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Asus T100TAF-BING-DK024B 2-in-1 $279, Save $120 + Delivery or Free C&C @ dicksmith.com.au


Asus T100TAF-BING-DK024B 2-in-1 $279 + Delivery or Free Click & Collect @ Dick Smith

  • Intel® Quad-Core Atom®Z3735F Processer (up to 1.83 GHz)
  • 10.1" HD LED Touch Display
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB eMMC
  • Windows®8.1 with Bing
  • Intel HD Graphics Gen7

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    I would not recommend Bing for anyone that might make real use of any device. I know it is “free” and make the device cheaper but it is a nightmare when you need the functions and customizations available in the standard edition. Also, does not allow remote connection and 32GB gets you in big app problems.

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      You can just upgrade to 10 right?

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      Windows with bing has exactly the same functionality as core version of windows home. The only difference is:

      "Windows 8.1 with Bing “comes with Bing as the default search engine within Internet Explorer.”

      There's absolutely no other difference and you do get upgraded to Windows 10. You can change the default search engine after you've received it, just the manufacturers can't.

      The standard user won't need to use remote connection, these cheap tablets are tailored to that group of buyers. If you're looking to remote desktop to you can only get that in professional version.

      Edit: you may be confusing Windows with bing with Windows RT (which is literally a piece of crap operating system)

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    Add something cheap to take it over $300 (originally $299) use XMAS50 to get $50 off!

    • Awesome. A pack of dickies AAA's brings it to 300 - 50 = $250. But do I really need it?

      • No…

  • DEATH TO 768P

  • +10

    Hi Rep. You have some real nerve turning up here.

  • This is quite tempting at $250… I really love my TF300T (although it's starting to die). Is this really a 2 years old though? ASUS product names are confusing.

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    Ok, the $279 is $299 less XMAS20.

    For some reason the Dicksmith's page doesn't mention the microHDMI port that the T100TA should have. Also, on Dicksmith's website it says 2MP camera, from what I can tell these T100TA models have only 1.2MP cameras, even the newer ones units using Z3740 and Z3775 CPUs.

    That said, $250 or so is tempting, though this model (usb 2.0 only again based on Dicksmith's website) is pretty old.

    (Yes I have been looking around for a budget portable notebook to travel with…)

  • y no android tablet =(

  • would have bought it if it had a FHD panel. i guess i'll still stick to my moto xoom or wait until the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 wifi gets to about $350-$400

    • Tab s 10.5 is already at $299 if you can find stocks.

      • where? links please?

        • DSE clearance sale. Try Move stores they are part of DSE.

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          Don't waste your time. Long gone.

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    Use this code GREAT15 to get it down to $254.51

  • So there are 32GB eMMC drive and just 2Gig of ram. As far as I understand there is a bay for additional drive, but system will still sit on that slow eMMC and you cant upgrade ram at all. Am I correct?

    And it probably has 32bit version of Windows, which is not good.

    The good bit: BATTERY LIFE ~ 10h!

  • Well, noted in the T&C of the promotion

    Excludes: Asus and Toshiba Laptop

    so when try redeeming the promotion code for the T100 TAF that dusn work..

    pretty much their pricing system is so broken…especially online pricing vs their brochure pricing.. making me speechless XD