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Diamondback Hydropack 2 Litre for $10 (Save $19) @ BigW InStore only


I've been looking for a cheap hands-free drink system while riding and saw this at my local BigW. Even at $39 (Original price) it's a good deal, but when scanning it comes up at $10. According to Website, this deal is only available in store and not for Delivery. A quick search of my local stores all show low stock.

Employee edit: Don't rely on the website stock indicator to represent actual stock in store. Please call up before coming in to check and please don't give staff a hard time when there is no stock in store but it says it is online as stock information does not get updated regularly (separate company manages bigw online) :)

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  • Is it BPA free?

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      No you have to pay extra if you want bpa

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        thats how they get you

    • sorry whats BPA?

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        Type of chemical that leeches into whatever is being stored such as food or water. Google it for more info :) Essentially you want your plastic containers to be BPA free.

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    Bpa and PVC free written on the bladder

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    Are you going to use this for stunts in the Hot Rod sequel Andy?

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    Excellent for those who like goon whilst on the move.

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      Excellent? I haven't got me blowup pillow with this thing, how will I ever sleep?

    • And if you like it long and cold: here is the cheapest INSULATED hydration Pack.
      $33 is the cheapest anywhere. Only option is $10 for delivery unless someone can find a walk in deal.


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    It looks as though there would be no additional room for storage of other items. Would anyone be able to confirm it is just designed to hold the 2l bladder or it has additional space?

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      It's a day pack, it won't hold much else apart from the bladder. You can see the storage pocket flap, it has the zip in the photo, to hold a phone and keys, etc.

      The red elastic on the outside can be used to hold a spray jacket, or shoes etc.

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      It has space for sunglasses, phone, keys, and the red elastic is good for a rain jacket or something similar, all the stuff you would normally take when riding.

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    Product weight 389kg lol!

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      It is a mistake,should be 389g.

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        Are you sure? It could explain the pricetag and why nobody wants it :P

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      *Lead ingots not included <- you didn't see this?

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    Never skip leg day!

  • "The Diamondback Hydropack 2 Litre is the ideal lightweight backpack that is suitable for walking, hiking, camping & cycling. "

    and snowboarding?

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      The hydration pack I bought years ago for the snow has a wetsuit type material cover for the tube that is used to prevent freezing. Not sure how common a problem the freezing is but some research on snow forums might help you determine that. $10 is pretty cheap!

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        That is common on good quality ones but also to keep the liquid cool in the tube. One of my pet hates is that first sip of water that's been in the tube having warmed up. I now know that after a drink to blow the water in the tube back into the bladder.

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      Camelbak has a few that are insulated. including the tube.
      I just use an old 00's camelbak with warm water. the water doesnt freeze in the tube but gets cold for sure.
      If you were climbing Everest that would be a different story

  • Am I allows to fill this up with beer and watch the footy at the grounds?

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      Wouldn't fit much into a tiny 2L backpack.

      • I'd imagine it's for sneaking it in under a jumper

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        2L bladder inside a pack… So roughly 2litres of beer…

        • Fit a few cans of beer then.

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        Ummm 2L?

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      get a 2nd bladder, 4L of beer

    • I'm sure it will taste great being held next to your body for 3 hours. I guess if you like warm flat beer…

      • People used to go to race meets apparently just for that…

  • Is this the same Diamondback mob that make el-cheapo tyres?

    • Diamondback is like BigW home brand for all their bike stuff. Not sure if they make tyres also

  • no stock in eastgarden

  • How do you clean it?

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      Apparently keeping the bladder and tube parts in the freezer stops it getting green/black stuff growing in it. Read the storage section in the link below. http://fellrnr.com/wiki/Best_Hydration_Systems

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      Camelbak make expensive tools and some cleaning agent.
      Can't comment on this bladder but the occasional wash and making sure it totally dries out afterwards have always worked for me.

      • I second this, making sure it's totally dry is paramount. I hang my bladder from a hook outside from the lids cap, and make sure that the bottom edges of the bag aren't touching each other to ensure the bottom seam fully dries.

  • There is 6 left at calamvale qld

  • Never heard of the brand before but I guess it can't be bad for $10

    • Why do you think it's only $10?

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      Guess you weren't around for BMX Bandits?

  • There seems not much stock left.I went to Big W Merrylands and managed to find one behind all caribee backpacks luckily while it shows clearly in stock online.
    However,it does not have price tag or barcode so that it took a bit time for the staff to check price and pass the transaction.

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    Kmart have two comparable packs for a little bit more if anyone misses out on this.



  • Does the bladder look stout? Might get one just to have a spare bladder or to double up

    • … i, yes? kind of… It looks bladder-ish? Its flat when empty, and kinda like the size of a bag of chips when it has 2L of water…

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    Has anyone had experience with both a Camelbak and these? Obviously at $100+ the Camelbaks are higher quality, but I wonder if it's worth it.

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    5 left @ Musselbrook NSW

  • Just picked up the last two at Brickworks SA. Bladder looks to be an ok non-generic design from an USA company complete with patent numbers. Mouthpiece is the bite/suck to drink style. The backpack looks to be only ok for running - expandable cross-chest strap doesn't expand, and it looks like the strap material might be on the yuck side on a hot run, but I would have to try it out to be sure of comfort.

  • Not sure why its showing as Out of Stock. BigW Erina (My local) had 5 in stock, and website shows 6 stores around me still with Stock… You'll have to check your local store for stock

  • Grabbed the last one from Elizabeth. Sorry!