What are everyone's travel plans for 2016?

Whether you got a great deal on a flight, going to visit interstate/overseas relatives, or just traveling to see awesome sh1t and make yourself a more rounded person…where are you going this year and why?

I'm off to Japan in Feb (going for a month), got that great sale through Jetstar where you fly back to Oz for free. I've also had a RTW trip floating around my thoughts for the better part of 5 years, that will finally begin at the end of this year (hooray!!) - going to volunteer my way around some of Europe, Africa and Scandinavia.

Both trips are to better myself before I settle down in the next couple years :)


      • Bahahaha… I won't tell her you said that :p

        • my wife said if we have kids i can bail when i get my LSL for the full 8 weeks… id love to do it, but would feel like a bad man… also she might change the locks

        • @unclesnake: I know a couple where it's reciprocal. He could take LSL to chase the Tour de France. She gets the same time for the Camino, the next year. The kids are fine.

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          @saine: thats awesome, yeh i dont see a problem with it…infact think it shows incredible strength in a personaility

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      Travel is still possible. The younger they are the better! They can't move away, they don't say no. All they do is eat, sleep, need nappies changed.Don't be afraid of planes/car travel and babies, they are surprisingly portable! :) Good luck

      • Haha. Baby portability.

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    Off to Hong Kong April for a week, then Canada/USA August for 4 weeks all in J.

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    Bali in february, 2adults, 2 children, flights were $1170 return with virgin (from Adelaide)

    Several camping trips around SA, riverland, Yorke Peninsula.

    That is probably as much as the bank balance, work annual leave will allow

    • Great effort :) Have fun!!

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    These trips all sound fantastic. After a trip to the US in '14 and a six week trip to South America last year I'm slightly internationally travelled out. I'm going to explore our local area (within 5 odd hour drive radius. planning the Easter weekend at a lovely little Airbnb on a dairy farm that neighbours national park rainforest.

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    Going on my first trip to Tasmania in a few months from now. Other than that, got some business travel (conferences and such) lined up, and I'm hoping to do some kind of overseas trip next time there's a good sale on…

  • I came here trying to get an idea of where to go, still don't know :'(.

    • What's your:

      • budget
      • time frame
      • taste in culture
      • activities you want to partake in
      • climate preference
        • Budget isn't a consideration unless its something crazy like Maldives wanting 8K for 2 weeks accom
        • Any time after May
        • Been to Asia / Europe / US and never had any issues with culture although the Missus is a bit snobby towards some of the Asian countries
        • See some cool stuff but also have a chance to relax and unwind a little
        • Warm - we did Japan in Summer last year and it was toooooo hot for exploring. (We did but cried everyday about it)

        The above information after reading it back is not very helpful.

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          Maybe Central America/the Caribbean? Seems to tick the boxes you're after…

        • South Africa/Africa in general?

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          New Zealand. I've only been to the north island. But it was just beautiful. Spring weather, fresh mornings but days were perfect for jeans, tshirt and exploring.
          Head north for a tropical relax by the beach (we didn't go that far up)

          Very reasonably priced flights, not too far to fly. I can't wait to go there again one day.

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    Jesus Christ, whatever anyone here does, please protect yourself from water bugs. I just recovered from a longstanding blastocystis dominis infection, of which was horrible for the last several months, but it crept up slowly. I ended up having chronic diarrhoea and severe stomach cramps (and unusual extra problems with milk based products). The cure was just about as bad as the disease (an old-school, mixed antibiotic, double strength), stomach pain worse than the parasite caused, burning diarrhoea and a swollen throat (allergic reaction) that needed large doses of antihistamine to get on top of. In total I took the medication for 7 days, I'm at 12 days or so now and I'm only just over having a sore throat. Major lactose intolerance still, which might go away or never go away. I just buy more expensive milk.

    Ok, story over with. Take care folks!

    • Good grief, where did you pick that up from? I really hope you are okay, that sounds horrific. Did you get it from drinking water, or another water source? Of it was drinking water, Aquatabs are really great for purifying your water (for next time)

      A friend of mine went to Thailand a couple of years ago and came home with a flesh eating virus, and was fighting for her life in an induced coma with daily surgeries for 2 weeks. People think I over react when I complain about hygiene, but you can never be too careful…

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        Let my guard down, I caught it from some water source or some food contaminated with water (or faeces). Yeah I'm much more anal about hygiene now, lol. Thanks for the tip!

        That sounds terrible. What was the specific virus/bacteria/whatever that got ahold of your friend, do you know? Yes, you can never be too careful, but I think it comes down to trying not to worry about stuff, then when you actually have a problem you decide to consider more often what is safe/what isn't safe.

        • Yikes :/

          I'm not sure exactly what my friend had, but she's much stronger now. She returned to work a couple of months ago (yes, she was unable to work for almost 2 years). Still having little day surgeries a couple times a year, but the world almost lost a remarkable person. Scary stuff

    • number 3s

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    • Heading to NZ for a week on Saturday, for Mums 60th
    • Melbourne in Feb for the Geelong Ironman
    • Las Vegas & Hollywood over Easter for a friends 30th

    Was supposed to go to Africa for a wedding and month long safari in October, but the bride to be/groom just broke up, so have to make another plan now. :(

    Anyone have any tips on what to do/bring back from the States? I'm eying an Oculus Rift, if they will be available in retail at the end of march (Preorders will have shipped early feb / 1.5 months before then).

    • IF you like a drink, the States is a good place to buy exotic liquor. Even with taxes, high street bottle shops give good prices. Especially good if you like tequila, or aged rum/cachaca (anything from the western hemisphere).

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        Yeah mate, ill be stocking up on Fireball whiskey :)

  • Mile high club for me this year.

    • got miss palmer a ticket

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    Hawii in March just to excited

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    What do you guys think or have an experience about solo traveling?
    I am in the situation not working at the moment. I traveled to Thailand with 2 friends but would like to travel more, however,friends had to start working. I just can't convince myself traveling alone so thinking it might be abit depressing with no company.
    Please opinion guys:)

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      Are you youngish? If so, staying in hostels is a lot of fun, even if you're alone (in fact it can add to the experience). There are also tours you can do with like minded individuals. Finally, the real upside to travelling solo is you run to your own schedule, and don't have to be weighed down by the rest of the group.

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      There are lots of communities online that will find like minded travellers for you to go with. Thelma and Louise is one designed for femal travellers, but I am sure there are others, if your interested in finding company for your trip, and meeting new people.

    • Every trip I've ever done in the last 9 years (except for one) has been solo. 99% of the time, people are willing to help you out and are really friendly. You make new friends along the way. And you get to do whatever you want. I wouldn't travel any other way, but then again, I'm probably too independent for my own good haha

    • solo travelling

      pork who you want without grief
      go where you want without worrying ur mate doesnt wanna go
      leave where you hate

  • I am not that young (36m) but not fussy staying in hostels. Thinking going to south america.
    Any forum or website I can look up?

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      Thorntree. SA is full of solo travellers.

    • -3

      At 36 you will be the weird old guy at the hostel.

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        Gosh, 36 old? You are kidding me? I had a. Coworker who is a teacher and she goes into hostels and nearly 60. Also who cares, it's just a place to sleep.

        • -3

          Yeah and obviously she's a compete wierdo. 36 is not old, but it's too old for a hostel, where you are pushing it in your late 20s.

        • @thorton82: 😂 I am not going to tell her that

    • wild rover hostels…. worked in one, complete mess, fun times

    • dorm rooms r disgusting….

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    Japan for 5 weeks with hopefully a week in Korea in the middle!

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    Off to QLD in July for a few days, and then hoping to go to USA (Los Angeles) for a month in December, if I can pick up a good deal on flights. First time going overseas so should be interesting.

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    Family Road trip around California and a brief stop in Vegas.

    Disneyland for 5 days
    San Diego for 2 days
    Vegas for 3 days
    Lake tahoe for 2 days
    San Fran for 3 days
    Big Sur/Carmel for 1 day
    LA for 5 days.

    9th of March we take off on our Super cheap Qantas fuel surcharge glitched tickets (thanks Ozbargin)
    Can not wait, got our Disneyland tickets, got our LA go cards, go US dollars.
    only 48 days to go until I am driving through that In&out drive through

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    Midwest US in their summer
    Dallas first, but mainly Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago, maybe Indianapolis.
    With our AUD, it's going to be an expensive one! Cautiously excited.

    • More expensive than normal, but generally food and accommodation in terms of USD is a lot cheaper than the equivalent here in terms of AUD, especially away from the two coasts.

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    I want to go to China. There are Beijing Tiananmen Square wuzhen xitang hangzhou. There are beautiful.

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    Honeymoon (Abu Dhabi, Ireland, London, Scotland and a Greek Island probably Zakynthos)). We already did France / Italy / Switzerland last year so have high hopes this will be as good.

    Also might squeeze out a 2 week holiday for my wife-to-be 30th b'day. Thinking Malaysia for the F1 and to chill on a beach. I had a friend backpack through asia for 1yr and he highly recommended a few islands.

    then, probably babies so no more overseas for awhile :(

    • Id stay away from Zante (Zakynthos) if you don't want to be inundated with British yobs.

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    Trip 1
    2/7/2016 to 15/7/2016
    SYD <-> London (Philippine airlines with luggage $1016).

    Fly to Manila (1)
    Fly to London (1)
    Fly to Berlin (3)
    Train to Dresden (1)
    Train to Prague (3)
    Train to Vienna (3)
    Fly to London (1) + take in a show
    Fly to Manila (1)
    Fly to Sydney

    -booked all accommodation.
    (I've never been to any the cities above except Sydney and London)

    Trip 2
    27/9/16 to 11/10/16
    Syd-Goa rt. (Air Asia no luggage with satay sticks $498.69)

    Not sure of details yet…. maybe…
    Goa (5 nights)
    Fly to Delhi (2 nights)
    Train to Agra (1 nights)
    Train to Jaipur (2 nights)
    Fly to Goa (4 nights)

    Nothing booked (except air Asia flight obviously); I have never been to India before.

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    3 month june - sep 2017


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