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Oroton - All Men's Underwear 70% off - NOW $10.49 or Less (Was $34.95)


Was looking at these a little while but couldn't justify playing $34.95 for some underwear, now that they are $10.49 or less seems like a great deal, especially since they are much better quality and way more comfortable than Bonds or other brands out there.

Seems to be some good deal with womens lingerie too but I didn't investigate too much.

Flat rate of $14.95 shipping.

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  • Does this apply in-store as well?
    I drive past DFO in sydney every day, wouldn't mind dropping in and picking a couple up, saves on shipping too! :)

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    gee - this deal has caught me unawears

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      At least it didn't catch you with your pants down - that's a different brand.

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      Yeah, nah…

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    Flat rate of $14.95 shipping.

    Which pretty much offsets any savings.

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      Yeah, shipping killed it for me, otherwise would have purchased. Pity they couldn't have thrown in some sort of shipping discount.

    • Free shipping for what remains of today 20/12.

  • 6% back on on cashrewards as well(?)

    • 8 QFF Points per $1 is better.

  • I have bought these at this price in a previous sale. While they look ok and material feels good they are synthetic. Keep that in mind if you prefer cotton. They take awhile to ship, possibly from overseas.

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      they're made from modal, which is a semi-synthetic cellulose fibre made by spinning reconstituted cellulose (often from beech trees). if the ones i just bought are anything like the bonds underwear i bought recently (from the bonds outlet website), which are cotton/ elastane, i'll be a very happy chappy :)

      • Everything I'm reading says cotton… Is there a specific type thats Modal?

        • i bought both the longetivity style in white (blue was sold out, unfortunately), and the plain white and blue style (at the bottom of the page) which were similar. they're the only ones i checked.

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    Can you stack "GIFT25" on top for 25% off?

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      How bout you try it out and let us know ;-)

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        Just did. Didn't work :(

    • The website has a fair few glitches aswell. so the code may not work for allot of ppl

  • Nice
    Oroton quality stuff at decent price

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    a true ozbargainer does not wear undies that cost more than $4

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      a true ozbargainer does not wear undies

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        Eneloop loincloth ftw

  • Hmmm, I wear a lot of Ex-Officio long legs, they're just about the best jocks I've ever worn and I wish I had bought 20 pairs of them when they were on sale.

    It doesn't look like any of these are particularly long in the leg? Good price though.

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    just bought thirty two pairs of underwear… i may have overdone it. now i'll have a drawer full of mossimo, bonds and oroton. great deal, thanks!

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    Too poor to wear an underwear nowadays

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      A draw full of eneloops, where the undies used to go?

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        Not wearing undies is something that rich people do. Either you are not poor or a poor person trying to imitate the rich.

        • you are hitting the spot

    • You're a real ozbargainer, after all why wear underwear if no one sees it?

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    This sale is frequently on at DFO Homebush and Birkinhead Point Oroton and Oroton Intimates stores. Most days it's 60% off everything but you get a few weeks of 70% here and there as well.

    The undies are super comfy! Worth paying the full RRP for them (not that I ever have lol) but you definitely get your money's worth.

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    To those who bought these before the sale, suffer in your jocks!

  • Just went to the store in Homebush and picked up 4 pairs myself, all men's underwear are $10.50 according to the store assistant.
    Sizes look very limited though! If you want to save on the shipping I'd get in there before the weekend crowd clear them out

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    Uniqlo seamless trunks are the most comfy undies, much more comfy than anything in the market at the moment, and they are only $7.50

    Plus, it's Uniqlo, think Uniqlo, think Djokovic, enough to bulge up

    Sorry to OP, I don't mean to hijack

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      where/how to get them for $7.50?

      • $10 on the Uniqlo AU site, but pretty limited in size and colour combinations.

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    For all those squirming about the cost of shipping, I purchased two Oroton jocks 8 years ago (on sale of course). One gave up the ghost about one year ago and the other is still going. If you can get them at this discount then I say go for it. Think of the average yearly spend over 8 years!

  • are they better than bonds?

    • Yes. Bonds Microfibre is better, though

  • Great deal, although it won't process my order - and a lot of things were sold out after I made it to checkout (in about 5 minutes!). Hopefully it worked for some people

  • Also this $195 Coin Purse for storing all the change we save from OZB deals!

  • $20 bras, that's pretty cheap. Anyone have any reviews on the quality?

    • Let me ask my neighbor…

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      Your American neighbour?

    • I bought 2 recently. They're amazingly comfortable!!

      • Thanks, I just bought the Jacqueline uplift for $20 shipped with the free delivery offer. Happy they had my size in stock. :)

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    Meh waaay cheaper to get them from the savlos

  • As nice as this deal is, I'd rather pay almost half (with delivery included) and get similar items from aliexpress.

  • Can't remember my undies last for 8 years???

  • A true ozbargainer would not shell out 14.95 for shipping undies, but just keep turning over the old undies for a while. Hey, and it's Summer, so if you swim with them you save another wash ….

    On a serious note the previous bond deal was better, considering the shipping cost.

  • What materials are the briefs/trunks? Are they all cotton?

  • Guys

    I seem to be getting free shipping for any item Ive added (e.g. socks, underwear)
    Seems to be no minimum to qualify
    cant find the free shipping offer anywhere on the site.
    Not sure if this is intentional

    • Confirmed free shipping automatically applied as well.

      • how do you get free delivery?

        • Promotion ended yesterday.

  • This would be great if I knew what size I was. I am normally in between a small and medium for clothes, but am well-endowed and size interpretation differs between manufacturers. So, do I get a small or a medium? :(

    • Medium. It will also benefit you if you have a massive schlong. I always get one size up to cater for my desirable front end.

  • How does this compare with Exofficio?

    Theyre the best Ive found so far.

  • I just received mine today. I advise you guys to buy a size bigger. I usually wear a medium with Calvin Klein ones so i ordered medium. but it feels like they are a bit too tight. Hope that helps someone with sizing :)
    *based on 'BIRCH SOLID' model

  • Received mine today. Tried it on and fit very well out of the box. It will probably loosen a bit over time as the elastic wears out though - cold wash and hang dry instead of using the dryer and it will extend the life.

    I went to Birkenhead Point today and they still had quite a lot for sale. The store assistant said that they are unaware when the sale ends but it will keep going till Boxing Day at least. For the undies, men's and women's, there aren't many mediums left. And there are surprisingly many band size 10 bras.

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