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Breville Microwave BMO735BKS/MO735BSS - $249 (after $50 CB)/$209 (after $50 CB + AMEX) Shipped @ David Jones


O.K. How do I get this for that cheap, with free delivery?

TL;DR ($299-(299-(6.3/100)-$40.00-$50.00))
Nett: $190.16 (see Story below Description).


The easy to use microwave that knows the right power level and time to suit the food that you're cooking.

With a simple press of a Smart button the microwave offers a selection of the most commonly used food types in cook, reheat and defrost modes. Time and power levels are automatically determined for optimum results.

The shortcuts panel on the inside door makes the microwave very easy to use. Sensor IQ Cook and Reheat, automatically measures humidity released from food and calculates the cook time. The one-touch auto buttons also provide access to your favourite setting and commonly used tasks such as melting chocolate, softening butter and reheating baked beans.

30 second instant start and A Bit More™ add futher simplicity to the ease of use.

The Intuitive microwave that won't spill the beans !

I just looked at David Jones website and it said $399 Retail, Reduced to $299.

(I'm NOT feeling the love).

Firstly, register @

AmEx Online Offers: David Jones Spend $200 Get $40

Register by saving the David Jones offer to Card and spend $200 or more, in one or more transactions, online only at shop.davidjones.com.au by 6/12/15 to receive one $40 credit. Limited to the first 35,000 Cards to register.
(rebated to your Amex Account).

Then, after Registering at AmexConnect.com.au, spend your $299 at shop.davidjones.com.au not forgetting to Login to access CashBack rebates via either ((PricePal 6.3% Founder) or 6.0% CashRewards))
…so Rebates to $18.83 PricePal or $17.94 CashRewards.

And, lastly (no Steak Knives, get over it).

Hit up Breville for $50 Rebate Direct to your Bank Account:

Cheapest alternative pricing:
StaticIce.com.au say Billy Guyatts $297 (less $50 Rebate) = $247.

Free delivery online offer when you spend $100 or more‡ is subject to change at any time without prior notice. This offer is only available online and is valid for Standard Delivery within Australia.

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    Wouldn't it be cheaper from eBay TGG if C&C? ($298 * 0.77) - $50 = $179.46


      TGG would be $298-20% ($238.40)
      Cash Rewards Rebate calculated on $238.40(?) if calculated on the post 20% discount amount?
      of 3% would be $7.15
      Less $50 from Breville.

      So, $238.40-7.15-50.00
      = $181.25?
      I'd be going the "Free" delivery from DJ's

    • +2 votes

      Oooh - think you might be correct.

      Less 20%
      Less $50
      = $188.40
      Less Cashrewards (currently 3% = $8.94)
      Total = $179.46


        I'm not real happy with The Good Guys and on Monday the Sharp Microwave they sold me in September is going back because it failed.
        I paid via PayPal/Telus and they will cover up to $45 of the return freight by Courier. :+)
        Microwaves are heavy and bulky.
        Free Delivery if you don't have a car is cool.

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    We have one of these (the BMO735BSS) and it's been really good. Wife approved. Replaced an old Whirlpool crisp & grill microwave that was acting up. Only negatives (which are very minor) is the printing on the start button wore off within a couple of weeks, and steam doesn't clear very well from inside. The button doesn't matter as it's obvious what it's for, and the steam is resolved by (when it happens) leaving the door open for a few minutes to let it clear. I've read one review where rust had formed inside, likely due to the steam, but I reckon if you just leave that door open when/if it happens (and it isn't always) then it should last for quite a while.


    Wouldn't count on cash rewards or price pal. You might get lucky you might not. Shouldn't be included.


    This isn't a targeted offer or limited to specific AMEX Customers anyone with an AMEX card is eligible to register via http://amexconnect.com.au/

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    Is there any difference between this and the one at target? http://www.target.com.au/p/breville-bm-634-quick-touch-34l-m...
    Obviously different model numbers, but seem remarkably similar.

    • +3 votes

      Dont go for the 634 , it looks the same but they fixed a number of issues that it had in the newer version which is 735. I had the 634 but returned it to Target because it would have heavy steam build-up after every use. 735 has had no issues since I got it.

      • +1 vote

        Thanks for sharing your experiences.

        Ironically, if you want a Microwave with Steam Function they cost even more. lol


      Yes, they are different.

      BMO634 is apparently a discontinued model according to the thread @ https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/217625


    Was just about to consider the purchase but the reviews on it are pretty awful. Lots of failures and other issues with noise, vibration. Hmmm. Looks great but not sure if I want to be a a beta tester for Brevile.


      Problem is most people only post reviews that are unhappy.
      Choice Magazine is worth a look.
      I'll post my experience when it arrives.

      I guess I should post a review on the Sharp Microwave that The Good Guys sold me that hasn't even lasted 2 months :+(


        Yeah, I know that one has to take the information on the review sites as a guide only but what concerned me was the number of very similar complaints. It wasn't just one or two. Anyhow, good luck.


    Need to mark this as Expired, Price updated to $339



      I noticed that they were Out of Stock…
      Then back in stock again (at a higher price).

      I'll expire it, (but I think they are going to be on special again soon (watch for updates).

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        Hey..I went to Burwood(NSW) store last evening and the store rep told me that there is 20% offf on Small appliances and he mentioned that it includes microwaves(On their website, Microwave is under Large appliance)

        Though the online price was $339, their Price for these microwaves was still $299.

        So I bought this for $299 - 60(20% off) = $240

        Including Amex $40 and Breville $50, it will come down to $150.

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