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Mwave's GPU sale - Includes R9 390x - $529, Gigabyte 980ti - $1019, Asus ROG PG278 - $1029


Pretty good deal to tide until Pascal and Arctic Islands are released next year. Just got this deal in my email.

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Mwave Australia

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    Why would anyone want to buy the Asus swift monitor?.. it has a lot of issues and there is already a new model out. That monitor isn't even worth $600..

    • What issues does it have? I know it's non-IPS, but otherwise I've heard it's pretty great.

      • https://rog.asus.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?175-ROG-Swift-(PG)-ASUS-Gaming-(VG)-LCD-Discussion/page2 Plenty in that link alone. Its not just the swifts. All G -Sync monitors have several issues with them. The module sux and Nvidia just doesn't want to support freesync.

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    You save maybe $10-$30 max, I wouldn't call buying any of the $500+ cards tiding you till Pascal, and the 750ti is cheaper at Umart.

    • mm, you are right. It's probably not worth posting this deal then. Though you could probably still sell cards for a fair chunk of change in order to upgrade when next year's cards roll out.

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        what month do next year cards roll out?

        • It's only been speculated that they will arrive mid 2016.

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      750 is a ripoff now anyway, 950 smashes it and its 20bucks more at MSY

    • Even the Newegg seems to offer cheaper prices for anything less than $1000.

      • Newegg is good. I bought my Asrock 990FX Extreme6 motherboard from there and it arrived only about a week afterwards.

  • So these Pascal and Arctic Island models you speak of. Are we expecting large differences in speed? I'm idly considering upgrading my desktop soon and after a few years out of the PC parts market game I'm trying to find my feet.

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      Rather significant, but they're a long ways off in tech terms.

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      Yeah, rumors are it will be substantially more powerful and cards are rumoured to hit sooner rather than later (Q2 2016).

      • Sweet! Last I heard was H2. I need to keep up with the news..

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    Regret not doing their $400 8GB R9-390 last week.. arrghh!!

  • I'm looking at LG ultrawide 25" gaming monitor. Is it good anyone?

    • I went to msy to check one out but they are really narrow it doesn't look right you would be better of getting a 29inch and remember its not a very used ratio

  • How is this a bargain its still a thousand dollars for a monitor and another thousand dollars for a 980ti and extra for shipping. With boxing day just around the corner I expect it to drop considerably. I want the GTX 980 to drop to the same price as the R9 390, but that wont happen yet.

    • Nvidia products dont drop price that easy, its really just up to the retailer.

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