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Zapals Freebie: 10,000 USB LED Reading Light Sync Chargers


10,000 USB LED Reading Light Sync Charger ran out in 3 hours.

Another 10,000 pcs added. Enjoy.

To claim your LED Light Sync Charger

1.Login or Register a free account
2. Choose your LED Light Sync Charger from the items listed below and add to cart
3. Enter coupon code ZAPALS1127SP in your shopping cart or during checkout
4. Complete checkout
5. Receive your awesome free LED Light Sync Charger courtesy of Zapals!

*1 item per customer *First 10000 customers only *Valid email address is required for order confirmation *Correct Shipping address is required *No return or exchange
*Shipping Time 15 – 30 days (Non tracking) *Our general terms & conditions apply

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      • Thanks for reply. Actually it wasn't last freebie. Its the one before that, the free phone case.
        That was back on 11th Nov. It says shipped but not sure when it shipped.

        Anyway happily wait a while longer. Thank you

        Looking forward to using your site in the future

  • I'm getting 'Coupon code "ZAPALS1127SP" has expired or login required', even though I've logged in.

  • Hi Op… I think it is out again… I entered the code in my shopping cart and this message
    This coupon code "ZAPALS1127SP" is invalid or login required.

  • Expired? :S

  • Oh no! Looks like expired just as I found out about the deal :(

  • Anyone got theirs yet?

  • Got mine too.
    Syncs fine on a Macbook Air.

    An obscure use case is in a blackout because I'm sure we've all got powerbanks lying around the house.

  • Received mine today, My light stays on if i'm using it for syncing or without the phone… which makes it frustratingly useless.
    Good price for it though (Free that is)

    • Maybe you can follow maik's instructions below and rip out the LED instead of fixing it?

  • Got mine, the light doesn't go on, and my computer doesn't reconise my phone, and it doesn't charge my phone from multiple ports and wall charger.

    Yes I got a dud :(

    • +2 votes

      incase anyone else got one, just open the LED cover lid (can do with your fingernails), you'll see the LED light with the wiring, for me, it was one of the coloured wires which was not soldered on properly, I pushed this down and it worked, blinding me in the process. So it may be worth your while to check before throwing out.

    • Mine too, not lighting up.

      And yes, opening the case and I can clearly see a red wire is not soldered. Will need some soldering to fix it.