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Dimple 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky 700ml at Dan Murphy's $41 Instore or Click & Collect


First time poster! Hello Ozbargainers. Dimple scotch is in special at Dan Murphy's again, not as good as the $39.90 from last time https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/190634.
I tried it last time and loved it..

Don't forget 8% cashback at cashrewards http://www.cashrewards.com.au/dan-murphys#coupons

Dimple is famous for not only its unique bottle shape, but by its long standing reputation for producing one of the finest blended malts available. Using malts predominantly from Glenkinchie and Linkwood, Dimple 12 Year Old is a beautifully well-rounded Scotch with surprising depth

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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    Scotch Whisky 700ml at Dan Murphy's $41

    What does it normally cost?

  • A lovely drop and close to duty free pricing, thanks for the lead kirath!



    68 dollars at liquorland, pretty good bargain

  • [insert Walter White comment]

  • Anyone know how this compares to Canadian Club 12 year, Chivas 12 year, Crown Royal, or Jameson's?

  • if chivas is your thing the online deal is pretty good


    I bought 3 bottles and used the code gift150 to get another $10 off and free shipping

    bought via cashrewards for anohter 5% off as well, and with the amex $15 off for $100 spend at DMs

    < $45 for 1L bottle. better than duty free.

  • I'm not a whisky drinker, and the first whisky I tried was JW Gold label. It was ok, still trying to get used to the flavour. Can't say I love it… yet. Is this any better?

  • Dimple 12yr is one of the few scotches i just cannot stand. Mix it with coke only for me.

  • Is this better than chivas regal that is $40 at bws this week

    • no, about on par

      try monkey shoulder, often found in the mid 40's

      • I tried monkey shoulder, seemed about on par with chivas, black label etc

        • Could not think of anything worse than black label.. sorry I stand corrected, red label

        • @Da dpG:

          Haha, what about red label mixed with coke?

        • @strikerzebra: lol nah not even with coke.. it's probably because i dont drink soft drinks in general, so can't mix it with scotch. I like my scotch neat or with a couple ice cubes.. get on it!

        • @Da dpG:

          Damn! No cheap alcohol for you, what do you drink vodka with then.. juice.. or you don't drink juice too? Or you are drinking your grey goose on ice

        • @strikerzebra: I used to drink cheap stuff when I was in my teens, not so much since my mid-late 20s.. appreciate the taste of alcohol a bit more, also less of a hangover..

          haha would you believe me if I said I drink vodka with a squeeze of fresh lime and cold ice water (not soda water).. smash it during summer.. Also the water kind of keeps you hydrated.. Like belvedere > grey goose..

        • @Da dpG:

          I'm 26 and guess I still drink like a teen, I'm a vodka and pepsi man now, I find it a lot easier to buy a good bottle of cheap vodka over scotch and bourbon.

          I'm either an alcoholic or just have a good metabolism as I can have 10-15 drinks on a Friday or Saturday and not have a hangover in the morning, I'll just be tired that's it.

          Haha nah I believe you, I used to drink vodka with lemon juice and sodawater, it's my version of a detox lol

        • @strikerzebra: bahaha i tell people thats my detox when i'm trying to get fit.. no one understands lol..

          No offence.. that sounds disgusting -_- pepsi and vodka??

          yeah dont worry that feeling of being alright the next morning will wear off.. enjoy it while you can.. i'm 29 and i take 2-3 days to recover sometimes.. so thats why when i wake up i might hit a refreshing beer before the hangover state kicks in haha.

        • @Da dpG:

          Vodka is made from potato's of course it's healthy

          You should try it some day, it's pretty much like vodka and coke

          I'll let you know when I'm 29… haha

        • @strikerzebra: nah.. soft drink is honestly too much for me.. gotta be craving it

  • I am not a drinker I want to give this as a gift to someone. They drink Teachers Scotch often. Do you think they will like this one?

    • I've always heard great things about Dimple so i'm sure they wouldn't mind, otherwise you can go for Chivas Regal which is $40 at BWS at the moment

    • If they drink Teachers, they will appreciate this…

  • It's on again, both at Liquorland $40.00 and DM $39,95, Went up briefly for a few days now dropped again.