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Coke Rewards: New Coles / Myer Group Gift Cards ($10 - 200 Tokens & $200 - 4000 Tokens)


Seems like these are back again (all previous deals expired)…

Unfortunately I don't have enough to claim =(

  • $10 card is 200 tokens
  • $25 card is 500 tokens
  • $50 card is 1000 tokens
  • $100 card is 2000 tokens
  • $200 card is 4000 tokens

Don't forget that Coke Rewards close on 21 July 2016!!!

The Coles Group & Myer Gift Card provides the ultimate luxury of choice.The Coles Group & Myer Gift Card can be used at any one of the following participating stores*:
• Coles
• Myer
• Target
• Target Country and Baby Target
• Kmart and Kmart Tyre & Auto
• Liquorland
• Vintage Cellars
• 1st Choice Liquor
• Coles Express

That's thousands of stores and millions of exciting products to choose from.

*Conditions and exclusions apply. For full Terms of Use visit giftcards.com.au or phone 1300 304 990

Please note: There is a limit of 1 redemption per Member

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  • thanks, grabbed a $50 card

  • +1 grabbed a $25 voucher after missing out last time.

  • Dangnamit - I still am stuck on 495 tokens.

  • Thanks OP! Grabbed a $25 voucher this time :-)

  • I am also a tad short, by 20 tokens. They keep turning up in odd places though - used to always keep any i came across and put them aside thinking I'd enter them later. Glad they've given a good amount of notice it is ending.

  • Damn I am 30 points short as well.

  • I got a $25 voucher wrapped I missed out last time! Shame it's not a code & have to wait 6-8weeks for shipping! Only 140points left, they can keep them!

    Damn it I'm an hour late I found it & was hoping to post my 1st ozbargain!

    I've been checking every couple of hours during business hours after missing out last time, damn you guys are quick!! Well done!

  • I want the 4K points $200 card again please!
    Have over 4K left…..take whats on offer now or hold off for bigger vouchers?

  • +1 vote

    How long is the postage? I been waiting weeks…:/

  • Got a $25 gift card just now as well as a $25 card last week when they last went up, so that was nice they didn't count as doubling-up as it were.

  • Thanks, just ordered a $50 card

  • Thanks! Got a $50 one and now I'm back to zero points…

    • +3 votes

      You'll have to post a "damn I'm only 500 tokens short" to try and get some sucker to give you a code

  • Got one $25 one and one week away from filling my other two accounts with 500 tokens and then a week after that for account four. Hopefully the deal will be back for me to take advantage of it for the other accounts.

  • thanks OP, grabbed a $50 card, only have 310 tokens left now :(

  • Thanks a million OP. Have been struggling to get codes lately because there have been too many specials on cans. Have been sitting a little over 1600 for ages.

    Given that they're winding up got a $50 and a $25 and will just forget it. Would love to be able to gift someone the 190 points, but it can't be done.

  • Are Coke starting to have code less bottles? Literally had two 2L Coke bottles and one of them had no code printed - still had the rest of the Cokerewards details.

    No one listed above mentioned they needed 10 tokens so here you go anyone! Happy Thursday! B7PRKPJCNRB7M

    • damn someone was fast!

    • +1 vote

      they're meant to be stopping the codes from February. if they still have the coke rewards promo stuff on the label, i'd email them with a photo of the label and they'll credit you with 10 points

      • Thanks for the tip! Yeah just thought it was weird - cause instead of taking the label off I just usually take a picture when the bottle is empty and bam it wasn't there.

  • $100 cards now added too.

  • Damn, I'm on 470 codes, need to buy some more coke haha.

  • yep dont see any myer cards.

  • Looks like all the Coles Myer cards are gone! Will mark deal as expired =(

  • Not expired, I just ordered both a $100 and a $50 card

  • All up again as of right now: $10, $25, $50, $100, $200. Scored myself a little $10 card to soak up some points while I'm waiting for another week to roll by to redeem more.

  • Bloody legend
    Just got 4K tokens $200 voucher!
    Now 150 tokens left

  • Dammit I'm still 4 labels short. Can't they come out with a $20 voucher?

  • Can people email them and ask them to put up Hoyts vouchers again? I emailed them a couple of months ago and they basically said they might think about it. Maybe if more people emailed they'd do it.

    • they have Event gold class vouchers available if that's any consolation

      • I saw but I don't have enough points. If they don't get the Hoyts ones I suppose I'll just have to make a final push to get enough to order a Coles voucher.

    • The Hoyts vouchers are all I really want. Absolutely loved them and basically paid for my movies over the last two years. Definitely worth the 95 tokens per movie ticket.

  • back in stock

  • Just noticed in store most of the bottles now lack codes.

    • Yep. They stopped printing codes mid February.

    • I saw my first two red label 2l bottles without codes in recycling bins on Tuesday. Very sad. That will make it tougher to max out code entry each week. Luckily I have a few stashed away.

      • I got rolled twice last week riding the bike. Stop and find no code. Look at the sky and curse the gods.

        • you can tell which labels don't have the code — latest ones have a more "plainer" look to them

  • This is great!
    Used 200 points for a $10 card. And I'm finished.

    Thank you.

  • +5 votes

    This deal had finished (cards out of stock) hence I posted a new one. Unfortunately the mods in their wisdom saw it as a dupe. Looks like the mods are just going to keep old deals going even after coke rewards run out of stock. Makes it hard if you're not constantly checking to see if vouchers or gift cards are being restocked. Mods that's a bit frustrating as I'd rather see a new deal on the front pages. Anyway I just secured a $25 voucher.

    • I appreciated it. I'm subscribed to CokeRewards notifications and didn't realise they had vouchers up again - so thank you :)
      I'm still waiting on my last Coles gift card.
      Hopefully they put up some JB ones again, I much prefer getting the e-card as soon as I redeem the reward.

      • Cheers. I'm subscribed too and didn't get a notification. I'm starting again on zero points but hopefully i can get enough points for a jb voucher next time. 6-8 weeks is a long time to wait. I guess they have to recycle the pastic and manuacture the cards first ;)

      • You can convert the coles giftcards into other giftcards.

    • I think it might have got reactivated before you posted.

    • It was posted by someone yesterday and removed as a dupe, then three times today. It does come up in the deal pages marked as removed as a dupe - that's where I saw it. But someone does have to post it when they become available.
      Perhaps if the reward URLs have changed then it would be grounds for a new deal because people who had already got one on the old reward URL could get another one on the new reward URL.

      • The coke rewards JB voucher deal has expired as it should because there are no vouchers remaining. If the JB deal hadn't been tagged as expired and vouchers become available, I'd prefer if members could create a new post. The deal posting guidelines state that you should not post a deal if it has been already posted. This deal was a month ago. Stock ran out and hence someone should have been able to post a new deal. Don't care if it is me or someone else but it wouldn't be a dupe.

    • This deal had finished (cards out of stock) hence I posted a new one

      Thanks, but until your report just now that is the first we had heard about this deal being finished - it was never marked expired or reported. This deal which was posted on 20/1 was still active and no one had marked it as expired/out of stock at all since then. Had this deal been marked expired/out of stock then the new post wouldn't have been deemed a duplicate - we weren't aware sorry.

      If anyone does notice Cokerewards or any deals no longer available it would help us out if you could hit the report button so we can mark it expired and we'll know that if someone posts a new deal it's because it's back in stock/available again. This means that if it's older than 1 month, as this one was, it won't be dupe'd. Even if it is dupe'd we can sticky/highlight the previous deal on the front page for those who aren't subscribed if it's appropriate.

      We'll sticky this deal on the front page for a few hours now for those who weren't subscribed to Cokerewards or didn't see the previous unpublished duplicates on the new deals or front page.


      • +2 votes

        Thanks. I didn't know i could do that. I appreciate your reply. If i could + your comment i would

  • I am 10 points shy of a gift card :(…I'm tempted to raid the neighbourhood bins!

  • +1 vote

    I'm 50 points short of the $25 time to go hunting.

  • on the coke labels they say "retained unique codes for all entries". Well if you've got any of those old labels like the 12 digit codes, they seem to be working again. :)

    • Are you implying that codes previously redeemed in this promotion are being accepted again?
      I have retained my unique codes for all entries.

      • The 12 character codes seem to work. They had "©2011" on the inside label some of the codes back then would of had number 0 in the codes. From looking at your picture, they are "©2013" or more recent codes with 13 characters.

  • I have noticed that some coke bottles don't have the codes on them anymore…

  • Edit: Code Gone

  • Damn 3x codes short of a $10 Coles card. Would be very grateful if anyone had spares they don't plan to use to have pity on me and shoot me a pm =P

    Edit: 2x short now

  • 2 token short also from 200 =S

    Much appreciated if anyone may spare two codes. Thanks so much if possible =)

    And thanks for posting and updating!