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Jägermeister Liqueur 700ml $36.99 @ ALDI in Store


I was browsing Aldi Liquor department in Rockdale, NSW when I found a 700ml at $36.99.
Includes Insulated Cooling Tin
Currently sold at Dan Murphy's for $44.99

Varietal: Liqueur Liquor Style: Herbal Liqueurs
Produced in the town of Wolfenbüttel, Germany, Jägermeister is derived from 56 herbs, spices, fruits and roots from across the world the aged in enormous oak barrels. The traditional way to enjoy the dense liqueur is chilled in the freezer and then drunk from a shot glass.

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  • so cheap

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    Still double the price of places like South Africa: Damn excise :P But cheap for here

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      16 euro 1L in Spain. Damn I miss booze prices in Spain :3

    • it's all relative. The average monthly income in SA is 1/3 of Australia's!

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    Decent price. It was $37 at Dan Murphys last weekend but has gone back up in price. It's usually $37 at Costco too but that requires membership.

  • Great for catching snow bunnies .. :-) .. !!

  • Better value to just buy 1 litre from dan murphys for $50. .

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      $37/0.7 = $52.86. He's right! Although no insulated tin. Also $47.85 if you get it delivered, as opposed to $50 in store. I wonder if they price match themselves.

      Actually, I wonder if they'd price match this deal in WA, even though the nearest Aldi is in Victoria (I assume haha).

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        One good thing, I've never had a hangover drinking jager, something to do with what it's made from

        • it's because you didn't drink enough of it ;)
          a friend passed out and ended up in hospital !

        • @akastyl13:

          Haha, your friend must've had a great night! I can't pass out, whenever I drink too much I just throw up haha

        • @strikerzebra: he was a she actually, she did throw up but passed out at same time and woke up in hospital bed at 3am with us next to her. Anyway I would not recommend that to anyone ! :)

        • @akastyl13:

          She can't handle her alcohol clearly, at least she is ok

  • 1L showing at $47.85 delivered at Dan Murphys (SA)

  • Upvoted for use of ascii character

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    It's really good for sore throats.

  • My favourite! Thanks OP.


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