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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey 4.5kg $100 Instore Only @ GNC (Requires Gold Card)



Optimum Nutrition 4.5kg (10LB) $100@
GNC (Requires Gold Card)

Cheapest ever ive seen for a longgggggggg time

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Mod: Product page is now saying "Sorry this product is currently out of stock. If you'd like to be notified when it's back in stock, please contact us.".

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    Thanks OP. I'm normally on Bulk Nutrients (Chocolate and Cookies&Cream) and never tried ON before (don't judge). Which flavour would you recommend?

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      Double Choc for sure

    • +3

      extreme milk choc

      • I think extreme milk isn't available for 10lb

      • This one is too sweet.

    • Insane Triple Chocolate Explosion

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    • Anyone tried the strawberry? I buy chocolate all the time, want to try something different if its any good.

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        Dont get 10kg of Strawberry … Grab a smaller lot of a berry one - you will regret the larger amount!

      • +1

        Switched from chocolate to strawberry - it's surprisingly great and not too strong. It tastes identical to the Breaka strawberry milk, if you've tried that.

      • +1

        I have the strawberry, its great, not too milky, fairly sensitive when it comes to acid reflux and don't get any big issues with it.

      • I recently finished off my 2.25kg tub of Strawberry, it's fantastic!

        I can't do Vanilla (in ANY shake, just horrible), and I've tried Choc-Mint - not a fan.

        Found Strawberry to be the most enjoyable.

        In saying all this, I've recently switched to Bulk Nutrients' WPI, and find it hard to compare the differences.

    • +1

      Extreme Milk Choc is a lot better tasting than Double Choc imo.

      Double Choc has a kind of bitter aftertaste. Extreme Milk Choc tastes like a chocolate milkshake.

      This is coming from someone who has been drinking both flavours for years

      • it's the opposite? lolz I like double choc.

  • Out of Stock?

  • How do you get a gold card?

    • Add it to your cart. Click one of the side banners.

  • Chocolate sold out :(

    • Incorrect. Was just able to add chocolate to my cart at 2:55pm

  • +4

    horrible website

  • Well done EC. Another top bargain of the week!

  • -5

    Hi guys.

    Can I put muscles on if I just drink this and train occasionally? Since fat converts into muscle it should be easy for me…


    • +3

      Depends on how occasionally you're talking and your type of training. But protein is good for you no matter what and so is training - so drinking this and training occasionally is better than nothing, just don't expect to get ripped

    • +5

      Maybe if you use some tren

      • +10

        you just need to eat clen, tren hard, anavar give up

        • LOVE IT! BAHAHA

        • +5


          Eat Clen.
          Tren hard.
          Test your limits.
          DBOLish your goals.
          GHet huge.
          Keep husSLIN.
          Winny it all.
          Anavar give up.

        • +1

          Be what you always wanted to be ,a UNIT, so that when you die and go to whatever's next, you can say "Pound for pound, I worth more then anybody else, except Arnie, so let me in!"…

    • +14

      Bad troll is bad.

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      For best results, especially if you're trying to bulk up you need to train regularly otherwise the protein will just get excreted and you'l waste your money…

      Usually you have enough protein in your diet for some muscle growth with training. But it's often hard to get enough protein in your diet to bulk without eating a hell of a lot or other effects (e.g. higher than normal fat intake etc.) Protein powders help but it's not absolutely necessary. E.g. you could just have some other protein source before or after exercise like poached chicken…

      Not sure where the "fat into muscle" thing comes from, sounds pretty dubious.

    • +1

      Correct, but when you do train make sure you tren hard and eat clen.

    • +5

      eat duck embryos bro

      • +2

        For the low price of $699

        • I am sure you can get better price than this: go to some Asian stores and buy a dozen duck eggs; they can be had at different stages of incubation, no more than $2/egg. Remember to eat them quickly or you might have some ducklings (unlikely but if the weather is warm enough …)

        • @z28:

          I was referring to this the latest scam in supplements


        • @DaTa:

          What is that? HGH is cheaper…

      • +1


  • This is below cost price…..even if they are importing from overseas. Not bad at all.

  • +4

    RRP: $199. Lol.

  • Does anyone know if this is in store also? Their website is crumbling…

    Edit… nevermind only selected stores

    Melbourne Central

    Bondi Junction


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    Website is excruciatingly slow.

  • Does it matter which brand of WPI/WPC you buy ?
    eg. Bulk Nutrients vs Optimum vs whatever

    is protein just protein ?

    • +3

      For 95% of people (including me) there's no real difference between brands. And for most people (including me) WPI isn't worth the extra cost compared to WPC. Can't really go wrong with 5kg of Venom Protein WPC for $100 (or 5kg of WPI for $150)

      • thanks - so comparing venom to this product.. the only advantage this product has is its WPI/WPC blend ?
        ie Different brand , same product .. same price (just about)

        • +1

          can't do Venom personally, their powder doesn't mix good and a lot of the flavours taste like chemicals, unless they've improved over the past few years

        • +1

          Mixes far easier than the Venom stuff by a mile and (personally) tastes better - but unless you are a stickler for muscle diets (I am NOT) I wouldnt stress too much. Look at the volume of protein per serving size. If its only 20g per 40g scoop thats a lot of filler. If its 35g per 40g scoop you know what you are getting.

        • +1

          For most people's intents and purposes yup. Give 'difference between WPI and WPC' a bit of a Google and see if WPI is worth it for you.

          I've bought from Venom a few times and they've been great - I once ordered 5kg at 11pm one night and it was delivered by 10am the next morning! That was just from their warehouse in Brisbane to central Brisbane but shipping to regional only took a few days. Their creatine monohydrate is dirt cheap too

        • @Chickenleg: Fair enough, I've had chocolate and banana Venom recently and they've been fine with milk

        • @Pulseidon: Haven't bought from them for many years though so they could be completely different these days, i generally do BN these days

          I'd buy this deal though if i could actually get the page to load.

        • @Chickenleg: Yeah, so would I. I think it's all sold out though - when you get to checkout it says quantity you entered (1) is unavailable.

        • @Chickenleg: What flavours would you recommend from BN? Might give them a try next time around

        • +1

          @Pulseidon: Personally I like cookies and cream, banana, coffee, choc mint. Taste is pretty subjective though, but everything up to 5kg lots come in 1kg bags so easy to figure out your favourites

          edit: just remembered you can order a couple of free samples from them too so just have a look at their site or fb page. I recall the samples being the reason i switched from Venom in the first place

        • @Chickenleg:

          I found the choc mint a bit toothpasty for my liking (that was the first flavour I tried from there). Still waiting on my salted caramel sample.

        • @shrodes: haha I literally just tried my salted caramel sample, quite liked it. Also they actually reformulated the choc mint because of negative feedback, guess I'm just a weirdo lol

        • @Chickenleg:

          My salted caramel came tonight, quite good. Might order that one next.

      • ON mixes way better than Venom. I get no chunks and I dont need to add alot of water/milk. Also every time I get Venom they arrive badly packaged and usually covered in powder. I only get ON on special though, I wouldnt ever pay full RRP.

    • What you have to compare it`s the quantity of protein and carbs in a portion, and the source of protein ( milk, egg, soy, meat) . ON Whey for example have 24g Protein from milk and I think that less than 1g of carbs. You will want something like that, a lot of protein and less carbs ( because you are paying for protein!)

      A lot of low quality product mixes cheaper proteins as soy and egg, and sell as whey protein.

    • Not so much, provided they have a good rep with the powder having gone through it's tests to show it has the amount of protein it's supposed to. For me, it all comes down to taste and mixability, which some of the budget brands are not so good for, so it just depends on how much $$ you want to save really. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard is pretty good in the flavour department.

    • Protein is just protein. Having said that, I've tried both WPI & WPC from Bulknutriants and MUCH prefer the WPI flavor. It tastes good (pretty much on par with ON, which is a blend of WPI & WPC). Also, WPI mixes FAR FAR easier with water. Sometimes I have a shake with milk (before bed for slow release) and wouldn't even try this with WPC.

      IMHO, the biggest differences in protein brands is the flavor. Life is too short for shit tasting protein shakes.

      • Milk Protein is not the same that Soy Protein, that is not the same that egg protein.

        Milk protein = fast absorption ( good to use after work out)

        Soy and egg = slow absorption ( Good when going to sleep or waking up )

    • I find the isolate is a lot better as I suffer from acid reflux.

    • +1

      I don't buy generic brands anymore as there's no assurance of quality. A few years back they did tests on a few and some had like 50% of the actual protein content as advertised. Similarly I buy ON for another reason in that it's filtered, meaning higher purity and better quality of protein.

      WPI vs WPC wouldnt really matter, I prefer WPI.

      To be honest though make sure your diet is good in the first place, that's way more important that worrying about supplements. Supplements are the final icing on the cake.

    • Taste and consistency is probably the biggest factor. Unflavored, cheap protein from ebay gets old quickly

  • Damn I Paid $80 2 weeks ago to buy 2.3kg =(

    I dont know if they have, but try the Delicious Strawberry. Its Delicious!

    • I was hoping it would be Fantastic!

  • Wow absolute bargain.

  • The website does not even load. is it only me?!?

  • +2

    Accidentally added two into my cart! Only taken an hour!

  • Also tried to check out and it changes it to 0. I'd say this is out of stock now

  • omg, site is getting hammered. cant add anything.

  • There only seem to be 3 flavours to choose from in the website:


    Where's these double choc, milk choc etc. People are talking about?

  • How long does protein powder last?

    • I've had protein for years and I still use it…

      Saying that I probably wouldnt put it together if It gave me a bit of an upset stomach.

      So dont take my word for, give it a google, but It lasts a long time.

      I tend to collect proteins and supps and very rarely finish it before buying another.

      Its taking a lot of will power not to buy this!

    • -2

      as with most powdered foods, it lasts until moisture becomes a problem, allowing bacteria to grow. If you store it in a dry area and keep it sealed, it should last several months. You'll know it's gone off when it becomes clumpy.

    • I just checked the best before date on a pack I bought last month. About 18 months until then.

      Note that it's not a use by date so you can probably continue eating it after.

  • +1

    This has expired now, OP should update

    • -1

      Incorrect. Was just able to add chocolate to my cart at 2:55pm

      • But did you check out?

  • +1

    I think all the vanilla flavors are sold out. Had to wait for an hour for my order to be processed.

  • Do you checkout first separately for just the gold card?

  • +1

    All over red rover.

    • -1


      Was just able to add chocolate to my cart at 2:55pm

      • Try to check out, it comes back saying no stock.

        • +1

          I think they are continuously changing stock levels

        • +1


          Everytime i try, it adds it then go to purchase and it comes back saying limited stock and removes it all to 0.

        • @lonewolf:

          Bah kept trying like you said incase the stock levels were changing and i ended up missing out on vital greens and strawberry flavours :(. hence missed out on everything

  • -2

    Better get your zyzz whey protein if you want to make it!!

  • +7

    im thinking this site is hosted on a dialup connection somewhere in the congo.

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