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25% off Oil and Batteries This Weekend Only @ Autobarn


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  • hmm….stock up on oil now or wait until they do a 30% off sale?

  • Hopefully cheaper prices than the 30% off batteries at repco the other week.

    • Depends on the brand I think, Repco where I live only sell Repco branded batteries these days. From memory I think they are Exide batteries which may be found cheaper else where.

      I prefer Supercharge (Gold Plus) batteries which Autobarn sell but I've been able to pick them up from the warehouse in Adelaide for about $50 cheaper than store prices. The MF66 is $219 at Autobarn and $169 direct, reasonably cheap for a 720 CCA battery and comes with a 3 year warranty.

      I've bought 2 Optima Yellow tops from 4wd extreme on eBay as well about $100 cheaper than in stores as well that I use for cars that don't get started often as the alarms will drain and kill a normal battery over a week or 2.

      • Cheers. I'll reconsider the optima yellow. It will be selling for $300 with this deal

        • Is that for the D34?

          What car will you be using it in? I have a D34 in a WRX (had to change the terminals) and one in a Supra, but they also fit most Commodores up to VZ from memory.

          $299 for that is a good price, the same as eBay prices but easier to deal with a local shop for warranty purposes if anything ever happened.

          A Supercharge Gold Plus battery will be fine if you drive the car often though, they are good value for money.

      • Repco sell Repco branded century batteries. These usually are from Century's cheaper range as well for those curious if they are getting the premium yellow and blue century range.

        Exide, Marshall Power and Supercharge are owned by a company called RAMCAR and all their batteries, whilst looking different, all come from the Phillipines.

        I rarely suggest a Optima or orbital battery to people as the price doesn't always give any better life or improvement compared too a standard plated lead acid battery. The advantage of Orbital spiraled batteries are there sheer output of power and capability to accept higher amp charging. We usually sell them to truck companies or people with car audio as each have requirements for large cold cranking amps.

        Source: work for one of the above listed battery companies ;)

        ps. if anyone ever needs battery choice help, I can certainly answer just about any question!

  • If you're looking for a battery call up your local tyrepower, found they're much cheaper than even sale prices from the major car shops. My local one didn't have the largest range ever but I found one that fit my car ok.

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