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Gravity Rush Remastered $29, Life Is Strange $39, PokéMon Rumble World $39 + More Deals @ Target


Some Target deals with a few Upcoming Game Offers. Starts Thursday

40% Off All Bonds
XB1 1TB Bundle $497
Life Is Strange Limited Edition XB1/PS4 $39 - Available 22/1
Gravity Rush Remastered PS4 $29 - Available 3/2
Pokémon Rumble World 3DS $39 - Available 23/1
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 PS4/XB1 $78 - Available 5/2
Lego Marvel's Avengers - All Platforms $39-$69 - Available 27/1
Yo-Kai Watch 3DS $44
3DS Adaptor $10 (Save $4)
The Wire The Complete Season Box Set - DVD $49
Sopranos Complete Collection DVD $75
Newsroom Complete Collection DVD $49
The West Wing - The Complete Series DVD $55
Huawei Y625 Dual SIM $159 (Save $40)
Huawei Y360 Dual SIM $89 (Save $40)
Vodafone Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace $89 + Bonus $40 Starter Kit
Spider-Man Colour Shock Slinger $29 (Save $10)
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Phone $10 (Save $8)
Crayola 36 Pack Crayola Coloured Pencils $5 (Save $5)
Cadbury Bags Or Blocks $2.50 (Save $2)
Buy Any iPod Touch & Get Bonus Bluetooth Speaker
Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price On Kids Active Joggers
Buy Pro Tab Mini PC And Bonus Logitech Wireless Combo MK270R $179

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Target Australia

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  • sweet! probly gonna pick up gravity rush and life is strange! thanks

  • Gravity Rush PS4 looks amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZjjigrLm3k

  • Gravity Rush Remastered for $29, sold.

    • FYI its $10.95 cheaper than EB… expected RRP to be higher honestly… either way $29 is a good deal!

      • Wow $29 for AU ver is way too cheap indeed!

        I paid my Collector Edition back at xmas around AUD $200, Asian ver with English sub.


        • thats very cool, not sure if its $200 cool but still… I like it! :) how's the game (assuming you've played it)? I have it on vita but feel it'd be nicer to play on a big screen.

        • +1 vote

          lol makes me want to go overseas just to get the Collector Edition.

        • I was going to preorder from Japanese PSN but the currency conversion was around $60 Australian which I think is nuts for a remaster. I ended up pre-ordering it from the USA PSN for $30USD so for this to come at $30AUD is nuts. Definitely get it at this price if you can :)

        • @KRiSX:

          I don't have the actual gameplay, although I've uploaded this clip in 1080P:

          Same here I have it on Vita but didn't get a chance to play it properly. It's an okay game, lotsa flying around like SAO Lost Song, kinda short imho, on big screen the gfx is beautiful! But I bought it just for the figure. ^_^


          If you are lucky. It is sold out at Amazon JP & Play Asia, but you can still get Japanese ver (no English sub) from here:


          Priced at 19,800¥? That is like AUD $250 plus shipping… Maybe not for everyone. Wish Sony releases CE in EU/AU/US region but I had no choice except grabbing this Asia ver.

      • Yip, I was having a look around.

        RRP for Gravity Rush Remastered is $39.

        RRP for Life is Strange Special Edition is $49.

  • How do they have a special for game(Gravity Rush) that won't even be released within the period of said special?

  • Off to Target on friday for Life is Strange it seems…

  • Good games, sadly no good offer for Just Cause 3 and Until Dawn :(

  • Wait what? Life is strange is like 26 bucks full price for for the digital version. Why pay more and have to change discs? Not to mention it's been on sale for something like 15 not that long ago.


    In fact looking at that graph I'd say it's due to be 50% off again soon.

    • +1 vote

      Yep. I was going to say the same ps4 store has it for 26 or each chapter was like $7. That was last week I looked.

    • some people still prefer a physical copy… some people have crappy download limits and slow internet… it makes sense for physical to cost more than digital… because you know… its physical :P

    • Certain people including me prefer physical copies than digital ones. Not a comparison just a preference. You can trade in physical copies, or lend them to many friends. Game libraries such as steam look like a task list to me.

      • And a stack of physical games doesn't look like a task list?

      • I'm a bit weird. I have over 1000 games in my Steam library and pretty much go for Steam games whenever I can unless there's a large difference in pricing between Steam and non-Steam (e.g. GTA V) yet when it comes to my 3DS it's either a physical copy or no purchase.

        • I wouldn't say you are weird. PC game packaging varies from one publisher to another. And a lot of games don't have physical copies. Steam provides you feelings of a organised game library. Games for the consoles usually have the same packaging. I don't buy speacial editions because of that. I buy DLC or speacial edition perks online tho. I think you are the same because you said about your 3DS.

          I think we all have OCD!!!!!

    • I wouldn't have bought this digitally via season pass the day episode one came out if I knew it was going to get a physical release eventually.

      A pile of games on a shelf looks nice. Don't get the same feeling looking at them in a digital library.

      Might even still re-buy it just to have a retail copy, as the game was that good.

  • Nice price for Life is Strange, thanks heaps!

    • What makes the limited edition worth buying over the far cheaper digital version?

      • Well as some people have already said… It has a disc. Thats why I'm getting it.
        Although to be fair I'm buying it from ozgameshop with a voucher, so it's only costing me $29.

      • This is Limited edition by the way so it comes with art book, soundtrack CD and directors commentary. But yeah I'm one of those people that prefer physical copy.

        • Art book & soundtrack would be cool

        • @Agret:

          Yeah, for collectors, it's worth getting over the digital version. Something for you to look at. My sister has the digital version and she wanna get the physical as well :)

  • If only they stock Life is Strange for PC too.

  • Nice one. Gravity Rush pre-order on the PS Store is $44.

  • 500gb ps4 console for 429 in catalogue… Not sure how it is possible for target prices to go up over time, go figure.

  • While I don't think $39 for Life Is Strange on disc is quite worth it (compared to digital), I highly recommend checking the game out. I played it episode-to-episode last year and thought it was incredible.

    • I didn't think it was worth it either after I finished it and got the platinum trophy, but heck, after listening to the OST that came bundled with it, yea, why not.

  • Cheers for the post, the 29 buck tag for Gravity Rush made me remember it's getting re-released, I wouldn't have paid a full RRP for it considering I platinum'd it on Vita way back when, but for 29 bucks day one, hell yeah I'm jumping back in, the DLC alone would have set me back like …nevermind, I just went on the store to look for the price and I can't find the DLC anywhere, looks like this may be the only way to play the DLC now.

    • The DLC is still there for the Vita version; it's on the page for the game itself. I think they've been discounted by about ten cents each since I bought them.

      • I see them now, I hate how the store does that for some games but not all of them, I'm fine with having DLC entirely separate and I'm fine with them being grouped together, but just make one of them the standard please, Sony.

  • Dunno if I'll get it again considering I already clocked it on Vita (unless they've boosted it performance wise or something) but I thoroughly recommend picking this up when it comes out if you didn't play it on Vita. It's a truly special game in my opinion.

  • +1 vote

    Does anyone have a cap of Gravity Rush $29 from this catalogue?

    The current catalogue doesn't have any video games.


  • i just showed EB the target website saying gr for $29 and they pricematched as usual (Fountain Gate VIC)