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Audiosonic FM/Digital Radio - $9 @ Kmart


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Saw this at kmart… had heaps of stock..
Seens good price?


Pic courtesy of OzHalloum

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  • $9 is a bit of a bargin. May go and check it out..

  • Thanks OP! Have been wanting to try DAB without spending an arm and a leg.

  • Its the same radio. Checked before taking the photo.

    Sorry.. next time ill hire a professional to take it

  • There seem to be 2 different 'Nora' radios in that photo.

    Mantle DAB+ Radio
    Dab+/FM Mantle

    Are they both $9?

    Do they have a headphone/line-out?
    Maybe handy to add DAB (for the footy) to my Sonos (via line-in on a Sonos Connect)

    And now the photo has been changed!
    In the original post, the blurry photo had the 2 different radios.

  • Actually sorry. I just saw the photo uploaded. I was a hell of a lot closer when i took it… wonder what happened? The ones on top shelf and under are the 9 buck ones.. the one on the bottom right is 39

  • is this at all/more KMarts?

  • I know they're only $9 and you get what you pay for, but here are a few comments from people on Whirlpool who've bought one (I assume it's the same one).

    Doesn't sound too positive unfortunately. Otherwise I'd probably have gotten one. Thanks anyway OP.

    • [EDIT]
      Having just bought this unit & tried it, I'd say those reviews are for a different model. Seems fine in a few minutes use, although volume won't knob your socks off.

      Those reviews say it's a terrible unit :(

      • Agreed. We bought one and it's way better than I was expecting. It's lasted a week so far :P

        The sound quality is actually pretty good too when taking into account the price!

    • -1 vote

      Too expensive… My Sony AM/FM radio for $1.20 (with $30 Accessory voucher) was a much better buy.

  • Dicksmith was selling similar radio (i think DSE brand)for $99 not long ago.

  • Features displayed on box

    DAB+/FM radio
    Autoscan Function
    Preset and save up to 10 Radio stations
    Alarm with sleep functionality
    LCD Display
    Rechargeable Lithium Battery
    4-6 hours playtime
    Earphone jack
    Powered by AC/DC adaptor (included)

  • Brought one. Was hoping it would have battery option, doesnt but never mind bargin none-the-less.

    Listening now to ABC radio.

    Cheers OP.

    • Says on the box "Rechargeable Lithium Battery"
      Did yoiu buy the right unit, or were you looking for a place to put some Eneloops?

      • Yeh I got the one on photo,Nora Mantle DAB+radio.

        It was just a afterthought that I could use my eneloops like you say :)

        The instruction booklet says nothing about a Rechargeable Lithium Battery, and I cant see anywhere on the radio that batteries could go.

        • But the box says it does?
          As per the sample photo?

          If so, it'll be an inbuilt battery and there should be a charge point for it somewhere…

        • @scubacoles:

          Its just the box that says this.
          Maybe this is one of the reasons why going cheap??

        • @Barry Beetroot:

          Wow! Pretty massive oversight! :-)

        • I'm using on the internal rechargeable battery - just outside Kmart ;-)

          Buying another at this price.
          Includes 5V 1A plug pack with micro-USB plug.

        • @Infidel:

          Ok so i've just unplugged the radio and its still going :) Thanks.

          So then the rechargeable battery is inbuilt and not something we have access to, unless of course we unscrew the thing.

          This is a excellent radio for $9, perfect for background noise, next to computer or whatnot.

        • @Barry Beetroot:
          Don't worry, it also amazed me. Didn't expect that feature for price. I had missed out on Target ($19), then DS ($12 mispriced) specials, so this is great.

          perfect for background noise

          Like most DAB+ portables, the volume won't blow you away, and they draw a fair bit, so battery won't last that long. But a powerbank will fix the battery life issue & fed into an amp, no worries with volume.

          I bought a great Sangean dab+ portable radio from DS a few years ago. Sold in DJs DS store for $119, bought for $13! Its plugged into AUX in car stereo via headphone socket, charged from usb charger. With antenna up, almost never misses the station. Works amazingly well ;-)

          Same would work with this (bigger) unit.

        • @Barry Beetroot:
          Ha ha white noise / digital radio…Nice point of irony.

        • Charge it using a usb charger instead of the power cord.

    • 1500mA battery!

  • Deal or no deal the OP deserves 10/10 for the efforts.

  • we have this one, it is a bit average but okay. Does hold some charge to make it portable, not sure on running time though.

  • got one of these yesterday, was about to post, but thought might be dup. to OzHalloum post.

    This is an absolute bargain for $9.
    came with a micro USB charger. (normally around $10 in the shop !)
    even have a clock alarm… two in fact.
    yes, got headphone out.
    for rrp $35 is not so good, but for a $9 to connect to a set of PC speakers… great value.

    • Funnily enough I was going to make a separate post but thought it would be a dupe also. Cheers anyway, hopefully anyone who missed it on my post will get to see this one

      • Thanks for your other post, I am still looking for those water dancing speakers.

        • Anytime, There was heaps at altona gate but I honestly couldn't tell you about Perth stock. Try calling your locals so you don't waste your time going in


    Is it stereo output from the headphone jack?

  • I picked one up, it's pretty average from the in-built speaker, but for $9 it has:

    Rechargeable battery and AC cable included
    Stereo headphone out

    Pretty light unit, nice LCD display. My volume button is very finicky, as is the on button.

    I can see why they are clearing them - I'll probably return it later.

    • also grabbed one for background sound in the kitchen, no probs here with any of the buttons or switches, picks up a digital channel I struggle with on sony (I think it is, need to check) unit I have in the garage (that might be to do with placement in the house).

      for $9, if it breaks it is a nice housing for a raspberry pi project later on :)

      • Oh good idea on the RasPi!
        There's probably enough room inside to hack it in as is!

        • I think so. It's pretty big and light.

          My Kmart also had a cardboard radio (may have only been FM - didn't check) that was $5.00, I pulled it a part a little bit and thought it might be cool to have easy access to all the components.

        • @vestrosaurus:
          I've seen the cardboard radio on the shelf… I think that can stay there when you can get this for $9!

        • @vestrosaurus: Kmart Chirnside park, Vic has these for $2.50 plenty of stock this morning. I didn't see the DAB radio however.

      • I'm with opasx. It's not going to blow you away with sound quality or volume, but what do you expect for $9? I'm actually very pleasantly surprised.

  • Thanks, brought one.

    Still One left in stock, Kmart Firle, SA.

    No stock- Kmart Adelaide & Churchill.

    • Stock at Marion [~12] but none at Kurralta pk. The output is mono in my headphones, and the charge indicator turned blue almost immediately after plugging it in, but no battery power was available after 1/2 hours running. On turning it off, withdrawing the power lead then replacing it, I got a red charge indicator. I suspect it doesn't charge when powered on, a little like the old AC/Battery switch on the old trannies.
      Comparing it to the Target 'retro' AM/DAB+ stereo unit that I grabbed for $35 before Christmas, had this been the same price, I would have been disappointed. For $9, providing the battery comes good, I'm reasonably happy.

    • Firle has been restocked. At least 10+ there

    • Two left at Churchill, one without a box

    • Plenty of stock in Shellharbour

  • Also picked Telstra MF65 White 3G Wi-Fi Modem $2.

    Plenty of other interesting things, but may not be so good once you try them. Like $19 Bluetooth alarm clock. Bought, will try & may return.

    • is it only the white on special?

      • All are on special, but white is only $2. Didn't check others as price displayed was originally dearer ($15) than white ($7).
        My internet use doesn't discriminate on the basis of colour. Its what is inside that counts.

        • Unpacked modem - micro-USB cable, 700mA charger, SIM card with data, possibly useful battery & charger will find other uses. Good for $2!

          Didn't buy to go back to 3G data. Now use 4GX phone for data.

        • Asked today, colours are still $15.

  • any radio not coming with alarm clock and charging dock is not a radio.

    • Kmart has $15 alarm clock with iphone 5/6 dock.

      But who needs an alarm clock? MaccasAlarm app wakes me with free offers every morning ;-)
      Free sausage muffin + hashbrown this morning.
      (I set 2 alarms for the freebies, but still sleep in.)

      I mean, an alarm clock without free breakfast… Its just not civilised ;-)

  • Lots in Kmart Broadway.

    They don't even have the special tag on them yet!

  • Thanks! Got one even though I dont need a radio!
    Seems like "nation-wide" no $9 tag but scans at $9!

  • Stumbled upon one of these late last night in Kmart Orange. I was suprised they would even sell dab units out here as there's no local broadcast yet. Will be fine for me when I get back to sydney.
    Looks and feels nice, micro usb charging is handy. My only complaint is the volume doesn't get low enough.
    Not expecting too much for $9, but I think its a good deal.

  • Still a few left a Tea Tree Plaza in SA. ingle Farm sold out

  • Thanks OP, listening to one right now.
    Micro Review:
    Very easy set up pulled in around 58 stations with a quick scan, sound quality is perfectly OK. I find most cheapo radios have horrible tone but this one is just fine. The case is made from that weird skin-feel soft touch plastic which many people like. I am not a fan but no big deal.
    It looks fine on the table not a bad retro effort, fairly pain with no visible branding and not to chintzy. The red LED indicating it is charging the internal battery is still glowing red after about 45 minutes on, so that's good. It means the battery is happy taking charge. Minor point - a tiny piece of electrical tape covering the back of the LED would stop the light bleed which is visible and making the whole case glow a bit red. Size is around 22 cm wide.
    For $9? IE two decent coffees, insanely good deal.

  • Heaps at Kmart Belmont wa.

    Though was wanted a Bluetooth/USB speaker


    Any in eastern suburbs of Melbourne?

  • So from conflicting comments above. Does the earphone jack output true stereo or only mono?

    • Definitely Stereo.
      But the tone is truly awful, there is no bass whatsoever!
      It's going to be perfect for the Cricket (which is why I bought it) but for music, I fear, absolute rubbish!

      • That's the cheap mono speaker & case - feed it into an amp & good speakers for much better sound with bass.

        • No the speaker is surprisingly good, it's the Headphone out that is awful (at least on this unit, will test on the other I have for home later)
          Sounds like a packet radio in the bathroom when you're down the other end of the corridor.
          All you get are the highs and mids, no bass at all.
          Tried with 2 sets of headphones.
          Both sound fine on my little pocket radio, absolute trash on the Audiosonic.

        • @scubacoles:
          Used it last night on the $19 Bluetooth alarm from Kmart - could feel the bass from 1m away. Haven't tried it on other amps yet.

          But as I've posted below, quality & quality control varies a lot with these cheap units.

        • @Infidel:
          Could just be my unit.. As you point out below, the quality of these is very low.
          Hopefully the home unit output is OK, cause that's actually planned to be plugged into an amp!
          This one, I intend to run on speaker for music and headphone for cricket, so sound quality on headphone isn't really important at work.

        • @scubacoles:
          I'm off to swap over 2 of the 3 I bought yesterday & test them in the car until I have 3 good units :-(

          I'll tell them these famous last words, "I am just going outside and may be some time." ;-)

        • @Infidel:
          I'd just pull them apart and resolder what isn't working properly.
          In the time it would take to drive, park, exchange, test, exchange and drive home again. I'd be done. Plus while I'm in there I can have a poke around to see what else I can hack into it!
          Like adding a Raspberry Pi for Streaming Radio as mentioned elsewhere in this thread somewhere.

        • @scubacoles:
          I was out to pick up new bargains, free breakfast, & groceries anyway. So took little extra time or effort.

          Nearly started a riot in Target when I told a group of mums that Christmas gifts up to $25 originally were now 50c. Scored some great bargains. One woman told me she only came in for socks, but left with an overflowing trolley. Staff kept bringing out new bargains & they were all snapped up. Staff love me - I can move a lot of stock in a flash. Gone before it could be posted. Couldn't have had so much fun with a soldering iron ;-)

          Replacements tested fine for previous faults. Fast & easy when I knew what I was looking out for - about 1 minute.

          From my experience, its not resoldering but part replacement necessary. Could have easily found replacement socket & switch - have the parts. Its the frustrating task of mounting the replacement that takes time & effort, as it is usually slightly different.

          I've already seen inside DAB+ radios (not very interesting) etc, so the thrill is gone. You can pretty well determine what's inside & where by holding it to a strong light. Its mainly an empty box - which is about the least interesting think to hack. The world's full of empty boxes to repurpose. The electronics are pretty standard in these units, which can be Googled.

        • @scubacoles:
          DAB+ is not the best for great music listening - it is an AM replacement. You have used it before? Comparing the unit with an known DAB+ one is the only comparison of the unit.

          I use a Sangean DPR-65 dab+ portable plugged into the car audio, so plugged this one in in place of it. Very little difference. Sound is possibly better on the Sangean, but it sold for around $120.

        • @scubacoles:
          Uploaded photo of sparse radio internals, since you got me curious.

        • @Infidel:
          Yeah we have an awesome Kogan FM/DAB/Internet Radio and local file streaming unit.
          Speakers are excellent on that.

          Both headphone outs on my units sound ultra tinny on earphones.. bit more palateable through an amp with some Eq, but still well below the kogan from its internal speaker.
          Will still work for their intended function. Crystal clear cricket and footy commentary.
          I have FM in the shed for music.

        • @scubacoles:
          Did I mention the amp chip is MONO, so there's a major sound issue :-(

        • @Infidel:
          I'm almost certain it was outputting Stereo from the headphone.
          Vocals in one ear, Instruments in the other.
          Separate amp for the headphone?

        • @scubacoles:
          It must be invisible ;-)

          But I did originally think it sounded like 2 different channels fed through stereo.

          And then I found it.
          Egg on face moment.
          Thanks for offering alternative solution.

          Unless output is sent directly from processor board, with amp only for speaker….
          Will re-examine after a nice nap.

          Should be stereo, although I haven't checked yet. 2 of the 7 core ribbon cable wires from the processor board are fed to the headphone socket. The amp just feeds the speaker.

          Very different to any audio circuit I'm used to, so jumped to wrong conclusion :(
          Removing incorrect comments…

        • @Infidel:
          I've just done another sound test from headphone and I still reckon it's stereo.

        • @scubacoles:
          So do I, now. Headphones are fed from processor board as I edited above & credited your comment for changing my view - in my retraction.

        • @Infidel:
          I'm just glad I'm not going insane!

        • @scubacoles:
          Today's last Free installment of techno-porn has arrived :-) Subscribe now!