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Sidchrome Socket Set 1/2" 21 Piece Metric $99 inc shipping (RRP $159) @ Supercheap Auto


This deal is back on.

A very nice set for anyone who is after 6 point sockets.

Here's how the advertisers describe it:

This Sidchrome 21 Piece Metric 1/2" Drive Socket Set is a fantastic kit for the home or workshop. It has a great range of metric socket sizes from 8 - 32mm.

It also has the 1/2" ratchet driver, two extension bars and a universal joint to cover pretty much all your nut and bolt tightening needs.

The sockets feature Sidchrome's TorquePlus system to ensure maximum tightening force gets from your hand to the bolt being tightened.

The Detection Box case allows you to easily see if all of your sockets are in the right spot, whether it is open or closed. Great to help make sure you never lose any bits out of the box!

All in all, these combinations of great features make this a fantastic socket set for the home, workshop or factory.

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    I bought a similar Sidchrome set (but has imperial as well) and it is still going strong 15 years later - never strips bolts etc. Highly recommended.

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    Looks like the same set as masters has for $99


    I do like nice tools but I find my cheapo socket set to be quite sufficient for home.

    Am I missing out on anything?

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      It's hard to find a decent set of six point sockets for this price, let alone a full socket set.

      But cheaper sets (from different manufactures) do exist. If you have one, and you're happy with it, then I don't think you're missing out on anything.

      Out of curiosity, what set do you have?


        Just a generic ~$15 set

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          Bargain :)

          You probably won't be able to apply much force to those sockets, so not ideal for automotive work.

          Also, the ratchet mechanism in more expensive ratchet handles can be smoother, give you easier direction changing, and work better in a small space than a cheap handle. The click and movement of a well made ratchet handle makes it hard to put down.

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        it depends on how much work you do, and how tight things are on…

        I've found while my cheap kits do work 95% of the time, they have left me wanting on a few of the more difficult jobs, I've gone and bought a more expensive bit, the fit on the nut just made it work better IE removed a semi stripped nut.

        also the tool box they usually come in is much better quality, most of my cheap sets the box is the first thing to go, which means in turn they end up loose in a bigger toolbox, which means i cant gauge how many tools are missing from the pack, before i finish my job, also it makes them much more difficult to find…

        after going thought the more mechanically minded friends I'll probably be all over this one.


          oh, I should mention, it was the cheap set that's most likely stretched, or was never 100% that stripped the bolt in the first place.

          there are a few other kits that are around the same price that have a couple more tools, and imperials, i still went this one as a full one stop metric shop…

          figure this one having only metric and being this many sockets, should have more than the combo kits have…


    Looks like this may have sold out, despite the site saying there are still 297 in stock.

    Edit: Sorry. Looks like the 'Sold Out' banner was only in place for a few minutes.


    I went for this one late last year.

    It's not Sidchrome but has many large sockets (>23mm) which are $12.99 if bought individually. The Stanley set I refer regularly comes down to $70-75 at SCA.

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      That is a great set. I bout the 1/4" 1/2" version in the same sale.

      According to Wikipedia, Sidchrome is made by Stanley Black & Decker, now.

      This Sidchrome set has six point, TorquePlus, sockets, which is why I'm interested in it.

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    I always thought Facom (french) made the sets. They all owned by same umbrella company.

    This is 12pt and expensive, but closer than the ones on facom site.

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    20% off at SCA tomorrow, and for Club Plus members you can buy today and get the price garauntee difference added to your card.


      You're in the know, chyawala!

      I wonder if the 20% off will cover already discounted stock. If so, this set is a steal at roughly $80.

      Edit: Ah, I now have the '20% Off' email. It says 20% off RRP, and is for 'store stock' only. I suspect this set won't be discounted - shame.

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