Australia Post Driver Giving Us a Hard Time. Help!


Around mid last year, this delivery lady started leaving parcels in front of our door some which required signature. After one of them went missing (about 2 months ago), i made a complaint to Australia Post Office about her. Ever since, she has not tried to deliver any parcel but instead leaves the post card in our mail box. Having to go to Australia Post every day to collect our parcel really started bugging me as my family members order quite a bit. So last night i decided i will wait tomorrow morning (today) and confront her.

This morning at 7:30, i was waiting in my room and i saw her do the exact same thing (i.e leave a card in my mail box). I went outside and asked her why she isn't trying to deliver any of our parcels. She replied with 'because you made a complaint about me'. I told her the situation and why i did but she was very stubborn and rude. She continued to repeat the same thing and told me i would have to collect it from the post office. What pissed me off more was the fact she had our large parcels in her van but she refused to pass them. Anyhow, i just told her ok that's fine.

After she left, i waited until 8am and made another complaint about her to Australia Post on their complaints and feedback number.

She's been rude ever since she has been delivering to our house. She would pass parcels to my mum and wife in a rude manner but i just let it slide for over a year. I'm really sick of her now and i think enough is enough.

I'd really like some advice as to what more i can do or if anyone else has been in this situation.

Thanks in advance!

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        I agree with you here mate, although one thing - Aus Post is a Government-owned entity.

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          You're right, it is owned by the government, but its management and operations are completely distinct from government and the government has surprisingly little control over the operations of Australia Post apart from its charter.

          Employees of Australia Post are employed by Australia Post Corporation, which just happens to be Australian owned, not by the government. They are not public servants and don't abide by the Public Service Act 1999.

          Usually the word "government employees" refer to those who work in government departments such as Treasury, DFAT (Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade), Department of Finance & Deregulation…etc.

          If you consider all employees of government owned entities to be government employees then we will have a very, very large population of government employees. Just think about hospitals, universities, schools, traffic authorities…etc. These are all very similar to Australia Post in their relationship to the government, i.e. owned, but not under direct control of. I wouldn't really consider any of their employees government employees or public servants, same with AusPost.

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          Australia Post uses contractor drivers for delivery, same as others like TNT and Startrack. Or they get employees of other companies to do it in a van with an Auspost logo:

          Employees under Austpost are not Australian Public Service employees. They are working under a corporation given power by the government under the Australian Postal Corporation Act 1989.

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          @paulsterio: What they mean is AusPost contractors still have the 'government employee' culture.

          Go work at DHL or similar, I'm sure it's completely different.

          I had a friend work in IT at AusPost, slackest bunch of people he's ever worked with (his words).

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          @paulsterio: Hmm, that is an interesting point. Its funny, because I would very much consider those who worked at a govt. hospital to be public servants.

          I commonly hear the CEO of Aus Post referred to as the highest paid public servant in Aus (make your own mind up yourself as to whether you think he justifies this pay-check) but I do see where you're coming from.

          Up-voted for providing a good argument. We will agree on one thing, its not cool for anyone to generalise and indicate that a "typical govt employee" is one that thinks they are doing everyone a favour. Real mature of bargainaus.

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          @Rocket6: I guess you can think of it this way. Duracell is owned by Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet's company). I wouldn't say that the employees who work for Duracell are Berkshire Hathaway employees. Similarly, if you own shares in company X, it doesn't mean that the people who work there are your employees.

          So you would consider most surgeons to be public servants? That's probably an interesting point of view to take, for sure.

          Either way, I agree - we can get into semantics about it, but making generalisations about any group of employees isn't cool, there are good apples and bad apples in any group and we shouldn't generalise.

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        Before you say things like "Educate yourself" to people over small non-issues, just bare in mind that Aus Post delivery workers don't wear a sign on their uniform saying who pays them.

        If you take a quick look at the AusPost website ( first dot point, it says that "Australia Post is a Government Business Enterprise. The Commonwealth Government of Australia is our sole shareholder."

        So naturally one would be under the impression that it is (or mostly) a government run thing.
        I'm not saying anybody is wrong or right, i'm saying there's no subject in school or major at uni for who owns what and what runs this and that.

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          It's not a small issue. The problem isn't with who owns what or who runs what. That was never the problem. The problem is stereotyping and generalizing. Saying that all government employees are stuck up is just like saying all engineers are lazy, all doctors are incompetent, all women are weak, all men are violent or all Asians are cheap. You're categorizing the entire group by the behavior of a very select few.


          @paulsterio: my friend, i did not say (or intend to imply) anybody was slack or generalized any person/job/industry or harm any fragile souls when i posted my earlier comment.
          All i was saying is, most folk wouldn't know, or wouldn't really give a damn about who pulls the strings at Auspost deliveries dept. I even looked it up on the Auspost website and it says that they're a government owned enterprise, who they hire otherwise to bring the parcels is a different story and most people wouldn't waste soo much energy thinking about it.
          Anyway, hopefully the OP gets this problem with the postie sorted, or the postie gets transferred and moves on so they don't have to deal with it anymore.

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          @JV159: I was referring to the original comment (not yours), which was why I made my post in the first place. But I think you're a pretty reasonable guy and I get your point of view, so no hard feelings. You're right - the main thing is that OP gets his problem sorted. Have a good one!

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    I can't vouch for its effectiveness but the Postal Ombudsman might help?
    I once had an issue from a computer store who ran out of a stock of an item I ordered, and was taking weeks to issue me a refund. As soon as they received a letter from my ombudsman they promptly processed the refund the next day.

    Australia post lost $222 million last year. That postie is helping to digger her own grave.

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    Make complaints about her again for what she had done wrong again. Easy peesy. :)

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    You have a legitimate complaint. Arrange a meeting with the local PO and ask that the postie do her job or you'll go higher.

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      I tried speaking with them on several occasions but they say to complain to the head office.

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        That is right, The contractor work for the Mail Delivery Centre in your area not the local post office.

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        True! Local P.O has nothing to do with posties or contractors. You should call 131318 or email them and do it everyday if you can until the problem is solved! Everytime complaint is logged, the manager will have a say to her. And if it keeps happening, she will be in real trouble!

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      Local post offices (especially those licensed/ franchised) have nothing to do with the posties that deliver in your local area. They are employed by AP, so your complaints should be directed to AP head office.

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    You can install an IP camera at your front door, it will be so cleaned only for day or two to prove she did not even attempt to lock on your door before writing the card, as she is an contractor this may made her lose her job and get revenge on you, then you will need more cameras.

    Or try to talk to her respectfully and she will understand what she caused you. This will be a win-win situation. Even give her a drink to become friendly, I think no one want any hard time while working.

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      This is the best advice here - firstly get evidence of what she is doing to back up your claims and then try and resolve the issue with her through talk. If that doesn't resolve the issue you have the evidence to go higher.

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        She isn't willing to talk that's the problem. Like i tried speaking to her nicely about why she was leaving the card in the mail box and she didn't even bother to get out of her car or come close and talk. She was sort of screaming from the other side of the road. She's always been rude and nasty to begin with.

        Dad was telling me today he saw her last year leaving a card in the mail box without knocking on the door (this is before the above incident took place). So he asked her if she could please knock the door before leaving the card. She replied with 'the women never open the door' which was a straight up lie.


          have you thinking of taking the first suggestion to get camera for evident and sue the lady until she lose her job?

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          Yeah i am considering this now.

          Thanks for the suggestion.

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          @sulmar: put it on YouTube and Facebook it on the auspost page. Media attention usually escalates it.

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          @Cronut: +1 this. You could also order some stupid cheap things just to have them delivered. Then you could compile the video footage with her doing it several days in a row.

          First tell her this as you might actually end her employment and livelihood. Not that she doesn't deserve it for her excellent customer service but be the bigger person and give her a final chance before you put the sword to her.

          That way you won't have anything hanging over your head if she does get fired. You did everything you could.

          Not only is it part of her job (to at least attempt the delivery) but it's part of the service you pay for when you pay for delivery. You paid for delivery to your home ( or where ever you had it sent). Having to go the post office is a pain in the behind because you have to go in their hours. Working long hours may mean you don't get to the post office at least a few days later.

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          @che_97: So, the postie who was wrong in the first place and received a complaint about it and then made the situation even worse deserves to be warned she might lose her job? In my opinion she already deserved to lose her job. The OP gave her a chance by 1. Filing a complaint 2. Attempting to talk to her 3. Filing another complain. Isn't the sensible solution to be if she doesn't want to do her job properly then replace her and find someone that will? How many chances does 1 person get?

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          @Handsoff: fair enough if you feel that way.
          I would feel remorse if I hadn't done everything within my power to not have her lose her job before I threatened anything. As other people have mentioned. She knows where you live. I wouldn't want that hanging over my head.


          It's her job to knock the door, btw, was your complaint too harsh?

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      Lol so much emphasis on cameras. Seriously who gives a rats arse about them if they were there. How many times have you seen half eaten food or drinks that most likely haven't been paid for inside supermarkets with cameras virtually at every corner.

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        I think the emphasis on cameras was more to provide proof of what she is doing, not necessarily to deter her from doing it.

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    Hi OP,

    I think I'm in the same situation, but I haven't complained about him due to fear that he knows where I live, and secondly, would probably push him to do the same as what this lady does to you.

    We're basically at mercy of the situation, coz she can continue to just say your not home and continue chucking a card in ur box. It's unfortunate. I've basically given up on buying online unless I really need to, in which case I have it posted to my parents, where I regularly visit and pick it up from them when I see them.

    Good part is, I go out more shopping :)

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    I thought this was basically every parcel delivery contractor… Have rarely seen anything but a card in the mailbox in years. Be it laziness, or they're just so overworked they could never get around to it all but whatever. Kinda came to accept it. Parcel lockers are the best thing since sliced bread.

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      Fully agree. If you have a parcel locker nearby, it's the best option. And it is free.

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      I'd continue to complain, but ultimately if that goes nowhere, then you're better off getting a parcel locker.

      They'll notify you immediately when it has arrived via sms/email, and you won't have to wait in line at the PO.

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        Parcel lockers are great but there arent that many of them. I had one around the corner from my old place an used it regularly. New house doesnt have on close by though :( Hopefully AusPost starts rolling more out soon.

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          I hope they don't. They are the most abused service by drug syndicates. Fake id to register and away you go.

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      this - our postie doesn't even get the parcel out, he puts the card in the mailbox and then rings the doorbell and does a runner so that it's impossible to get out there and receive the package.

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      I can honestly say the posties that we have are very good in my neighbourhood. Really happy with them. Thank goodness for that too, since I've had things up to $600 delivered by signature etc.

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      You are suppose to be paying to have something delivered to your door, not your suburb.

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        If its a house than no problems. If its a unit than forget about it. Especially all these new bigger developments all over the place that takes ages to find the unit because people are too lazy to come downstairs. It is a lot more efficient for the person to come downstairs than someone who doesnt know where there going to try and locate you within the complex. Driver gets paid the same so no way they'll jump through hoops to get a single parcel off for a unit. Do this all day and you'll get bugger all done.

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    1. Get an official complaint form from the post office.
    2. Fill out the form and record the complaint/reference number
    3. Repeat 2&3 until the issue is resolved
    4. Complain to the PIO, with above evidence. (No reference = no resolution)
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    The staff at the local PO won't do anything, I've been there before. Fill in an online complaint form via the website and follow it up with a phone call to them in a couple of days (quoting complaint number). Explain to them what a massive inconvenience it is to have to go and pick up parcels and that she is not even trying to deliver them to you. I had to do this some time back and the guy then started holding the buzzer down for around 30 seconds to p!ss me off, but at least I got the parcels :) After a while he was replaced (or he quit) and the new guy is friendly and always rings the buzzer.

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    Get all your family members to do a written formal complaint, they have forms for it. I got someone canned for this type of thing

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      Yeah good idea, i might try this. Let's see what happens for now as I've already made a complaint.

      Thanks for that.

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    There seems to be a bit of confusion here.

    Firstly, the woman in question is not a "postie", nor is she an employee of Australia Post. She works for a contractor who tenders for parcel delivery contracts.

    However, I would agree that Australia Post is providing the service - via the contractor - so the buck stops with them. Mail is not delivered from the local Post Office. Hasn't been for donkey's years. So pointless talking to the local Post Office. It is probably just a franchise anyway, and there is nothing they can do. Not their problem. They are just running a shopfront selling stamps and miscellaneous junk.

    Parcels are delivered from Local Delivery Centres. Find out where your LDC is and see if you can approach management there. It is likely to be where the Parcel Lockers for your area are, and you can find that on the AP website.

    This is an ongoing problem I suspect, though I personally have not had a problem. However, I have very few parcels delivered to my house. Most stuff goes to my PO Box. By the way, if you have a PO Box, you can subscribe to a daily alert via MY POST. Log in each morning and it will tell you if you have mail in your box.

    Secondly, the parcel contractors are being screwed all the time by AP, to get the costs down. So I suspect the drivers they employ are paid a pittance. However, that DOES NOT excuse bad service.

    A friend of mine currently has two AP parcel delivery contracts, and employs a number of people, and has several vans to cover his two areas. However, I don't know how he runs his business or anything about it, other than the fact that this Christmas just gone was an absolute nightmare for him with massive backlogs of parcels waiting to be delivered. Word is that AP apparently "lost" thousands of parcels, and then mysteriously "found" them again.

    At the end of the day, nothing will change. We all know AP is atrocious. Service is non-existant, prices sky high, and they are just digging a deeper and deeper hole for themselves. Ahmed Fahour has proved himself to be totally useless, but he ain't going anywhere, any time soon.

    Everyone knows full well that privatising it will achieve nothing, but more pain as we saw with Telecom, the electricity and gas utilities, private health insurance, building inspections, etc etc, need I go on.

    Government is not perfect at running things, that's a given. But AP provides a service that no private company will provide, and some poor little nobody who lives out in Woop Woop West is entitled to a mail service just as much as you, I, Malcolm Turnbull, and Bill Shorten et al. That's the Australian way isn't it?

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      Alot of DC's/MC's wont actually speak to customers directly, and they dont control the contractors, thats all done by the state rep.

      Anyways, best method is to go to the post office and ask for the green complaint form, fill it out, get it faxed to strawberry hills head office, in addition have it posted as well.

      Any complaint needs to be in writing before they will act, remember even though its not a government organisation, its still treated like one, meaning paperwork trail is the key.

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