This was posted 6 years 1 month 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free 1 Year ESET Smart Security Antivirus Subscription (Worth $59.95)


Saw this ads on bus today. Normal RRP is $59.95/yr

1. Open the site and click on "Get your free 1 year ESET internet security" and fill in the details.
2. Wait for the confirmation email to get your free activation code.
3. Download the installer here for Windows or choose your OS
4. Install and provide the activation code to get your 1 year free subscription.

*use email from (gmail|hotmail|yahoo).(com||| or any email ending with|||in

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    Beats Bitdefender anyday.

    Edit: Does look a bit suss as it's only a license key and coming from an

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      I was thinking the same at first but the key works anyway :p

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        Someone probably got hold of a stack of cards from when ESET was giving them away earlier in the year.

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      The campaign in run by this advertising agency which lists ESET as one of their clients. The gmail return address is very unprofessional though, and that's not counting the sender name which is "Site Name". Brave must have let an intern handle some aspects of this campaign. :P

      • Looks like an intern developed their site too.

    • All the tests seem to say the opposite is true: check here and here.

      Why do you say this is better than BitDefender?

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        It's scored 100% for several years in a lot of tests like AV-Test and it's the oldest on the market. My personal experience is a factor too. I've used multiple products in a corporate environment with 1000 seats and it's been the best so far. Their Endpoint products are the only ones I've seen that have successfully stopped Cryptolocker, Cryptowall etc and the recent Kryptik and Dridex trojans making the rounds.

      • Most av tests are bs and skewed to the comapny that funds them.

        Its so easy to bs the results.

  • Thanks. Needed one of these.

  • Only one per IP?

    • Hope you don't plan on selling them…

      you could always use a VPN :)

      • Your name, email and phone number get attached to the license. Good way to sell your personal information.

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          Which is why I gave a fake name, my disposable email and a fake phone number.

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          My name : Tehcookiemonsta

          Email: [email protected]

          Phone number: 0000000000

          EDIT Realized key will probably be sent to email , so i use my disposable email.

        • @Tehcookiemonsta: Now I can get 2 keys…

      • Was just curious. They'll probably all get revoked once Eset finds out.

        • Highly doubt they'd require users to send ID/Passport for validity.

        • @4nonymous: It's only so you can retrieve your license if you lose it.

  • Thanks just got one

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    Thanks OP ..Got the key ..only discourage using the phone number.. I think time to use all Amaysim and optus numbers here

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      Use Malcolm Turnbull's number, they aren't going to call you.
      (02) 9327 3988

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        what's tony abbot mobile number ?

      • +1

        And Chris Pyne ? XD

        • +1

          Sure, 02 6280 6969

  • Fantastic software - highly recommended. Protects well against pups, toolbars, etc. remove whatever you are using and put this on.

  • Wow!

    Thanks for the share, this isn't a cheap antivirus program.

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      It isn't cheap, it's free!

      • +1

        lol, it's on my Mac and seems to be performing well.

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    This offer restricted to Australian based users with a valid email address, lol? This thing doesn't like me.

  • They even have a social media scanner, protect your tweets!

    They did have a Facebook scanner, but now that's integrated directly into Facebook.

  • Thanks,

  • +4

    I've used Nod32 for the last 10 years. honestly, nod32 is the best antivirus I've used

    • agreed, i actually pay for it these days (while there is many other means to get it for free but it does such a good job)

  • Awesome Deals.. was looking to purchase a virus guard for the new dell laptop.

    • +1


      Awesome deal indeed. I voted +

  • Thanks OP. I was getting tired of having to enter a new trial key every month :P

  • Am i the only person this thing isn't working on even when providing a real email address and phone number, lol…

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      use (gmail|hotmail|yahoo).(com||| or any email ending with||

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        Or ending "in" which is country code TLD for India. Also look at his twitter @tatva170…

        • good one! missed that IN.

    • Works with hotmail. Doesn't work with outlook lol.

      • yea - the email filtering is embedded in the javascript source code. :P

        • Fortunately, hotmail/outlook allows for the really quick creation of aliases so getting an [email protected] one was easy.

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    It is somehow dodgy - the website has no history, license is sent from gmail address… Out of curiosity I registered and got my license but not sure what to think about this.

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      The site is registered to these guys They list ESET as a client.
      Anyway use a throwaway email because ESET is totally worth it!

      • I see, now it seems like a legitimate deal. I used ESET for ages and was by far my favorite AV software. Thanks!

  • Thanks

  • wouldn't work with a disposable address from guerrillamail but liked my gmail address.

  • Worked for me (used hotmail and then activated on ESET site).
    Thanks OP. Was just about to buy ESET 9 since upgrading to Windows 10.

  • edit: ignore this

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    Ran into issues signing up with a .me email address. If you are running into the same issues, just do this:
    1. Right click -> Inspect Element
    2. Click "Console", enter the following:
    3. newSubscriber('First name', 'Last name', '[email protected]', 0435123456);
    4. Press enter
    5. Enjoy!

    Check out for an example.

    • Thanks for the tip.

    • Thanks Haxor. Got it for all my devices now ^^. Prefer it over Bitdefender.

  • Not working any more I guess.

    The loading wheel just keeps going round and round.

    • still working here

    • Works now, make sure your first name and last name is long enough. They don't like initials..

  • Thanks! great anti virus..

  • +6

    A quick email to eset sydney and yes they have said this is a legitimate deal


    Yes ,it is legitimate.

    Kind Regards,
    Ali Shahami
    Technical Sales Support

    Level 1, 50 Yeo Street | Neutral Bay 2089 | Sydney - New South Wales

  • opps doubled up

  • Worked but it says 365 day trial, does anyone know if the "trial" limits features of the program? Or is it the full program

  • With ESET saying it's legit I think I've worked it out.

    ESET did a roadshow nationwide and were giving out physical copies of ESET Internet Security. With that roadshow now over ESET/ARN/CRN have a lot of spare keys lying around…

    • Saw this ads on bus today and have updated the post.

      • That would be it. They're unloading their spare keys.

    • Pretty dodgy coming from a security company.

      • CRN and ARN hosted the events and had the copies supplied by ESET. It's more likely to be them than ESET. Any partner is welcome to give out free copies as well.

        • That makes sense.

  • Sweet, my subscription was due to expire next month. :)

  • Dear User,

    Thank you for your interest in ESET's products. Our award-winning security software offers the most effective protection available today.

    You are hereby granted a fully-functional license for ESET NOD32 Antivirus in order to evaluate it. This license is valid for 1 computer(s) until 08/12/2016.

    Product name: ESET NOD32 Antivirus
    Number of licenses: 1 computer(s)
    Expiration date: 08/12/2016

    thanks OP

    • Wait, is it internet security or antivirus?

      Everywhere else says internet security, but i hope its actually antivirus.

      Edit: sweet, just downloaded nod32 antivirus and it activated!

  • Just a friendly reminder that Gmail ignores any '.' you put in your Gmail address.
    Therfore because most sites do care about the periods… you have infinite addresses :D

  • Is it possible to activate the mobile app with the same activation key? didn't managed to do so..

  • +2

    Worth $59.95,
    Not really MSY has it for $12 in store or pay extra for postage.

  • Can I use/install this along with Windows defender?

    • +3

      You should never use 2 antivirus products together. ESET will outperform Windows Defender anyway.

      • True, but was wondering if I need to uninstall Windows Defender first or not?

        • +2

          It's inbuilt feature of Windows. It usually disables itself after another AV has been installed.

  • Thank You Very Much!

  • Great find, great product.

  • It seems that you are unfortunately ineligible for this Free offer due to the limits placed on this offer described in the Terms and Conditions

    Anyone getting this message?

    • Yeah same.. seems to have expired?

    • Same here. It did the spinning wheel thing first time. Then tried again and got this message.

    • I got the spinning wheel. Went back, tried again and it told me I had already activated with my email address. But I haven't received any information through email.

      • same

      • Same here - even tried creating an alias email from hotmail - no joy
        And tried resubmitting using a completely separate (telstra) email. The Telstra email resulted in it saying it was only open to Australian residents.

    • same here

  • +1

    Doesn't like domains. Not Australian enough.

  • Just worked for me.

  • busted.

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