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Free Everlast Jacket + Shipping if Newcastle Utd Beat West Ham (EPL) @ Sports Direct (FB Like Rqd)


Register your details on the link provided and like their FB page.

The game is on at 1am tonight AEST. If the magpies win, Sports Direct will email you a voucher for a free Everlast winter jacket RRP. 60GBP. Just need to pay the normal shipping which is $9.98AU through the Aus Sportsdirect website

They are slight favourites to win this match so barring any upsets, free jackets all round!

45000 jackets are available. Mike Ashley who owns Sports Direct is also the owner of Newcastle United for anyone wondering the reasons behind this promo.

Those who did not receive one of the 45,000 jackets, you will receive a 10GBP off coupon instead. However some users may like to put their unwanted codes in the comments for others to use Ensure when ordering you are on the Australian site: http://au.sportsdirect.com/ where shipping is $9.98 only.

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  • +1

    Do you have to put your details in somewhere or do you only have to like their facebook page?

    • Click the link and you can do it all from there. Enter name and email and hit like.

      • Cant seem to find the place to enter name and email…

        • +1

          Scroll down.

        • @gooddealmate: Obviously did that.

          I think I've got this figured out - Ghostery was blocking part of the page where you put in the name and email. Had to temporarily pause blocking to have this done. Thanks anyways OP.

  • +11

    will give it a go.

    If it is Manchester United to win I won't waste my time.

    • haha thats the catch

  • +1

    Shipping is usually $10 AUD right?

    • Ah yes. I believe it is. Edited. Thanks.

      • Where are you getting this info ?
        A test sale sees a minimum charge to Australia of $31 for postage.

        • Just double checked. $9.98 delivery using the standard barlin delivery on the australian site.

          Maybe you selected express.

        • @gooddealmate:
          Can you screenshot, as we g ot free jackets :)

  • Thanks mate…

  • +9

    I bought one of these jackets from them last week and it was only $12.

    • Wouldn't surprise me but when was the last time you saw a company NOT use the inflated RRP when doing any kind of promo like this.

      Whats the quality like anyway?

      • It's still being delivered so I don't know about the quality yet.

        • +1

          Really good quality lined warm jacket but seems a little smallish so go 1 size up to be sure!

    • +1

      I bought one of these jackets from them last week and it was only $12.

      Including shipping?

    • +6

      Yeah… It was £6.


      Sometimes Bing is better than Google. They don't update their cache as quickly.

  • Suddenly everyone jumping on the bandwagon supporting Newcastle

    • +5

      No, only when they are playing Manchester United.

      • -1

        You do realise Newcastle owner Mike Ashley owns Sports Direct as well

        • +1

          I think you've missed his point there swiftty.

    • i like watching the odd Newcastle game, seeing man bosoms jiggling is always good for a laugh…

  • +8

    As a NUFC fan I find it hilarious that a deal dependent on them winning is getting upvoted. Don't get me wrong I have entered but I warn all not to get there hopes up

      • +2

        Based on the second chance market, taking West Ham and the draw is about $1.45. So the odds are very heavily against a free jacket and having watched plenty of NUFC I would think that is spot on. Hope, always. Confidence, never.

        • +5

          Jackets are worth $16 so if you have $10 on the West Ham and Draw @ 1.45 you'll either win $4.5 or get the voucher for the jacket.
          As long as you can ignore the postage cost you'd feel like a winner… a sad winner

        • +1

          only a newcastle fan will appreciate this "Hope, always. Confidence, never."

    • +1

      As a fellow suffering geordie i feel comfortable saying that no true fan would indulge the fat man by liking their facebook page and encouraging sd's use of our club as their personal marketing vehicle. i like free stuff as much as the next bloke but i really dislike that they are using our brand to pedal their crap. the nufc social media accounts have been flooded with this offer - it's embarrasing. i wont be taking part

  • +3

    *If more than 45,000 entrants are received, all entrants will be entered into a lottery based draw. All entries will be checked to ensure that all entrants have liked the sportsdirect.com Facebook page.

    Hmmm..sounds more like a competition?

    • +6

      Let me know when it hits 45000 entries and i'll ask for it to be transferred to the comps section.

    • +6

      It's a double lottery because there is only a chance that the required team will win, and secondly then there is only a chance you might receive a jacket.

    • +1

      In the last 20 minutes their page likes has jumped from 526,128 to 526,552.

      • +5

        And watch it drop after this comp

  • As a West Ham fan this is a contingency plan, Newcastle looked the goods against Man U last week, should be a ripper game. COME ON YOU IRONS!!!

    • Why are they picking this game for the promo?

  • When I looked for those jackets on their site they are only in kids sizes and they are less than AUD16.

  • We won't win

    • +1

      Gotta love an optimist

      • +4

        Been a NUFC fan for long enough to destroy any optimism I might've had

        • Are they still in division 1 or have they been relegated from that too?

        • Gotta go with notout50 on this.
          NUFC are absolutely dreadful this season.
          (Spoken as someone who supports another, even more inept, English club)

        • @blibster: Leeds? Villa?

        • @Gimli: Premiership for the last few seasons, in a relegation battle though unfortunately.

        • @notout50: as a Liverpool fan, thanks for sending us back some money you guys robbed from us when we signed Carroll from you guys by signing Shelvey…

        • @Tal_Shiar: Haha yeah we did well on that Carroll sale. How does the Shelvey buy affect Liverpool? Were you after him too? I don't think he's worth 12 mil, not sure what prompted that buy from MA :/

        • @notout50: lfc get about 30% of the signing fee because he came from us to Swansea

        • @notout50:
          Right first time:(

        • +1

          Same here. You lose any confidence year by year when you see a win goes from expectation to satisfaction, then to lucky result even further down to miracle. Sadly it's a team to test your bottom line every year with Ashley. :-(

        • @Tal_Shiar: Wow 30%, not bad. Early signs are good though :D

        • Very happy to be proven wrong people! Pleasure to watch, and got a 10 quid voucher out of it.

  • -1

    Whats the difference between ham and bacon

  • Does anyone know what the jacket looks like?

    • +9

      Like something a chav would wear =P

      • +1

        u wot m8?

      • +1

        U wonna fink twice bout wot ur sayin m8 or ill av ya shived.

    • +2

      There is a picture of the four styles of the jacket on the main link if thats all you're after.

    • Awful?

  • EPL Live by Sportsmate Mobile Pty LTD

    To follow the scores.

  • -1

    In their Terms and Conditions
    *If more than 45,000 entrants are received, all entrants will be entered into a lottery based draw. All entries will be checked to ensure that all entrants have liked the sportsdirect.com Facebook page.

  • +1

    Game starts 2:00am Sunday morning AEST https://www.google.com.au/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=...
    Match details, odds etc here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3400936/Ne...
    My Tip: No Everlast Jacket, Hammers win 3-1 :(
    PS: Go Toffees!

    • 1am AEST ie QLD.

      2am AEDT ie NSW/VIC

      • Ahhh sorry mate. When's QLD gonna join the zombie apocalypse and have the same time?!

    • Ill eat humble Everlast pie… Well done Newcastle!

  • Don't follow Soccer, but if it involves free stuff I'm in!

    • *potentially free stuff. I made around $3k betting $100 that Sakho would score and West Ham would win against Man City earlier in the season, West Ham looked like an unstoppable against any home side. A fair bit has changed since then - injuries and mindset (recent away losses to Tottenham and Watford are symptomatic of it).

      It is worth a go.

  • Let us know what happens.

  • Come on you Irons!!

    Its summer…who needs a jacket anyway.

  • WHU's way above them on the ladder. Why are New favourites? Must be home ground advantage…

  • Don't have facebook, twitter… accounts etc. No jacket required ;^)

    • +1

      Thanks Phil

  • @ what time the game finishes?

    • +3

      Around 3.50am your time.

  • +1

    Geordie are going to get Hammered

  • seems like a strange combination of competition and deal…

    Now to wait to see who wins

  • Thanks for sharing :)

  • nufc suck dont waste ur time

  • hedge ur bets and bet on west ham

    • +1

      And then the match ends in a draw.

      • so bet on a draw and awin

        • At odds of $1.50? Not worth it.

  • Really should be a competition for the 2 chances required to win one

  • -3

    Hope newcastle lose, and ashley can stick his free jackets up his ****.

  • +1

    Currently $119.98 on the SportsDirect UK website. :-) Looks warm though.

    If Newcastle win & you win, read the reviews before ordering.


  • This is a win - win, I'm a lifelong West Ham fan. I would rather West Ham win than get the jacket so that shows whether I am a bigger bargain hunter than a football fan.

  • very generous of Mike Ashley huh..Go NEWCASTLE!

  • so we just like the page that's all? How they gonna keep track who to give out? I didn't see any place to fill in my details

  • -1


    Look familiar? No wonder the sizes are wrong in the reviews its childrens clothing =P jk

  • Seriously guys, these jackets are fully sick

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