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$1 PS3/Xbox 360 Games @ JB Hi-Fi (in Store Only)


A follow on from the thread posted Last Night ,this time in store. Checkyour local store for any stock!! Staff were surprised to find that the games were only $1 so she got the guy next to her to scan, still $1. Bought a couple of titles. Happy ozbargaining!!

Games (PS3 / Xbox 360) may include:

  • Borderlands 2
  • NBA 2k14
  • Gears of war 3
  • Devil May Cry
  • Disney Fantasia Music evolved
  • Darksiders 2
  • Xcom
  • Metal Gear Rising

Update: List of games thanks to brainstorm. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

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  • Basically all the ps3 essentials games are $1

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    I purchased 40 games from my local JB-HI-FI … All at $1 I was snatching them off the shelf as soon as the store guy was making them down as $1 lol.

    Only had 2 copies of Spark on Xbox one though :( i wanted to get at least 10 copies to give away as xmas gifts

    • +1

      hey mate, i have 2 i will sell you for $1 and if shipping then just whatever it costs to send them

      • thanks allot.. but all is good.. i think i will be fine finding other gifts

    • these are stocking stuffer's for family members and friends, got them from Artarmon JB-Hi-Fi they have probably another 100+ $1 PS3 and Xbox360 games still on shelves.

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    I had my order cancelled. I only ordered 3 games but I wanted them. The two PS3 Castlevania games and Metal Gear Rising.

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    Went to pacfair jb and mermaid waters and they have heaps of stovk still left met a fellow Oz bargainer there. So if you live on the gold Coast hit those stores as we only took singles of games so the fellow Oz bargain community has the chance to get some

  • +2

    Went to holmesglen VIC and got about 15 xbox games. Stoked!

    There was an older man there, like around 60, who bought three of everything. I got annoyed and so did the employees but he was allowed to do it.

    Not much left there now.

    • Might be buying for his grandchildren.

    • there needs to be a policy of limited quantity one per title per customer. That should fix it.

      Not sure why Aussie retailers still haven't picked that up

  • Not marked at all in Adelaide CBD.

    Had to go up to the sexy gamer girl behind the counter twice, oh well.

    Very slim pickings there, though. All of the games left that are left for $1 are games you do not want to play.

  • Xillia 2 didn't get cancelled? The courtesy email didn't list it.

  • Got a bunch of PS3 games from Sydney's Moore Park. Didn't touch the Xbox 360, so should be a fair few of those there. Not too many people in store. Nothing had a $1 sticker, so you need to know what you're after.

    (Super friendly) Guy on the floor said they'd had heaps more orders for Borderlands 2 online than they ever had in stock, so most will be cancelled.

    Interestingly, unlike Dick Smith, it seems the stock update on computer isn't centralised, so not all stores get the reductions at the same time.

  • Bourke st Melbourne mostly gone. Got NBA and Fifa for a dollar. Also splinter cell for 5.

    • Just picked up Darksiders 2, Battlefield 3 Premium Edition and LA Noire Complete Edition on the 360 at the Bourke Street store in Melbourne during my lunch break.

      Saw a few other titles on the list that don't interest me still on the shelf - not sure if they have more stock behind the counter but best of luck!

      • Was LA Noire Complete Edition $10 or $1?

        • Managed to get it for $1 - didn't realise on the price list that it should have been $10!

        • I got charged $10

  • Do check out the large game box sets below or above the game shelves.
    Got the PS3 Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Collector's Edition including a large Gohan figurine for $1!

    • I called and no where in Australia got any

    • oh oh i want i want ;)

    • which store did u bought it from? I tried calling and there's none left in australia apparently!! :(

      • I got it from Artarmon store in Sydney.
        Pretty sure there was at least one left after my friend and I bought one yesterday, next to the Wonderbooks stuff (which was also $1). Sounds like that last one is gone too.

        • hahaha so funny that's the exact store i called…

        • @homersyd: joe - when u were there yesterday were there much PS3 games left?

    • hey if you are willing to sell that could you please pm me with the price? I would be happy to take it off ur hands…

      • Sorry, I really do want to keep this one. I guess I can ask my friend for his. I will PM you if he's keen.

        • yea tat'd be great, thanks joe

  • Got my stuff just now 12pm qld time at oxley jb

    Dbz battle of z 10bucks
    Ni no kuni 10bucks
    Persona 4 ulitmax 1buck
    Castle los2 1buck
    Deception 4 1buck

    Plenty of stock but on shelves and not marked.

    • Did they have any more copies of Ni No Kuni? Was it the classics red case or the normal release style?

      • Was 2 copies and normal case, staff shocked 1buck sales.

        • I'm torn as to whether I should go to Oxley or Mt Ommaney again now… OH THE HUMANITY!

        • Was at mt ommeny 1hr ago wasnt any good ps3 titles. Oxley had a bit more better titles but that was at12pm…..

        • @turbo77: Yeah there was a guy that came after me that picked up a bunch of titles when I was there around 11am, and another guy that was grabbing a few when I went back the second time around 5pm.

          I ended up going to the old Indooroopilly store outside the shopping centre and scored a bunch of great games. Very pleased with my haul :)

        • @Online Bathroomware:
          Did you get the copies of lego 360 games at indooroopilly?

        • @bargainpls: Bit of a late reply, but no I didn't. I don't actually recall there being any there.

    • +1

      Damn Persona 4 ulitmax for $1 bloody good game can't find it anywhere

    • +1

      How did you get persona 4 ultimax for $1? It was showing full price at my store. Could you please post the receipt.

        • Thanks mate.

        • @smog: Did you scan the game, or do you mean it was ticketed full price? Most games that were a $1 weren't ticketed when I went in.

          I picked up Persona 4, and the Ultimax version on 360 for $1 each. Pretty happy chappy :)

        • @Online Bathroomware: Looks like I didn't need the receipt at all since it scanned at $1. Thanks for the help you two.

      • What can do with that receipt anyway? Price match? Impossible to find stock anywhere on persona arena ultimax

        • Thought I would need to show the receipt since my local jb had one stock left. But it looks like I didnt since it scanned for $1.

      • I didn't bother going to store to store JB hifi. I just used my Amaysim $25 eBay voucher and bought the Persona 4 Arena Ultimax for $4.99 via eBay delivered

  • (moved as a sub-comment)

  • ELizabeth SA still has a fair few games left. Happy with most of the ones I bought (XCOM, Tales of Symphonia, etc), but I regret buying Risen 3 and Ninja Gaiden Z after reading reviews. Only bought them because the boxes looked interesting.

    Staff had no idea there was even a sale on.

    • Wasnt much left at Elizabeth when I checked a few hours ago. I wouldn't mind buying Risen 3 off you if you don't really want it?

      • +2

        I'm happy to sell it to you for $1. PM me to arrange.

        • Awesome, thanks! I'm attempting to PM but I don't think you have private PMs set to allow in your account settings?

  • +1

    Picked up 14 different Xbox360 games from the Mt Ommaney (Brisbane) store :)

    Nice and easy, and CHEAP, Christmas presents for the family haha

    Not a huge selection but they have plenty of duplicates across the board, but probably too late now as another guy came after me and picked up most of the PS3 cheapies.

    My partner is checking out the Chermside store for me so hopefully there will be some more bargains to be had!

  • Got bf3 premium ed, max payne 3, sports chap 2 and god of war 3 for total $3.60.

  • +3

    Big thanks to brainstorm, needed his list as store had not marked down anything.

    • Seconded!

  • Went to JB at World Square NSW

    Picked up the following -

    Project Spark

    - Farming Simulator
    - Ride To Hell Retribution
    - Air Conflicts - Vietnam
    - Defiance
    - Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time
    - Ratchet & Clank: Tools Of Destruction

    XBOX 360
    - Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey & Gallop Racer

    • +1

      Are there more left?

      • +1

        there were a few left as I left the doubles for others

  • Forgot to mention, Battlefield 4 on PS3 is $10 too. One left in Moore Park Sydney this morning.

  • went to Kotara an hour ago, nothing there at all,… :(

  • Picked up 12 games from Melbourne Docklands, all of which I plan to play.

    • What games were there? Or did someone Broden them all?

      • +1

        Seems like someones been brodening several of the Victorian JB Hi Fi's.

        Out east the staff said some old dude filled a basket with games by the handful and he didn't even seem to care what they were.

        Someone else said Chaddy store got raided by 3 middle aged men.

        Think we are going to see plenty of brand new games on Ebay soon which is a real shame that gamer's aren't getting them, just douchey ebay flippers.

        • My store out east had half the stock 24 hours after I visited (and they have a lot of stock), so this seems plausible.

  • Nothing at Parramatta Westfields…

  • Alli wanted was deception IV and i cant find it anywhere, its all sold out.. I just hope whoever bought the copies were genuine and didn't use it for trade ins or profit, its a little disappointing as i ordered this online but they cancelled it and now no stores have them

    • Same here. It'll be at least $26 for a copy on eBay. Might as well get the game on PS4.

  • Store i went to had nothing marked for $1, grabbed a stack of games and scanned at $1, Games with the red sticker pricing seemed to be dropped to $1-5

  • Nothing much left at Doncaster

  • Was at JB Brighton at about 10:30am, didnt check PS3 cause I was in a rush but the 360 games hadnt been raided, I got Dragons Dogma for $1 and Alien Isolation for $10. Was a lot of the $10+ games left, I cant really recall the 1 and 5$ games cause I own a lot of them so didnt pay much attention, plus was in a rush as I said.

  • Halo Reach $1
    Battlefield 4 $1
    Call of Duty Ghosts $1
    Dead Island Riptide $1
    Homefront $1

    Guys!!! are these games worth playing?

    • These are:

      Halo Reach, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, Dead Island Riptide

    • +1

      Lucky you in my local JB Call of Duty Ghosts is $10
      Dead Island Riptide also $10, the staff there
      said that's already low prices.

      • yup games I selected from store was all $10 marked. Like I said got something to give away as gift and since it was JB's mistake and I should be compensated with something I guess.

        • I see so you paid $20 for both call of Duty Ghost and dead Island Riptide
          my mistake

        • @BourneS: nope you got it wrong here.. sorry maybe i wasn't clear enough. I got these all five games above for $5. store price was $50 altogether. this special pricing 'coz JB messed-up my online order. never mind mate.

        • @wisiwuget: i got it thanks mate

  • not all for $1 but in fact most of them are for $5 to $10. Marked down by 50%, say Alien Isolation from 20+ to 10. There are 2 games i am interested but in 5 bucks, Sleeping dogs and splinter cells.

    Any good for any of them esp alien isolation?

  • +2

    Just checked over the games that I bought earlier today. Some, if not all, are clearly second hand. The cases have partially torn off stickers, some of which have been covered up again by new stickers. Manuals are dog eared. General wear and tear.

    Guess I can't really complain for $1.

    The case on the shelf is for display only, they get the real game out from behind the counter, hence why I didn't notice before I bought them.

    • +2

      The discs and manuals in mine looked to be new. However the cases are scuffed likely from being handled on the shelf for so long.

    • +2

      Yes I came to the same conclusion with mine, most had the sticker residue still there from the stickers being ripped off

  • I couldn't find any at Glendale, NSW this afternoon when I had a quick look. I didn't ask though (not enough time), so maybe they were in a non-obvious place?

  • Popped in to stores in Nunawading, Forest Hill and Knox (VIC) earlier this evening and nothing left for PS3. Disappointing given my order was cancelled!

    • I went in to the nunawading store yesterday and there were a few $1 games left, 2 school kids had a basket full of them

  • I'm bemused at how people are paying $1 for games I paid $5 for.

    Some stores seem to have different pricing: in the Galeries yesterday I saw Ninja Gaiden 3 marked at $1. I asked the very helpful staff if they had any of three games I was looking for and they looked up on the system and informed me that Leichhardt had all three.
    As it happens, Leichhardt didn't have any of them when I arrived there an hour later. But they did have Ninja Gaiden 3, which scanned at $5 there.
    There wasn't much left at $1 and $5 Leichhardt.

    I called Moore Park (more very helpful staff) and was told they had been hit hard yesterday, but still had a few titles left.

    • +1

      NG3 Razor's edge is $1, and probably the staff picked up the original Ninja Gaiden 3 to scan @ $5?

      • I got the original ninja gaiden 3 for $1 today

  • Anyone able to pick up any dragon ball z games or naruto ones for $1 got a few games I can swap for them

    • where r u based? and which dbz/naruto games have u got?

  • Thanks, got a lot of different titles for $1 each.

    Shadow of Mordor Limited Edition
    Dishonoured Limited Edition
    Bioshock and Borderlads combo
    Uncharted: Jake's Fortune
    Castlevania Collection
    Castlevania 2
    Saints Row 4
    And another 24 titles

    • If you don't mind, could you please list a few of the 24 titles, excluding aforementioned ones?

    • Shadow of Mordor appears to be 29 bucks for both platforms at the two stores I visited, would you happen to have a receipt screenie?

      • Limited Edition. Comes with nice sleeve like cover with flip open cover and also has a couple of codes for some sort of upgrades. I haven't even had a chance to play them, yet because the wife, AKA dictator, has me building kitchen cabinets for store in the garage. Great way to start my supposed holidays. Argggg!

        • Fair enough - strange that limited / enhanced editions of some of these games are cheaper than the vanilla versions… in any case enjoy the spoils :)

    • Just got two more today:

      God of War 3 (Preowned for a $1 because I missed out online order)
      Battlefield Bad Company

      Here is a few more titles I left out:
      Short Peace
      Bound by flame
      Port Royale 3
      El shad day
      Ken's Rage 2
      Young Justice legacy
      Dungeon Siege 3
      Love Max Arcana Hearts 3
      Resident Evil 6
      JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
      Metal gear rising
      Natural Doctrine
      Dead Space 2
      Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers
      PES 2015
      Hyper dimension Neptunia
      Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z
      Murdered Soul Suspect Limited Edition
      Air conflicts Vietnam
      Crisis 3
      Witch and the Hundredd Knight
      Sly Cooper Thieves in time

      I left out a couple because they weren't $1

  • +7

    Showed my sis, who lives interstate, this page and asked her to take a trip down to her local JB to see if there was anything there.

    Turns out, there was a lot there and the staff made things even easier for her.

    • Oops, you got three copies of Borderlands 2 - fancy sending me the Xbox copy?
      Pretty please! ;)

    • Is that MGSV for $1?!

      • Ground Zeroes, not the proper game.

    • Tallkid, if there's any chance you're willing to sell me a few of those PS3 games, could you PM me please? Thanks!

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