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$0: OkayFreedom VPN Premium Unlimited (1 Year License)


OkayFreedom is a simple VPN service, enabling private uncensored web surfing. This premium version allows for unlimited traffic and removes ads, whereas the free version allows for only 500MBs per month. FAQs here.


  • Download the free software from here or directly from here
  • Install OkayFreedom
  • Click on this link
  • Enter email address to receive Premium serial number (check junk mail)
  • Click on 'Enter Premium code (serial number)' in the menu
  • Redeem your premium code in the upper right corner

System Requirements

  • OkayFreedom VPN has to be run as administrator
  • Microsoft Windows® 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
  • 50MB free hard disk space
  • Min 1GB of RAM
  • Internet connection
  • Chrome or Firefox for auto unlocking (manual unlocking works with all browsers)

Enjoy :)

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  • +15

    Don't do it, it's full of adware.

    • -13

      I've been using this VPN service for just on a year and never had an issue with adware. Maybe you're referring to the 'always free' version?

      • +8

        There is plenty of ad-aware, even in the paid version, and it's extremely difficult to remove them.

    • +6

      In this case, if the product is free, you are the product.
      Sorry but I must neg this deal to protect the unsuspecting.

    • Let's just say you don't pay… with money.

  • +26

    great comments from previous "deal"

    I tried the unlimited subscription version a few months ago and it's crap full of adware as described. Also there is a DNS leak problem, they keep logs, and the vpn connection drops often and at random and you have no clue unless you check constantly that it is still up. This piece of shit software defeats the purpose of having a vpn and is more than likely serving two purposes: the vendor makes money from peddling ads and it is used to gather intel for DMCA purposes. If you use this so-called vpn tool then anything you do on the web could be easily exposed, so if you don't want that to happen then I strongly suggest you don't use it!

    more goodies:

    one to be avoided!


    the premium code you used is from a promotional offer that provided an ad-supported premium version (with unlimited traffic) of OkayFreedom for a year. So everything is working as intended in this case.
    If you want to get rid of the ads, you can either switch to a paid premium version or uninstall OkayFreedom and its browser extensions.

    Best regards

    Karin Zimmermann
    Customer Support Steganos Software GmbH

    so there is NO bargain here, you're downloading adware filled junk and using that for 12 months.

    AVOID :)

    • Grizzly explanation, but thanks for opinion. If they keep logs, and dropout without blocking traffic locally, they are useless for many of us.
      Privacy from Isp sniffing is not even reliable. So for many I guess your probably right, use this software to be spied on and to raise advertising capital.

      • I read somewhere the other day, they all keep logs - they just claim they don't, otherwise who would sign up. Something about they have to, for a while at least. Something to do with the way a VPN service works!? Personally, I don't know either way - it's just what I read.

    • +4

      I'm sticking with Freedome then. Thanks for the heads up

  • Anyone know if this can be made to work on an XP computer? Maybe an old software version or some tweek.
    I did upgrade and prefer XP still, actually I prefer W95 but that's not an option.

    • what the hell dude, windows xp ? it's not even supported anymore so shouldn't be used at all

    • +2

      I actually prefer XP as well. My Oder of preference is still XP then 7, then 10.

      Better update though, too much security breaches with an unsupported mainstream OS

  • Thanks

  • +4

    That is a free Freedom VPN with a big Illuminati logo.

  • +2

    Yeah last time one of these deals came up for this VPN i tried it, was shockingly bad.

  • Do you have list of countries where their servers are located.

  • +2

    How this deal is still getting up vote?

    • +2

      op had a massive fan base. mindless ones too.

  • +5

    Guys don't use this, full of aware and you're exposed

    • +7

      I am adware of this

  • +2

    Rubbish vpn, stick to PIA

  • +2

    Sorry ta have to neg this. Last thing I want is aware all over my lappy

  • +2

    This VPN sucks, it injects spyware

  • +2

    Spyware central dont bother

  • +1

    I took up the same offer from a previous OzB post and despite it being the "premium" version it forced ads into my browser. Very intrusive. Don't do it.

  • Don't trust any free VPN.

  • Adware

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