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iPad Mini 3 Clearance at Dick Smith (Wi-Fi 16GB $298, 64GB $328; Cellular 16GB $348, 64GB $447)


Dick Smith is clearing out the ipad mini 3. In store Spotted this at Melbourne Emporium. Those prices are much better than the current price for the mini 2. Price for the 128gb wifi and cellular versions are $398 and $577 respectively. Stores I was able to check with stock around Melbourne are Emporium, Bourke St, Vic Gardens (16gb only) Fountain Gate.

David Jones stores also sell at similar price. Bourke St store seemed to have a few 16gb left. They sold the 16gb cellular at $328, the 64gb wifi at same price of the 16gb and I grabbed the only one left.
Woolies is also doing 10% bonus on DS gift card so you might save another 9% on these price. Similarly for David Jones but bear in mind that their card take up to 48hr to be activated, but you can always pay by credit card first and come back do a return and repurchase with the gift card.

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  • 16GB Cellular @ 328 or 348, also was it at emporium or bourke street for 328 ?

  • Great price.

  • I picked up a 16gb cellular from Campbelltown, Sydney for 328 this morning

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    • That was shown as expired a week ago so not a dupe…

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    bourke street was selling mini 3 64gb wifi model for 298

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    Price has been live for the last week or so. Expect stock to be thin as a result.

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    Good luck finding one. I only found one store within driving distance with one in stock. They unsurprisingly wouldn't hold it for me.

    The 16GB was actually $268.

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    Even in discount it is still overpriced, yikes..

    • If it is Mini 4 then I might consider…

    • Considering the cellular are cheaper than refurb, I'd have to disagree

    • if you look at the market for small tablets, you gotta be realistic, especially since google pulled out of the market after the Nexus 7 ii, leaving only Samsung and Apple, there won't be much of a choice. And since Apple is doing the dirty trick of selling only the latest and the 2 generation behind devices, this is the best price you can get.

    • What better value tab would you suggest instead?

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        i would like to say OS wise each had their own strength. Resale value is definitely apple.

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        the chinese seem to be getting into the tablet market ….. got a teclast 8" tablet ….same resolution as retina, came with windows 10 legit ….. did clean install to get rid of malware. $150.

        It's dual boot but android is only 4.4 and I doubt it will ever see 5 or android 6.

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    Personally, I simply wouldn't bother attending DSE after hearing about a special in here (Ozbargains) as any time I have I've never found a store with stock.
    My time is too valuable to me to chase mist and DSE bargains continue to be ethereal

    • Agreed. Last time I spent hours trying to buy a pebble time steel that they advertised in their catalogue and gave up after going to two stores and calling several more.

    • Amen brutha

  • Bought 2 iPad mini 3 wifi+ cellular 16 GB for $328 each in dicksmith Bourke street . As per salesperson they have plenty of stock( they have 7 more mine) thanks OP

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      I think dick smith are releasing cheap ipads on par with the availabity of unicorn meat ……

      get some chatter so people come through the door and hopefully pick up something else like over priced HDMI cables.

      If they want my respect …… go to apple, ask for 1000 ipad 2 or 3 killer deals, do it as click and collect.

      Anything else is baiting to get some traffic in the door and not die a slow death while they try and move their over priced stock.

      If Harvey norman have enough for their customers to list their ultra cheap Samsung S5 online and show stock and allow click n collect …… why can't dick smith have the same respect for their customers and show the ipad stock and do click and collect …..

  • has anyone manage to get 64gb for $10?

  • this remind me of the ipad mini 1st gen priced 297 something, at DS perth cbd not long ago. is it still there?

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    Yes, let's get dicked again guys…

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    Dickleys believe it or not?

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    I think this varies greatly by store. I saw the sign on my local DSE on Wed or Thurs, but went back today and they still had stock

    • which stores?

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        The stores in Narnia and Neverland. Although I heard Peter Pan took the last one

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  • Thanks OP - I spoke to a lovely lady at David Jones Bourke St at around 8pm and was able to order a space grey 128gb cellular for $577 over the phone with David Jones Amex - I will be able to pick up tomorrow. She said they still have stock of the 128gb cellular in all colours as well as some of the other models.

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    Just a reminder that DSE don't allow change of mind. So be careful with any purchase.

    I received the most terrible customer service in DSE Huntsville today. When I inquired about their return policy, the shop assassinate made laugh of me in front of other customers. Thanks to him, the other customers enjoyed a good boxing day at the pain of me. Compared with JB HIFI, DSE should feel shameful.

    So be careful folks.

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      Just a reminder that DSE don't allow change of mind. So be careful with any purchase.

      They say they don't, but they actually do. I've returned a couple of things (unopened) no problem. Probably depends who you speak to.

      • Agreed… worse they could do was a DSE gift card/store credit.
        I returned two things today, no problems.

    • I would say 99% of the time staff will refund change of mind if it's unopened and within 2 weeks.

      I'm looking at the timestamp for your post and it appears that you attempted to return something for change of mind on boxing day, literally the busiest day of the year.

    • Sack up.

  • Would this or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 better?

  • Picked up the last 128gb mini3 from emporium tonight, they still had 16gb ones at the time and some celluars

  • This is an awesome deal. I remember when the DSE deal started and a dude managed to pick up an iPad 2 for $2. That's right. Two bucks! :O

    • Is that the last one at Narnia and Neverland store which picked up by Peter Pan?

      • Cheers for stealing my joke….

        • +1

          hehe don't know why we both -1. i think this is a good continuous joke from your original.

  • Was trying to contact eporium and burke st and no one answered ever. Highpoint no stock

  • anybody got store codes for the 64gb or 128gb wifi only?

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    lol 93 upvotes!…. but the main question is, will there be stock??

    • Melbourne eporium and northland store still have some left.

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    Never buy anything from DSE ever again,I bought and paid online twice,never heard anything from them,when I rang them up,then been told the item no longer available,I got refund,but just a waste of time,I heard they are closing down,so be careful if anything buy from them,the warranty still cover or not after they close down ?

  • How about in Sydney ? Did anyone got one?

    • I got a mini 16gb cellular from DJ at castle towers for $348 last one.

  • My Fiancรฉe just bought an iPad mini 3 cellular/wifi 64gb for $447.00 from the Bendigo store. No 64 wifi, no 128 wifi left, only cellular 64gb and 128gb remain.

  • Just bought 16GB wifi iPad mini 3 for $298 added a $2 case to get to $300 for TRS. Thanks OP ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Š

  • Thanks. Finally found 16gb wifi cellular in silver for $328 from eporium

  • David jones ( powered by dick smith ) has 21 (16gb wi fi ) in stock @ 10am. They are very nosy to check stock levels on other sizes .

  • Any in SA?

  • Do we get to use DJ Gift Cards at Dick Smith stores?

    • If it is inside dj store then yes

  • i dont if this is good offer or not ipad mini 3 128gb wifi $599.

    • That isn't cellular just wifi, which is $398 at DSE. Considering a refurb from Apple is $559 for the 128gb WIFI I'd say its a pretty good deal. Grabbed a 16gb Cellular for $348, some dude grabbed 3 right after me at around 11am at Melbourne Emporium, apparently there was 8 in stock so should be a few left.
      Cheers OP.

  • At 1pm bought a 64gb cellular from dse emporium. Still had a few left plus some 128gb celluar. 64 and 128gb wifi only sold out. Didnt look for other models besides these.

  • Just got one 16gb in emporium mall..

    Current status:Only 1 left in the store so hurry up if u need ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Just bought one iPad mini 3 128GB (gold) for $398 from DS fountain gate! Thanks Ops

  • None left at emporium

  • Bought two 64gb cellular at emporium and one at bourke this morning. Thanks OP!

  • David Jones in Sydney CBD had a few 16G silver and space. I got a 16G and 128G.

    • HI~ when did you go there?

      • I was there around 1:30pm, they didnt honor a DS voucher that i had and also they advised they dont except any DS gift cards.

        • I can confirm they have none left. I checked the DSE at bondi/bondi dj and the cbd stores around 3pm (?)ish and they were all out ):

  • bought 64gb cellular at emporium at 12:30pm. They said they had few 16/64/128 lte left & only 16gb wifi left. ymmv.

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    Some might be interested to know that Officeworks online are doing ipad mini 2 16gb for $299 which is cheaper than any other.

    It's probably already been mentioned but ipad mini 3 is officially discontinued and only differs to the mini 2 because of touch id.

  • Tried a few WA stores, no stock at Morley, Innaloo and Perth CBD.

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      you just got dicked…

  • Any stock left in Melbourne?

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    At fountaingate shopping
    There should be 1x128gb spacegrey 4g as I returned it around 15:00 today for a wifi one.
    Attendant also mentioned plenty of 128gb silver wifi and some 16 and 64 wifi.

  • Picked up a silver 128gb wifi only version at DS Bourke St just before closing tonight. Pretty sure they had at least one more of those (in gold) available. Not sure about cellular versions.

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    The opportunists have begun their work…

  • any luck in brisbane or gold coast? need 2 :(

  • Bought two 128gb wifi in gold from Fountain Gate this arvo around 3-4pm. Dandenong had no stock and showed fountain gate as the only ones close by with stock.

    There weren't any 16 or 64 left in wifi. Seemed pretty confident they had stock in all other combos. Didn't ask numbers.

  • Thanks op
    i bought a gold 16gb cellular

  • What are they replacing mini 3 with?

    • Well what number comes after 3?

      • I was hoping they would get creative like "New iPad Mini".

        Just looked at their current lineup. Looks like a by the numbers upgrade. Same thing, new processor. And 3D touch perhaps. I don't know how they manage to continue getting people to upgrade.

        • Apple, the new Nintendo.

        • @CVonC:

          Apple, the new Nintendo.

          So they make cheap Fisher Price quality hardware?

        • @Cheap Charlie: iPad Air Mini would have been a natrual fit. I think they will reserve that branding when they get to Mini 9. Or they might start using the S denomination to make it last twice as many years.

          Pretty soon Samsung will have to stop using the S line too. S7 this year, S9 in 2 years. If they continue it, it will eventually be Galaxy S17 which will sound ridiculous.

          I predict after iPad Mini 9, they will call the next one iPad Air Mini, then Air Mini 2, Air Mini 3, etc. Or Air Mini S, Air Mini 2, Air Mini 2S, Air Mini 3, etc..

          Eventually iPhone Air also, when the numbers get too high on that.

  • Now u cannot buy mini 3 at Apple store ! They don't sell it anymore, so DIck wanna clear stock, I got 2 16gb at Sydney DJ few mins ago for $298 each

    • yes, they will sell the 3 again once they release the mini 5, as they've been doing this dirty trick now (only selling the latest and a 2 generation behind version at the same time to maximise profit).

  • One 16GB WiFi left at DSE Victoria Gardens. There were two when I rang up at lunch, got one this afternoon.

  • +1

    It seems expired by yesterday

    • Yep prices back up D:

  • Brisbane/Toombul has sold out competently. what a shame! is anywhere else doing a sale like this?

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