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100% Cashback (as Prepaid Mastercard) for 4 Cans of Kirin Hyoketsu (up to $26, Limit 1,500 Claims Per Week) @ Kirin Hyoketsu


It's our shout at Hyoketsu! Right now, purchase any 4-pack of Hyoketsu to share and we'll give you your money back.

Note: limit reached for this week (week beginning 25/03). Wait till next week to try again

Key things to note:

  • Purchase any Kirin Hyoketsu 4 pack from any store within Australia (excluding NT) and make sure to keep your receipt/proof of purchase.
  • One eligible claim per person (but you know what this actually really means ๐Ÿ˜‰)
  • Maximum purchase amount of $26.
  • Cashback will be in the form of a digital prepaid Mastercard.
  • Limited to 1500 awards per week of the promotion period up to 9000.

Terms and conditions

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  • +14

    I guess they learnt their lesson from last time and instead of giving a straight discount, they provide cashback…..

    • -7

      I ended up getting 3 free 4-packs from that offer ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

      • -3

        Weak. I got six

        • correct answer is six

      • +6

        I call BS, but then again I really don't care.

      • -4

        Managed to get 10 (probably around 20 just by claiming for people instore as well) and got $125 in cards in the end.

      • +2

        Are you seriously bragging about taking advantage of a company's offer? Well done mate.

        • -1

          Imagine getting upset about taking advantage of a trillion dollar companies promo. I know youre just joking, but these clowns actually exist lol

      • What do you mean, that was a great promo

        • If youre running the promo, its the worst ever ran. If youre abusing the promo, its the best ever made.

  • +2

    Does BWS give an invoice before pickup?

    • +1

      i got one straight away with dm

  • +17

    Only the first 1500 valid claims received each week of the Promotional Period will be awarded the Cash Back Reward

    so how do you know if your the 1501?

    • +24

      Yeah… this screams scam marketing…. not biting.

    • They apologise and give you $25 voucher.

  • here we go again…

  • yumm free drinks
    will remind me of japan
    $21 at dan murphys

    • +2

      Made in western sydney, Japanese font

      • +1

        Its just sochu and soda water, doesnt matter where its made. Its all the same crap

  • +12

    So if I buy a pack and I am not in the first 1500, I will end up paying for this myself?

    • +2

      Yes. Best to buy on a Monday I guess.

  • -3

    Bit late now, bottlo is closed.

  • +2

    Got my confirmation e-mail earlier today (saw this this morning, banned from posting before anyone asks why I didn't post)

    Hello, YES! Your claim is complete.
    Now all you need to do is sit back, enjoy a Hyoketsu and look out for an email in the next day or two confirming your cash back claim has been approved.

    • +1

      Why u banned

      • +4

        too many shit deals when I was affiliated with a company

        • Guess the mods didnโ€™t like that youโ€™re full of shit ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • +1

      Why u banned

      • +3

        too many shit deals when I was affiliated with a company

  • +1

    Does this work for the peach one?

      • +1

        Thanks, got excited. Went out and got 2 x 4 packs and claimed already!

        • did it work?

          • @28kb: Well it allowed me to claim, whether i get it is a different story

    • Yes I bought the peach one.

    • Ooh, peach sounds good, wasn't too fussed with the lemon.

  • IMO check if the campaign page is live right before buying and upload the receipt while in store. Cheers if successful, else just get a refund.

    • +1

      Plan on staying in store for a couple of days?

      • lol, I just uploaded the receipt while in store. If the page is live and you could upload a receipt could mean that you're not 1501th

  • Provided a different email and mobile is used.. ok for multiple claims? Or think itโ€™s based on residential address?

  • +18

    Please note, Shopback is doing 40% Cashback for orders made at First Choice Liquor and Liquorland.

    So you could technically make money off this offer.


    • I Cant see its 40% back on liquorland>_<

      • if you paste that link into a web browser, the first 4 pack link should open the SB app with the Liquorland offer.

        well it works with Chrome + SB app on Android

    • No click and collect in TAS

    • Thanks - purchased through Shopback - worth a shot. Will update if it tracks.

      • +1

        annoying LL doesn't give you an invoice until you actually collect it though

        • +4

          I just made a claim with a print out of the order receipt received via email. Hopefully that suffices for the cashback?

          • +2

            @rekke: I've gone down that path too. Don't see why that wouldn't suffice - it's a receipt after all.

          • +1

            @rekke: Update: Claim approved.

            SMS with $25 Mastercard received and added to my Google Wallet.

            Have not picked up the order yet. Tempted to refund the order now and take the money given all of the people being rejected here due to a botched promo.

        • Did you get any confirmation email or approval using LL order receipt via email? I submitted on Monday, nothing received yet.

          • @firestint: I ordered last night and no email confirmation from LL. I created an account from that order but I don't even see the order in my order history.

            Just picked up my order and I got the order summary, hopefully it is enough for cashback.

            • @CodeXD: Sorry, I meant to ask - cashback confirmation or approval email from Kirin?

          • @firestint: Yes my claim was approved and Mastercard received 1 day after claim made.

      • Does it be tracked?

        • Not yet that I can see

        • Mine has still not tracked on Shopback although I have not picked up the order yet

    • 40% not with Liquorland or First Choice Liquor, up to 40% via Kirin Hyoketsu direct site only (peach 4 pack).

      • I shared the link. You claim it through those retailers.

      • +2

        yep, it is 25% thru SB link provided by @danny1213 then buy & upload that receipt for (hopefully a) double claim.

        • +1

          lemon is 25%, peach is 40%

        • +1

          40% on peach 4 packs.
          30% on peach or lemon 24 packs.
          25% on lemon 4 or 10 packs.

    • Have you got tracking already for this?

      • Makes even more sense to use TCB Best Cashback Guarantee for 41%?

    • Strange that the 40% is on the peach flavour and not lemon

      • Peach is a new flavour they are promoting

    • Bloody legend!

    • +1

      Has anyone actually been able to claim 100% + 40%?

  • The peach is delicious.

    The lemon is fine.

    • +1

      Are you upset there's not a cucumber flavoured one?

    • My thoughts are the opposite.
      The peach just didn't sit well with me.
      But I am keen to taste the pineapple flavour next month

  • -1

    Nobody is asking the obvious question: Is it any good? Doesn't matter if it's free, if it's no good then you won't drink it.

    • +2

      Itโ€™s really good. Not sweet, strong, delicious

    • yep I really liked it. nicer than the Suntory version

    • +1

      It's no Strong Zero Double Lemon 9% but still pretty good and less sweet than Hard Solo. I'd take this over Monsuta Lemon Chuhai.

    • Tried the lemon one last time, was pretty mid IMO. Great for free, wouldn't buy it vs competitors at regular price.

      For some reason gives me a headache.

    • -1

      better than suntory -196, not as good as the actual japanese chu hais but to be expected

  • +2

    Limited to 1500 awards per week of the promotion period up to 9000.

    It's a good offer, and I absolutely loved them last time, but the skeptic in me can't ignore how this could possibly be a clever little marketing trick and they could end the promo randomly due to 'Promotion limit reached' after people have purchased, and they could always respond to those that have put in a claim and say 'Sorry we reached our claim limit for this week'

    • +3

      yep. that's exactly how they will recoup back some of the costs

  • Can you return it if the cashback not valid?

    • +4

      Can you return it if the cashback not valid?

  • -2

    Thanks OP, just made a claim. Year supply of drinks sorted.

    • +4

      1 can per 3 months?

      • +4

        He likes to live dangerously

  • Yum!

    Just donโ€™t buy the peach as it has a strong artificial sweetener aftertaste.

    (Unlike the new Suntory peach).

    • mmmm see I feel opposite! the suntory one tasted really gross for me.

  • Awesome, thanks, I'll get a pack tomorrow.

  • You have to give up a lot of personal information to get the MasterCard and then it expires in a few months. Not worth the invasion and hassle imo

    • Does the personal information have to be yours, or can it be an imaginary person?

      Assume you can convert it to Woolworths GC via PayPal method pretty quickly?

      • I tried fake and missed out on the smirnoff one as they tie the gc to your email and mobile

  • +1

    For those that scored one (or more) of these, use split payments at First Choice Liq:)

    • @CC123 How do you do split payment online though? Or do you mean we need to do in-store?

      • +1

        Unsure if you can split for online orders

  • There's a lag on website now. Every body needs Hyouketsu.

  • So are there any clear rules on limits per person/phone number, like one a week? Or just an 'honour system'?

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