This was posted 8 years 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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God of War 3 PS3 for $1 + Other PS3/Xbox 360 Games for $1 at JB Hi-Fi (Online Only)


Not sure if it's a pricing error, but just paid with Paypal and everything seems dandy atm. $1 delivery fee required.

List of Games For $1

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    Also 99 cents delivery.

    Good deal though, ordered so will see what happens!

    • Ah yes, the $1 delivery cost. Thanks, forgot to mention that!

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        I've never actually ordered more than one item from them online at a time. Was quite a shock to see the shipping stack but eh the games are still stupid cheap.

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      Great prices, yet i bought nothing

    • Order cancelled pricing error.

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    • Ordered most of them too, we'll see if they come through!!

      • ordered a few,

        • same here. doubt we'll get anything

        • @stumo: I don't think it's a pricing error. Being in store there are lots of copies of the listed games that weren't selling for over a couple of years

        • @Quotationz: they cancelled my order and refunded the money :( did anyone get their ordered approved.

        • @slimdavy5:
          They cancelled GOW for me, but the other 10 games they havent mentioned.

        • @stumo: Your order contained items that were part of a clearance activity on remanent stock that was intended to be sold in-store only, and not online. Unfortunately due to an error the clearance game stock incorrectly appeared for a short time online for purchase. Since your order was placed online, we have initiated a cancellation and refund of the following items on your order.

        • @Quotationz: how is it legal for them to cancel our orders just because they decide they don't want to sell a correctly priced item through a particular method. Surely we enter an agreement of service once payment has been made and order confirmation is received. Am I wrong?

        • @WillyC:

          I think they don't have it online from their warehouse but if you are lucky you can still find it in store.

          Also I think too much effort for them to ship from store to you instead.

        • @superforever: I was really looking forward to metal gear rising :(

        • @slimdavy5: Yeah :( I got that email and then went in to a couple different stores and got some of the games. Most stores had been cleared of all the $1 games though. Still alot of Tales of Xilia 2 day ones out there which I was happy about

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    I put the rest in post m8 cause there are some good deals there :)

    • Thanks, didn't realise it myself, haha!

      • Great first post m8! Looks like you might have the most popular deal for dec :)

        • Thanks! Got lucky since someone else posted it earlier but it didn't get any love for some reason. Explains why I couldn't find it with a quick search before posting this one.

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    Xbox 360 seems to have a few $1 ones as well.

    Oops just realised OP already listed them altogether.

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      Better title might be 'X360/PS3/VITA/PC games from $1 at JB Hifi'.

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        What vita games where $1??

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        What vita games were $1?

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          Thats what i really want to know hahaha

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          Lego Avengers and Lego Batman 2, both $15 each :^)

        • @starvingartist:
          did those get marked down as I'm pretty sure they've sat at $15 for a few weeks now.

        • Which Vita games were $1?

      • +1

        Got excited. Then not excited :(

  • Damn! I cant buy any, i hope their some left for tomorrow…. =/

  • Given the age/quality of some of the titles, it'd certainly be genuine - probably a clearance of old, excess stock. The last-gen selection at JB has shrunk significantly over the last few months.

    Some good bargains to be had if any of the games appeal to you.

  • $2 games are pretty nice

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    This is cheaper than buying PS3 cases alone.

  • Bought Project Spark for XBONE, only XBONE game there. Dunno what it is. Used a $1 left on a gift card. Please u no cancel :/

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      The digital version's free on the XBONE store

      • +1


        • -1


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          On the bright side, you got a $1 case for it!

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          Bad luck. But you got a box. Maybe can sell the game box :).


          Beaten by lioness15. I was busy shopping some games and when i came back to see comments, i didnt get the latest feed…..

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        Base (Free) Game on Disc
        Code in box for $39.99 "Starter Pack"

        Starter Pack consist of:

        Champions Quest: Void Storm adventure
        First Contact sci-fi theme pack
        Sir Haakon the Knight playable champion
        Arctic Glaciers winter landscape
        Massive World Builders Pack expansion
        Yeti’s Rage content pack
        One month Spark Premium membership


      • Ooooooooooh

      • Is it free just for this month or permanently?

        • The game is free on xbox one and PC and has been since launch. At launch you had to pay for the DLC packs but with a less than stellar reception for the game Microsoft made the decision to make everything free.

  • Website not loading

  • Good find. I just ordered a few games for the sake of it.

  • Lol $1 and you don't know if it's a pricing error? 99% sure it is but what the heck, I've bought a few.

  • Order cancelled??
    Edit; IN progress

    • in the past JB HiFi have honored their price errors.

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        Some errors (eg, Sony power bank), not all (eg, Persona Dancing All Night Ltd Ed)

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          Although I guess the reason for cancelling Persona is because they never had the collector's edition to begin with.

          Call me optimistic but I can't recall a time when JB cancelled a pricing error when they could actually fulfil it.

        • @ChillBro: They had a massively cheap tv quite a few years ago though didn't honour through a pricing error believe it was a Sony Aquos or something.

  • How much can I get if I trade them in at EB? Anyone know?

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      It wouldn't be worth it, most of the games are really old and don't sell for much pre owned at EB.

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        noo you stole my name!

        • +3

          I joined here in 2012. You're from 2015… :P

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          @rukia: thats right, i only found out this website this year lol

        • +9

          @shadowrukia: so you are HIS shadow ;P

    • Probably same price you bought them for: $1.

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    Lowest PC game is $5.

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    The games are old and old platform why would it be a pricing error? Are they still selling for a premium elsewhere? If they are all worth $10-20 might be worth it if you have free post otherwise post will eat up. Good deal for those who are on old platforms and don't mind playing old games. Makes sense for JB to clear old stock out.

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      To be honest PS3 library is awesome and you don't have to move to next gen. I'm happy to keep playing on the old platform. No need to spend too much on games. Especially bargains like this makes it even worthwhile

  • Lots of Jrpgs only some of them are any good but all good to collect at this price! Thanks op!

  • Got Project Spark for $1 for Xbone…don't even know what it is but ok haha. Cheers OP.

    • Digital download is free on the xbox website. I suggest trading it in at ebgames in hope of getting $1 store credit

  • Grabbed gow judgement, cheers.

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    Glad the Tales game arent $1, less of a chance of them over selling and getting cancelled, only games I want, plus Asuras Wrath XD

  • Thanks OP

  • thank you, let's hope it's genuine, got 10 different ps3 games!

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    Click and collect is available for free. I only found out after I placed my order :/

    • Not many stores have a lot of these in stock so you probably would have had to travel a fair bit anyway

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        Yeah not really worth it to save one dollar on shipping

  • Thanks OP :)

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    Alien: Isolation Nostromo Edition, South Park: The Stick Of Truth, and Borderlands: The Pre-sequel for $10 each…nice ;)

    • +1

      But, that's not $1 each! :D

    • Son will be pissed as he bought the southpark preowned game from EB (ordered online and got it posted out and it arrived yesterday)

      Cost him $16.00

  • bought 10 xbox 360 games for $19.90 delivered
    Thanks OP

    • I will be getting an Xbox one soon, I wonder how many of these Xbox 360 games will be backwards compatible.

  • i bought about 10 various games.. see how we go

    u can get some pick up too

  • Just grabbed the two Castlevania titles, $3.98 delivered … let's see if the order status advances from "in progress" … Pretty happy with that pick-up if so - I wouldn't have bothered with them otherwise.

    • Order confirmed, in stock … sweet OP!

    • I had both titles in my basket but by the time I went to the checkout the castlevania collection was no longer available

    • +2

      Legit or nah

      • I'm going to be rich!

    • not gonna get anything…..worst investment

    • I'm not sure that that's the wisest of "investments", but best of luck to you.

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    Got Gear of War Judgement, Fable: The Journey, Ninja Gaiden 3 and DMC. Chances of actually playing them are slim!

  • Grabbed 7 PS3 games, Thanks

  • Got some games for my nephew and his X360! Woot. Woot. :)

  • +1

    Bought the PS3 Wonderbook haha

  • +4

    Thanks Bought my little brother 15 games for his ps3 that we got him recently ( 100 for 500 gig console at dick smith )

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 6 games. Asura's Wrath is $5 also on PS3.

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    • +1

      Splinter Cell Blacklist is amazing. Definitely worth it for $5.

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