachments and gets more off the floor than my normal vacuum (which has a motorhead too). Kinda wish I'd bought one sooner.

    • Is this the cheapest it has ever been? Don't 'need' one now so will just get it when a better deal comes up.

      • $320 has been the lowest. It was $400 on eBay with a 20% off code. + It came with a bonus kit with attachments as it was part of the Father's Day promo.

  • any other dyson deals on there? wanna get the Fluffy

  • I have an old Dyson Barrel (DC19) and a Dyson DC58 Animal Handheld.

    I'm planning to sell my old DC19 on Gumtree and pick up a Handstick, but trying to justify the V6 instead of the usually cheaper DC45 (which I believe will reduce into the high $200's again).

  • This doesn't come with the bonus kit im assuming?

  • Does anyone know if this can be used while plugged in?
    I've heard the battery is only good for 20 mins on normal mode and 10 mins on max power mode.

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      No this is not possible. We have both a DC59 and a V6 animal because of this (Both bought ridiculously cheap thanks to ozb). Not the most economical way of doing it, but when one runs out we grab the other with 0 downtime.

      The batteries are replacable but require a screwdriver and are not straightforward to change.

      • I got 2 batteries. I just swap the battery over and just use 1 screw to hold it in place. Never had an issue in the past. takes about 2 mins to swap batteries. Easy.

      • Thanks for that! what about real world battery performance? were my assumptions correct?

        • I have the DC59 Animal and 22 mins is the best I've got. Hopefully in future models Dyson will get this to at least 30 minutes.

  • Anyone know if you can get Cashrewards cashback on David Jones physical gift cards purchased online? Was thinking purchase $400 worth of gift cards at DJs online to utilise Amex $40 cashback and possibly 7% cashrewards cashback ($28). Then once gift cards arrive, go in store to DJs and price match with Good Guys. Potential final price would be $332 ($400-$40-$28). Risk is Good Guys sell all stock before gift cards are posted and hence price match wont be possible.

    Or if you pay with a DJs storecard, can you use gift cards to pay off the store card?

    • I tried to do that in DJ last week, and they won't let me. They said for a price match, they won't accept gift card due to all terms and conditions must be matching the competitor (as the competitor won't accept DJ gift card).

      Maybe the guy in that particular DJ was just being harsh.

      • Does seem harsh!! Might have to do some further investigating with price match and DJ store card. And determine if I can make DJ card payments with gift cards. would miss cashrewards but still save $40 with Amex.

      • +1

        Nah…never heard of such thing!
        The staff prob had a bad day. You can most defInitely use gift card to pay for a price matched item.
        Ask to speak to management if anyone do that again.

    • Rewards will not be paid when you purchase a Gift Card/s. Rewards will not be paid on any purchase when a Gift Card/s is used as full or part payment of a purchase.

      • I did see that, but the Amex offer had similar terms regarding gift cards and a number of users confirmed the amex credit worked with the physical giftcards. I guess Amex wouldn't have access to the transaction details were cashrewards would when they confirm the reward with the retailer. Was worth a shot…. lol.

  • This vac sux.

    • I'm curious as to why you think so?

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      That's its whole life purpose.. to sux.. suck

  • would this be useless for pet hair?

    • Yes, but the Animal models do a better job.

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    Been wanting one of these for a bit but unsure of this is the best deal there will be on it?

    • I'm in the same boat.

      • Had Harvey Norman gift cards so got them to price match and it came down in price. Very happy with it

  • How quickly do these deals sell out? I can get gift cards for 10% less through work, but they post them in the mail. What do I do with $400 worth of GG gift cards if they sell out before I get them? Decisions, decisions…

    • +1

      I don't think I've ever seen it say sold out on TGG.
      I like that whenever TGG put sale prices on their site, they put a clear date when it will end.

      As Advertised price ends 30 November 2015

      Might be pushing it if you're waiting for AusPost on your gift cards.

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    Purchased with my ebay 15% off code, $338.30 - great deal.

    • Great deal, what code? Is that something that's open to everyone?

      • unfortunately the 15% OFF voucher linked to my ebay account and expired yesterday.

        • +1

          Oh no worries, thanks for letting me know. Good on you for snapping it up! 😃

  • Told the wife I just bought her a Christmas present. Some how I think I may have to get her something else . lol

  • This is now 308.45 with the Ebay Discount and Cash rewards…

    Tempted, or should I wait for the Absolute?

    • Buy now before they either jack up the price or make it out of stock

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