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SCOOT $30 off Lots of Fares


Travel period:
1 Feb 16 – 23 Mar 16; 27 Apr 16 – 23 Jun 16; 19 Jul 16 – 15 Sep 16;
11 Oct 16 – 20 Nov 16; 1 Feb 17 – 25 Mar 17

Example fare: $179 Sydney to Singapore one way 3rd Feb 2016 .

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Scoot Airlines
Scoot Airlines

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    Applying code "flyscoot" might work out to be cheaper than code "naughty".

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    I think the bosses should come back.

    1) originally offered as 'up to 30% off' then hastily re-emailed with $30 off : http://imgur.com/yUGwz4j
    2) cheapest I see is $352 return (SYD-SIN 2x179) which is not as good as previously offered in the low 300's, even 295.


    I have not taken Scoot before, are they good? my friend twice has lost luggages from them. (bad luck). I want to know what the others think! thanks.


      Mine experience is good, despite the time is not that okay, but overall is good

      Especially their flight is Dreamliner, seat is bigger than other budget airline.

      Mine flight route was Perth to Singapore then transfer to Taipei.


      I've flown Scoot from the Gold Coast to Singapore and back on their 777-200 aircraft in 'ScootBiz' class. It's definitely a no-frills airline, their so-called 'business' is really premium economy with a decent sized seat, not a patch on a proper business class with someone like Qantas or Singapore Airlines, but perfectly reasonable. 'Business' class baggage gets chucked in the hold with all the other bags in the order they checked in, so there's non of that fancy 'first off the aircraft' that real airlines with real business class offer, but at least they didn't lose my bags! :-)

      (I've read anecdotal evidence to the effect that attempting to use their check-through service - where you take more than one flight and check your bags through to the final destination - almost inevitably results in your bags being lost, left behind in Singapore and not making it on to the second flight. It's an amazing business idea - passengers PAY MONEY to have their bags lost!!!)

      Service at 'business' check-in in Singapore can perhaps most politely be described as "rude", "arrogant" and "contemptuous". Even if you book in business class, they never miss an opportunity to remind you that you bought a cheap ticket (compared to what you'd pay on a 'real' airline). Gate staff in Singapore are, again, efficient to the point of abject rudeness. The flight, and the in-flight service, was great on both trips. Gold Coast check-in staff (they appeared to be actual Scoot staff, not generic check-in staff) were great; polite, helpful, welcoming, contempt-free and happy-smiling-people!

      Think of Scoot as a flying Aldi. Clean, (probably) safe, and excellent value for money, but they absolutely do not give a flying (!) fvck about you as a customer.

      I love the 777, it's a really nice aircraft to fly on, and Scoot's old-ish ex-Singapore Airlines 777-200s are as nice as any other 777. I haven't tried their 787s yet.

      Recommended. Would endure again.


      only issue is food. they charge an arm and a leg for prebooked food, and discourage taking own food on board.
      AirAsia on the other hand have $5 meals.