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Nova Launcher Prime For Android $0.20 (Was $4.99) @ Google Play


Nova Launcher Prime For Android $0.20 (Was $4.99) Cheers to HUKD :)
4.8/5 Average From 154k Reviews

Nova Launcher is the original and most polished customizable launcher for modern Android

Unlock the following extras by purchasing Nova Launcher Prime

  • Gestures - Swipe, pinch, double tap and more on the home screen to open your favorite apps
  • Unread Counts - Never miss a message. Unread count badges for Hangouts, SMS, Gmail and more using the TeslaUnread plugin
  • Custom Drawer Groups - Create new tabs or folders in the app drawer
  • Hide Apps - Keep a clean app drawer by hiding never used apps
  • Icon Swipes - Set custom actions for swiping on app shortcuts or folders
  • More scroll effects - Such as Wipe, Accordion, and Throw

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  • Already got it in the past. This deal is worth every cent.

  • Expired? Showing as 4.99 for me

  • Worked for me. Purchased for 20 cents. Great deal thanks OP

  • Thanks, use the free version on all my Android devices and too cheap to pay full fare.

  • Really dont need it, free version is more than enough… bought it anyway

  • My default launcher, it's worth full price, an absolute steal at 20 cents.

  • Best launcher made no need for TouchWiz when you have this

  • Thanks! Don't need it but bought anyway

  • I just signed up to Google Opinion Rewards in the hopes of getting this for "free"…
    If you're looking for a free alternative launcher I highly recommend Solo Launcher.

  • Awesome deal.. thanks OP

  • If you have never used a launcher before, give this a go. Takes about an hour to set up but totally worth it because of the increased functionality and efficiency of your phone usage.
    I also recommend DCikonZ as a theme and wallpaper manager. Free, smooth and beautiful.

    • My problem with themes for Android is the icons need to be made for each one, if you happen to install one rare app, it will use default theme and not match with others and kind of ruin the theme.

      is there any theme app that change the whole system globally for example to Gray colours, etc?

      • Icon packs usually come with a bunch of extra icons anyway. If it happens to be a rare app with no dedicated icon, you can still change the icon individually. (If youre using nova launcher), If you long press on an app on your home screen and then tap edit it will let you rename and change the icon. Tap on the icon square thing and then you can choose whatever icon you want.

        • Correct. DCikonZ has a magnitude of generic icons you can choose from if your app does not have one specifically made for it. It defaults to an image of the original app's icon on top of a slate/button that looks similar to the other icons. Honestly, give it a go, it's pretty good (and free with no ads or permissions needed).

      • You can always make your own icons for missing apps. Especially apps that aren't popular or for your specific needs.

        Install themex and extract the png file.
        I search for the icons in Google for the app then a two minute job in Photoshop and you have a perfect icon.

    • Shouldn't take an hour to set up a launcher.

      • Obviously, it depends on what you want to do with it. It could take 30 seconds or it could take an hour. I have a lot of apps which I put in specific folders and that does take a while to do the first time (after that you can backup and import your layouts). Same with re-creating widgets.

      • When you take in to account a theme, wallpaper, swipe commands, look and feel, layouts, animations, and other integrations/customisations one hour is reasonable.

        • I respect and see what you're saying. But having done most of that when I set up Nova Launcher Prime it took 20 minutes max. Just my anecdotal experience though.

  • Any good for a oneplus 2?


      It works on any device.

      My question is, why would you want it…

      • why wouldn't you want it…


        • I got it..



          No seriously though, I've never thought, "hmm, my icon size is too small, I think I'll buy a launcher to fix this…"

          Having said that,I think Nova Launcher is losing sales, thus this sale…

        • @inose:
          Nova Launcher is so much more tho. Each brand applies their own ui to their android phone launchers…snd typically, they're terrible and slow. Nova fixes that for you with a clean, pretty much stock launcher with all the customisation to personalise it to your liking.



          I disagree with your claim that typical default launchers are "terrible and slow"… Especially in Kony 2015.

          … Which is why I don't see a real need for it. :)

          (But for 20c, might as well… :/ )

        • @inose:

          Stop trying to make Kony 2015 a thing, it's not going to happen

        • I think it depends what skin you have now, i loath TouchWiz so i would if i had a Samsung. My Sony is near pure Android so i'll stick with that for myself.

  • Got it, not sure if it is better than default laucher on Sony phones.

    • +4 votes

      To me, default launchers are good enough these days, including Sony's and Samsung's, especially the later ones.

      I don't feel like I need an external launcher anymore, unless you can't hide apps. It's not kony 2012.

      • Samsung still cant change individual icons/re-size etc…

        nova is still king of launchers

        this + dashclock = win
        bought at $4.99 full price and still money well spent


          Yeah… Ok. (Samsungs got their theme store but whatever)

          Why would I want to resize an icon? I don't.

          That's what I'm saying. I'm claiming that most people don't need, nor ever had the want to have this much of customisation.

          Most default launchers just "work" lol

    • If there's anything you've ever thought you'd like to tweak about the stock launcher, chances are Nova has that option somewhere. I only use it over Sony's because it allows for a bigger icon grid and no labels.

      • Used Nova on my sony phone for 1 day, the gesture does make some difference. At least save one press on the power botton when lock the screen.

  • Bought this for $5 a week or so ago

  • If you want a free launcher, I recommend Yahoo Aviate Launcher.

  • Thank you, I was considering buying it anyway.

  • could anyone comment as to which is the better launcher between this and the Smart launcher from this deal;

    • Depends on personal choice. I like nova cause it allows you to hide apps easily, whereas in smart launcher you need to click each app icon and need to hide it manually. But i guess Smart is bit faster than nova..but i always go back to Nova…

    • I bought Nova earlier at full price and got a refund after I found out that it is slower than Smart Launcher Pro in my Note Edge.

      However, it's well worth a shot at .20c.

  • When you change or upgrade mobile phone, reinstall Nova, restore all the settings, do you feel you don't really change your mobile after all?

  • Thanks, waited 14 years for this

  • +3 votes

    I'm a big fan of Action Launcher 3, but Nova has so much customisation. I'm happy to buy it as a back up at this price!

    • I agree with you there. I can't look past Action Launcher 3. It's the best I've used and I've tried a lot.

  • I'm pretty happy with the default UI on LG G4; if I was still on Samsung I'd jump onto this!

  • finally. Waited this forever! Thanks.

  • 18 cents if you are a Google Play Music subscriber! (10% discount)

  • damn i bought at full price (but using cash from google survey) :D

  • Thanks Trent! this app is well worth the money.

  • Bought it for 19¢ after the google music discount! There's those survey cents working for me.

  • How does this compare to the free Google Now Launcher?


    • I have the google now launcher and quite enjoy the features it provides by 'swiping left'

      That being said Nova is the launcher of choice in the rest of this IT department. I have tried it and it is a superior launcher but doesnt provide the google now features I like. For 20c might as well give it a go and if google now becomes crap at least you have already purchased it (presumably using the Google Opinions money)

      • Thanks. :)

        Coming from a Galaxy Nexus to a LG G4, I just wanted to be cautious about installing bloat (i.e. crap that I don't need). Having read a few reviews and the comments here, Nova Launcher seems like a useful app to spend my Opinion money on!


    I have got 4 launxhers but nova is the one I always fall back on.

    I'd you want fancy this would be one to go for

    Heeps cool with cartoonishy feel with the widgets but I do recall this launched coating a lot back in the day.

  • My default launcher for past 4 years, cant go wrong !

  • Nice! I was ready to pay 4.99

  • Don't know what is it for but see it's cheap and all comments decided to buy first then only see how

  • I've heard a lot of of good things about this. How much does this effect your battery life? Is it noticeable?

  • Its quite buggy, some apps like phone keypad does not work and google now does not work :/

  • I just bought it… but after reading the list of new function, I didnt find any useful functions that I need in the prime version. hope there will be new useful functions in the future.

  • don't really use launchers, but i have credit so will buy :)

    edit: this is totally random, but their xmas icon is fugly!

  • Thinking of buying this for my s3 (haven't had the cash to update my phone) but s3s are notorious for having bad battery life has anyone got an s3 and found this good on the battery? Any substantial drain?

    • It will have negligible impact on battery, it's just a launcher.

    • Launchers mostly affect RAM and not the battery (processing). The lightest launchers include Smart Launcher and Lightning Launcher.

  • thanks OP, the free was really good. im sure the prime version will be better.

  • Bought. Never really got into using launcher's or gave them a go, but will try this now that the missus has gone off fruit (Apple) also.

  • grabbed it. Will give it a go on my tablet (Galaxy Tab 2), LG G4 UI is pretty good as is.

  • I've always used Go Launcher.. was even better when Prime was free. But then they fk'd shit up in the Z version. Downgraded back to 5.15 and haven't updated since.

    Anyway had 90c google credit after the survey thing during the PowerAmp freebie. Might as well get this for free.

  • This launcher is great to use, only gripe I have is you have to go to the app settings to put apps into folders unlike drag and drop in standard.

    • Do you mean within the app drawer? Because you can definitely drag and drop to create folders on the home screen.

    • I know this is slightly more complex than on homescreen, but you could go to "Edit App" by holding the icon and dragging it to "Edit" and put the apps in folder on app drawers (it's marginally faster than doing it via settings, I found).

  • I paid $5.99 for it last night, after not finding any past discounts on OzBargain.
    I'm a little disappointed I missed the discount, but still happy to support the devs. Especially since it's improved the performance of my Nexus 7 over the stock launcher.

  • I prefer Hola launcher. Especially the double tap app screen

  • Amazing price.

  • Nova Launcher + Rondo. Best combo

  • +4 votes

    I dont know what a Launcher does, or even if I need it… I just know that for 20c I bought it, and I guess I'll learn how to use it on my Android phone at some stage?

    I don't think I have ever seen an app with so many thousands of 5 star reviews on Google Play, and so very little negs.

    Damn you OzBargain, now I'm buying things that I've never even heard of!!

  • paid the full price (albeit using telstra credit off one of the $1 sim cards lol).. best android launcher IMO

  • for those not sure what a launcher does, here's a useful review:

  • Use it for the second day and couldn't be happier.
    Will never look back to default launcher.

  • bought it on day one usage. One of the many reason i want to stay with android than an iphone ( i really want to use iphone, but the freedom of customization really stops me)

  • bought!

    getting a tablet for christmas, and only have an AMIDuOS emulation for now…had to select the emulation device when purchasing, but i assume the purchase will be fine for multiple devices? (never bought an app from the play store before!)

    • Yeah mate, as long as you sign in to the Playstore with the account you bought the app, you can install it on as many devices as you like.

  • Got it now once I figured out that this is one of the easiest way that I can bypass the silly 4 X 4 Grid in Galaxy Note 4.Now I can uses even 12 x 12 Grid LOL


    cool may as well buy it now


    Had this ended? Price is now saying $5.99

  • Yes looks like it has ended.