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$50 Dogs, $200 Puppies, $30 Cats, $30 Rabbits, etc. at RSPCA VIC (4 Days Only)


Copy pasted from RSPCA Victoria's Facebook page:

Please help us get to ZERO!

We have hundreds of beautiful animals, and each and every one of them deserves a loving home. We want to clear the shelter so we are reducing our adoption fees from Thursday to Sunday:

Puppies: $200
Dogs (4 months +): $50
Dogs (7yrs+): NO FEE
Kittens: $50
Cats(4 months +): $30
Cats (7yrs +): NO FEE
Rabbits & Guinea Pigs: $30
Ferrets & Rats: $30
Ducks & Geese: $10

We need your help to achieve our goal! Check out our beautiful animals here www.rspcavic.org/adopt. If you can’t adopt, please share this post to spread the word.

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RSPCA Victoria

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  • +46

    anyone tried to price match with RSPCA NSW?

    • -3

      serious question right

    • +2

      If you happen to find a cheaper advertised price on an identical stocked item that's in stock with our competitor - even if it's on sale, we will not only match it, we'll beat it by 5%.

      I tried price matching but the NSW cat had a spot on the other eye, damn it, and wasnt considered identical :(

  • -6

    How much are hot dogs??

    • Hot dawgs are actually pigs whaat

  • -3

    seconhand goods mostly
    and no cashrewards

  • +36

    Ducks are a great price. My local Chinese charges $25 for a whole duck.

    • +1

      They'll probably throw in some sweet chilli sauce too if you ask nicely…

      • +11

        Who has sweet chili sauce with duck? That's disgusting. Bloody people eating foreign food, thinking they can just mix up sauces and its still the same.

        • +8

          OMG everybody.

          It's Matt Preston!

    • +2

      prep time, breaking a small animal with your own hands, $25 is much easier

      • Sure, but we are not someone like you, cause you're Chef…

    • +2

      Exactly what I was thinking. Ill take 2 ducks and 1 rabbit do go please!

      Do you think RSPCA also sell marinade?

    • Have you ever tried plucking a duck?

      • +4

        I tried pluck a duck once but Darryl Somers just laughed at me

  • +21

    Upvoted as the best deal here is the 7+ year old animals for free!
    Everyone, meet the adorable "Pudding" (her RSPCA name that she responds to). https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B06bNd6xlgwKd3hGSGJKdU1qM1U… She's a Corgi x Red Heeler. She came pre-house trained, wormed, injections, microchipped friendly to everyone and an awesome companion…. Free! Best bargain ever.

    • -1

      She is looking good. So hot (dog)

      • +2

        Ummmm no.

      • -1

        lol. Nice to "meat" her.

    • +4

      Congratulations on the new addition to your family. She's gorgeous :)

    • Nice mix, will deal with mice, rats and the occasional wandering water buffalo as well. That is one happy snap:-)

    • Obviously not in the slightest bit indulged! lol

  • no more ducks?

    • Looks like they ducked out…

  • -6

    If the goal is clear the shelter, there's more than one way to achieve this.

    • Yep. A much simpler way.

  • -5

    Ducks are bargain. Coles is selling $18 for a frozen one

    • +10

      It was funnier the first time around

  • +9

    Cats on death row: how sad.

    Ducks on death row: who gives a toss, let's joke about killing them ourselves.

    Interesting ethics to say the least.

    • -7

      Look, everybody loves a cheap pussy. Chances are though, that most people already have one…

    • +2

      It's because Australians don't eat cats.

    • +1

      They're just attempting to be funny.

    • +1

      People all over the world not having enough to eat and starving, worse than a cat on death row, IMHO.

      • +1

        And yet you support the privileged position of cycling grains through fowl rather than feeding less than a third of it directly to humans for the same calorific value?

      • +1

        And tell me how does looking after cats on death row or not eating ducks impede anyone in helping the world's starving?

        • +2

          I value a human life over that of a pet. Resources that are put into this could be used elsewhere.
          I understand this is not a popular view, but hey, it's a free world and i'm not one that is concerned about upvotes/downvotes.

        • @Martijn: so I take it your resources are so stretched helping other people that you cannot refrain from eating ducks or entertaining the idea of saving an animal that was bred solely for the purpose of amusing people but was abandoned? You must be extremely busy helping others!

        • @thevofa:

          I can assure you that my resources have not and will not make it to the rspca.

        • +2

          @Martijn: your original insinuation was that helping (or even simply not exploiting) nonhumans inhibits helping humans. You still haven't addressed that. All you've said is you're too stretched.

  • +11

    No Rabbits in Qld! That's why they built the Great Wall

    • -1

      Since when was Queensland a part of China??

      • +3

        Been to Cairns lately?

        • Should I?

  • +1

    I'd get a buddy for my cat but I don't think my parents would agree

    • +5

      If you have to explain the joke… It ain't funny.

      • +1

        Because great walls are obviously associated with cars…

    • -1

      Dogs probably need like 5 times the injections.

  • +13

    so many cruel jokes in this thread. i'd hate to be an abandoned animal with no hugs from my owners.

    • I'm pretty they're not all abandoned, some are probably runaways, owners have died, rescued from puppy farm etc.

      • And the sad truth is, many of them were simply not convenient to have around at Christmas time.

    • Its ok, one day aliens far superior will come and invade us and we will be kept on farms to extra our organs.

      • "Extra our organs" you will be the first against the wall when the aliens invade.

    • Every farm / food animal is an abandoned animal too, like these waiting for death albeit a more gruesome one.

      • Nothing ain't waiting for death, do you think anyone can escape ?

        • +2

          Of course they're waiting for death. Broiler chickens in 42 days, egg laying hens in 2 years, male chicks in the egg industry in 1 day, dairy calves in days to weeks, dairy cows in 4-5 years. They are born with a death sentence prescribed at the same time, and live in confinement until that time.

  • +1

    I checked their web site. Seems there's no ducks, ferrets, geese, or rats available. And just one guinea. Hopefully their stock be updated tomorrow.

    • What, you're hoping for them to have more abandoned animals!?

      • +3

        Yes, else this should be removed as a bargain with reason "Insufficient quantity".

  • -5

    i want a good looking healthy labrador puppy for $200. do something RSPCA NSW?!

    • +3

      a good looking healthy labrador puppy for $200…

      Weird… Tindanimal? AnimalFriendFinder?

      • +2

        ….Likes long walks on the beach….

    • I don't think they take requests..

  • +3

    Before you adopt an animal, esp dog. Remember it is a life long commitment and it will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars in food, medical bills, and even more in hours taking it for a walk every couple of days. If you can't do this, please do NOT adopt. Nothing worst than a dog kept at home from sunrise to sunset in a toilet with no companion.

    • -2

      I propose that all RSPCA (or related organisation) "bargains" be banned from OzBargain. Who is with me?

  • -2

    Young pussy $30… Old pussy $FREE… Here I am thinking they are all the same

  • Serious question but why do they cost money? Shouldn't they be free to a good home?

    • +4

      Normally they spay/neuter them, vaccinate them and then microchip them. And also the cost for feeding them for the time they've stayed.

      The cost is also a barrier against random people / children off the street waltzing in and picking a free animal only to mistreat them at home. At least they'll suffer a financial loss for doing so.

      • Thought they hold interviews for potential adopters to determine eligibility. Some people get canned due to having young kids at home.

        • Yes, that too.
          They can lie their way through the interview but they can't lie their way out of paying $

    • +1

      They try and recoup some of the costs involved in vaccinating, desexing, feeding, housing, assessing etc.

  • -3

    Wow…IMO all those dogs look fugly….

  • tasty rabbits?

  • +2

    No fee a horrible idea. They should charge a token fee, even if it's just $10 to deter bargain hunters who won't look after the pet.

  • -5

    Any bargains for untouched humans female 18+?

  • +2

    I am extremely offended by one of the workers at Burwood East.

    I arrived at 9.30am and waited until 10.45am which was fine. On the adoption form, I claimed I had a 14 year old placid cat that we've owned for all of its life.

    When consulted by one of the staff, she asked about our cat. I said I'd like to see one of the black cats in there. She immediately said something like "with the female cat indoors? That's totally irresponsible!" I was a bit shocked and then I tried to calm the situation down by asking "okay, do we have any solutions such as keeping it indoors or outdoors for a certain amount of time?" And she said "that's just unacceptable, you can't keep them totally outdoors" (which I never said) with massive disgust in her eyes. I rarely see that much disgust in peoples eyes. I'm quiet and shy when talking to people. She wouldn't let me in. I'm a student, a worker and do not have any traces to any criminal activity whatsoever. She said she'd look for me and said that my kitten I liked was gone, when it wasn't. And she said "we just can't let you in, its irresponsible. She talked to me like I'm a criminal.

    You really had to be there to see the hatred and disgust in her eyes.

    Honestly, I just feel outraged. Spent 2.5 hours driving and waiting only to be treated like a criminal. My family takes care of our cat and is currently living a long and healthy life.

    • +2

      Perhaps let management know. That staffer doesn't sound like an ideal match for the RSPCA

      • +4

        Time to put the staffer up for adoption?

    • +2

      Maybe that staff member should be euthanized instead of the animals?

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