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Bayonetta Xbox 360/PS3 PAL Version for 20.34 GBP Delivered (around $36 AUD)

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This is going for around $50+ on eBay used. Most stores are selling for $80+. So in my opinion this is quite a good deal. From reviews it seems to be quite an awesome game too. So, happy shopping.

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  • good deal

  • -1

    Fantastic deal. Does anyone know if the ps3 loading time problems have been patched?

    • +2

      sony released a patch to fix the loading times and it works great- i dont have any complaints over loading time. love this game!

  • has anyone used this site before?

    • +1

      yes, a few times … it takes between 5 to 10 days for delivery. Every Monday they have a great sales on their games.

    • +1

      yes - i have bought plenty of games from Zavvi. It's excellent and takes between one and two weeks for delivery. Do it

  • -2

    I don't know if Bayonetta's demo is any indication of how the game actually is because I played the demo all excited before the game released but I didn't enjoy it. Still a great deal, though. Zavvi always comes up with awesome deals. I just hope that when the R18+ rating gets accepted here, JbHiFi and Ebgames start accepting these as trade-ins because they belong to the same region and most of the time they are under the same classification. Some games are worth collecting but most games after you're done playing, you want to be able to trade them.

    • but isnt the classification system in the uk different to aus? and wouldnt the barcode on the covers be different to ours therefore it wont show up on the store's systems?

      • It is, but if a game receives the same classification like Teen or G or M or R18+ or whatever, then it should be acceptable. The barcodes are no problem. I managed to trade a UK game before and it scanned fine. Just that this is an odds thing. Some times they accept and some times they do not.

        • um… that's weird

        • If the barcode is in the system, they'll accept it. If they have to enter the title manually then it's down to the assistant as to wether they'll accept it.
          Their 18+ is just the same as our MA15+, and are relabeled as such.
          Stores were just told from head office not to accept imports in 3-1 deals, you'll still get trade in value as a standard trade.

          • @2023: Linton, thanks a lot man. You're always clearing things up for me.

          • @2023: that's awesome news

  • Yes loading times seem to be fixed. Awesome game! I got mine for about $45, so this beats it easy!

  • How come it says free delievery but yet i got charged 2.25 for delievery?

    • i think thats free deliver in the UK, overseas delivery 2.25?

    • Yeh its free delivery only for UK.

      2.25 for delivery is still cheap though if you compare it to other sites like

      I bought ratchet&clank crack in time from there and it took about a week to deliver.

  • Just purchased Bayonetta and Call of Juarez (14.99 pounds) both for PS3


    • -2

      uh… isnt it 17.99??? 14.99 is for the guide isnt it?

      • +1

        I think he means Call of Juarez.

  • yeah I didn't feel the need to post the price of bayonetta again

  • Excellent find :) Was waiting for this to drop to below $40.. +ve!

  • cool, thanks I just got a copy :)

  • +1

    also having ordered from Zavvi before I can vouch that the site is professional and delivers quickly considering the item is coming from the UK/.

  • I wouldn't touch Zavvi again with a barge pole. Despite several convesrations over several months they have yet to reinburse me for a failed delivery. AVOID.

    • I'd vouch for them. Made for a smooth, cheap purchase of R&C, which arrived in about 7 days.

      I can't remember off hand — do they offer an insurance option?

  • Good price.

    I bought this at EB Games and returned it under their 7 day trial policy - IMHO the game blows chunks - its VERY Japanese and has Anime style soft-porn lead female characters.

    If I had to keep it I wouldn't pay more than $10

  • my items have been dispatched already

    • same :) Just before the weekend over in the UK!

  • is this shop always sell the item with PAL region for the XBOX 360 games?

  • i'd say so

    it's not a store that imports games by the look of it

  • good one, just ordered mine.

    • received mine today

  • nice deal, bought this and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift total $60 AUD delivered.

  • expired.

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