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Xiaomi Yi Home Security 720P Smart Wi-Fi IP Camera - Night Vision - US $27.99 (~AU $40) @ DealsMachine

People who missed out on this deal and still wanting to buy this camera can look at ordering from Everbuying by paying about a dollar extra.

Original deal:
Cheapest so far for a Night Vision version. Use coupon code “batrarobin” to get it @US$27.99 (Valid for first 50 units)…and free delivery too.

Please note the normal delivery takes 3 weeks on an average.

From the recent popularity of my deal post, I contacted Dealsmachine to see if they would do any cheaper deal on Xiaomi Smart Camera and the best they could do was $27.99. Not bad at all for a great security camera, I have 3 of these installed in my house and I love the features:
(1) 720p HD clarity
(2) 2 way audio (my favourite!)
(3) Night Vision
(4) Motion detection Alerts on your phone
(5) MicroSD card storage
(6) Great mobile app
(7) Easy setup (Just connect power)

Xiaomi have significantly improved their mobile app recently. The app can be downloaded from here:
Android apk
iOS App Store
Before using the app, you would need to register for a Xiaomi account here.

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    I saw xiaomi in the title, and was hoping a deal for yi action cam.

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      I saw xiaomi in the title, and was hoping a deal for pistons.

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        I saw xiaomi in the title, and was hoping a deal on the mini ac wifi router.

        • +11

          you all need help

        • @jaybo: Yes. Help with our wanted deal.
          Ha ha.
          Ha ha ha ha ha.

    • +1

      I saw xiaomi in the title, and was hoping a deal for small rice

  • +6

    Dont buy only access the camera via app and the camera is region locked to a app i.e. chinese model only works with chinese firmware and app. You cant use the local english app. No night vision, and the remote access feature leave it open to exploitation.

    • What you talking about!

      • +9


    • Are you talking about different product? I'm confuse…

      • +2

        No have one. From a different dropship seller. It wont work with the english app.

    • My family and friends are using these cameras without any problems.
      (1) The cameras are NOT region locked.
      (2) The app is in English.
      (3) This is a Night vision version.
      (4) I can access the cameras from anywhere from mobile app.

      • +1

        You have a model made for tawain malasian market. The model for chinese market is the problem. I am not the only one having. These issues http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/reviews/B00VHWK2BC

        • If it's a different model to what you have, do your issues and advice to not buy it still hold true? There's no point telling us there's no night vision etc if it's a different product, surely?

        • +1

          Good work mate. Probably saved a few people from blowing their dough on this.

        • +7

          Hello sonicentropy,

          Thanks for your attention to this product, but the one you mentioned—http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/reviews/B00VHWK2BC is not the same version with ours. The right link should be http://www.amazon.com/YI-Home-Camera-Official-U-S/dp/B016F3M...
          Also, as confirmed, this product can work with English app.

          If you have other questions, pls feel free to contact me.

          Thank you

        • +1

          @Deals machine: So is yours the China version of the camera, or the international version?

          There is a difference between the two! The China version only works on this app:


          But the better, English (international model) version will work with this app:


          The China and International versions of the cameras are not interchangeable, and you can't flash the firmware to change a China version to International version.

          So which is the model sold here? The serial number prefix at the back of the camera will show…..

        • +1

          I had the same problem with a region locked chinese one.

        • +1

          @pinchies: drop that app.

          Seach for xiaomi in app store and download the app with green icon.

          Yes its title is in chinese but the app is actually in english!

          PM me if you have trouble.

        • @macmine:

          Hello macmine,

          This one is the China version. And you can download app here: http://www.xiaoyi.com/en/support/home

          Thanks for your attention.
          Have a nice day!

      • So what makes this the night vision version? Does it have IR?

        • +2

          Yes it has IR LEDs inside.

    • +2

      Have you tried? I use China CN model with English smart home app - works perfectly.

      pm me if you want to know how.

      • just received two from everbuying and they are chinese versions.

        I don't think you have PM activated, can you help me set it up for the english app


        • +1

          I am using apple app store as example.

          1. Search xiaomi in store
          2. Download the app with green icon with MI insides a house icon. Don't worry the name of app is in chinese. The actual app is in english
          3. Open the app, tap on + sign next to Device.
          4. choose yi camera
          5. Use phone and show the camera the bar code. You may need to tilt phoen on different angle and adjust the light source. Best result is no light.


        • @rubig: oh ok
          I got it working on that app but thought you may have got it working on the English app.

          Thanks anyway

        • @impoze:

          That app name is in chinese, but inside the app it is mainly english.
          This app works very very well! It is more reliable than YiCamera app as well.

          I am a xiaomi fan so pm me if you have other question. I have just set up PM.

    • +1

      Have you even played with one of these?

      I have the chinese model which setup up fine with the english app.
      Night vision works well for what it is (works great as a baby monitor).
      Hows does the remote access feature leave it open to exploitation?
      I had a play & it looks like only one a/c can be registered at a time to look at the camera remotely.
      And that device needs to be de-registered before another person can connect.

      That's the same price I paid 6wks ago.

      The nightvision works well in bedrooms & the speaker function "Oi, stop mucking around & get to bed" is handy.
      The alerts (motion triggered) seems to work well. But it's via the app, not email.

  • Will this work with synology surveillance station/licence?

    • Nope their app only

    • Yes you can use the RTSP access by downgrading the firmware. I have used it with my QNAP surveillance centre. Instructions here: http://en.miui.com/thread-70205-1-1.html

      • +4

        The downgraded one had WiFi connectivity issues for me.

        Grab the "M" firmware and use the "test" folder files by following my tutorial.

    • Gearbest?

      • +2

        They have a terrible reputation on here but honestly I think I have bought 5 things from them and only had 1 no show. Contacted them and got a full refund.

    • That is where I got mine.

    • +1

      That is NOT a Night Vision version.

  • +1
    • +1

      All these concerns have been addressed in the latest firmware and latest version of app which is in English.

      • +1

        Tried it on mine. Cant connect to it until i put the chinese firmware back on. The serial number has region codeat the start.

        • I have literally bought 7-8 cameras for family and friends from various sources e.g. Gearbest, everbuying and dealsmachine… Not a single one had any of the problems you are mentioning. They all work with the Android apk app (English) which I posted above.

      • Got mine through the suggested link, as others are saying its Chinese…. Its not real handy when its talking to you in Chinese, ows shin shaw gong doesnt mean a great deal to me neither do any of the Chinese characters that are riddled through out the interface both on the device and in the crap 2 bit app. Its rubbish, complete waste of time, very annoyed that ive wasted this much time with it. Will be looking for a refund.

        • OK after my initial extreme annoyance with this, i have it working, its ok. It would be far better if the software to control it had an option to be totally in english instead of about 3 words in total, so im still annoyed that i have no idea what half of the interface says but the device appears to work.

        • @Fuseion:

          Didn't the store rep (above) say this is the intl version?? That being the case, they should either provide a replacement or be banned for making false claims.

  • I need to buy 2 but I will wait until few of you receive yours and confirm AOK.

  • what's the power requirements of this camera?

    • +1

      Not sure about power requirements but the power adapter is rated at 5V,1A DC.

      • thanks

  • +3

    I got 2 when they were around AU$80 - they worked better than the D-link average ones.

    I then got another 2 but could never make them connected!

    They are really cheap now. But I don't want to take chances whith these anymore.

    • +1

      It would appear that the earlier version of app might have some issues, I suggest you try them with the latest version of the app.

  • +1

    Thnx, bought one to try
    Paid $42.48AUD

    PAYPAL Conversion
    From amount $42.48 AUD
    To amount $27.99 USD
    Exchange rate: 1 AUD = 0.658921 USD

    • +5

      Srely you should have a forex fee free card in your ozb toolkit :)

    • +1

      1 AUD = 0.658921 USD

      These are tough times.

  • how many phones/devices can I connect to this camera at the same time?

    • I have tried with 2 phones to the same camera without problems.

      • you mean two mobiles can see the same screen at the same time?

        • Sorry haven't tried at the same time, but both phones get the motion detection alert and I am able to review the alert video on either of the phones.

        • @batrarobin: thanks batrarobin that is good enough. And I presume both mobiles logged in to the same Xiaomi account?

        • @sol3x: yes correct.

  • the website seems a bit broken.

    I accidentally added too many to the cart and now I can't remove or reduce the quantity.

  • +2

    Seems expired now. "Error,this promotion code has frequency of use restriction."

    • +1

      yeah, tried to apply the coupon, got the same error message.

  • Does this only work with the app or can you access too via web browser?

  • price works out AUD 42.69 with out coupon code.

    Is also compatible for Video Recording to D-Link or Q-NAP NAS ?

    • Yes, you will need to use a particular version of the firmware to be able to use with the NAS.

  • +2

    My first xiaomi product. Can vouch for the quality of this camera.

    Only improvement i think needed is the ability to turn/rotate the head.

    Though at this price point I shouldn't complain.

  • The have reduced the price to a "special" of USD$29.99. No Code needed

    • That's what it was before. You save $2 with the code.

  • So this is an IP camera, can it then be used as one? Like can it be used by any IP camera software/app ?

    • Yes for that you will need to use a particular version of the firmware to get RTSP access, there is a tutorial someone posted above.

  • I can't seem to get free shipping

    • +1

      Yes correct.

  • +1

    Coupon Expired :(
    Thanks a lot for posting~
    Will catch the next bargain!

    • No worries, just letting you know that everbuying are also selling at similar price : http://m.everbuying.net/product933883.html

      • +1

        just received two, these are CN versions

        • That shouldn't matter, they would still work fine with the latest app.

        • @batrarobin:

          Any tips, I can't get the China version setup with android.

        • @isbrodie1:

          Try these:
          (1) Ensure you are using the latest version app. Download it from the link given above…. Uninstall any other version apps that you might have.

          (2) Restart your modem router just before setting up your camera for the first time.

          (3) Your phone must be connected to the Wifi.

          (4) Power on the camera and reset it by inserting a pin into the reset hole and hold for about 10 sec.

          (5) The orange light should start blinking when you power on the camera.

          (6) Now try adding the device from the app by clicking "+" button

          (7) When you hear the voice in Chinese, click "I heard Waiting to Connect".

          (8) Once it finds the device, enter your modem router wifi password.

          Good luck.

  • +1

    I just bought 3 units.. 29.99usd for 1

  • Strange - I couldn't buy any..
    After coming back from Paypal it said there were no items in my basket..
    Tried both on my phone and PC

    • the order might have gone through. Check your email to confirm.

    • same thing here. I just clicked on normal checkout and saw all my previous paypal details there (prepopulated). Still hadthe option to select paypal from there and it worked the 2nd time around.

  • I want to buy an IP camera. But it is too late.It was expired.

    • +1

      You could buy from here, similar price : http://m.everbuying.net/product933883.html

      • thanks, am about to buy one from this everybuying.net site….can anyone confirm if this is the China version? and if it is, will it work using the English iOS app?

        • +1

          Recently bought from them, it works with English iOS app, no issues whatsoever.

        • +1

          i received two of mine and they are the CN version.

          You have to use the green MI app but it's pretty much english inside the app and works fine

  • +2

    Deal is still running

  • +2

    I've just placed an order and total came out to be USD$26.40 at everbuying.net website without any coupon (see below)

    Total costCommodity price: USD$ 28.99
    - Used 100 EB Points saving: USD$ 2.00
    + Shipping Sub-total: USD$ 0.00
    + Insurance: USD$ 0.00
    - Mobile Discounts: USD$ 0.58
    - Wallet: USD$ 0.00
    The amount payable: USD$ 26.4

  • +2

    Just received my unit. Can confirm it's the China version. However, setup wasn't too hard following Twig's instructions


    Used the green mi app - 小米智能家庭-专业便捷的智能家庭应用,以手机为中心连接一切,轻松乐享物联生活

  • Just received my unit. Also confirm it's the China Version. However, setup was awful. Followed Twig's instructions including a firmware update, but still no cigar :(

    When I get to part where camera needs to scan QR, I can not get it to scan. yellow light flashing and do not hear any Chinese.

    Select option "no voice", get to 100% of connecting..at which point get blue flashing light followed by solid blue light..but still will not pair. Says issue with my wifi network, which I run a apple dual band AC router. Any suggestions?

    I am using the green Chinese app

    • +1

      When it asks you to scan QR, make sure you keep your mobile steady and try changing the distance between mobile and camera to ensure the QR gets read properly.

      One of the my friends had similar problems, she mentioned that resetting the camera and restarting the modem router helped.

      If none of the above helps, use an android phone as it might not need any QR code etc….and once the device is successfully added then you can use the same login on your Iphone and it will show the camera there.

      • I change the distance and keep in steady. Worked straight away using the international app but of course it is not compatible with the chinese version. I will try again when i get a chance on weekend.

        Thank you for your help.

    if you have the CN version and you used the CN app, make sure you DO NOT allow the firmware to update. I was able to get the camera running using the CN app on a CN camera from everbuying.net but the moment I allowed the firmware update, it sensed I was not in china and said "this camera can only be used in China" (all of a sudden the thing spoke English)…..then it was automatically shutdown! took me more than 1 hour to get it work then the new firmware blocked it from being used…

    so after googling…this fixed it… http://en.miui.com/thread-222024-1-1.html

    NOTES: the CN app, the one with the MI icon inside a house, it is terrible….it sometimes takes 7-8 attempts for me to log-in, it would say there was an error, (using an iPhone 6)

    • This must be an iphone thing? I upgraded the firmware and using the Android (chinese) app. It's a little bit annoying but it works

    • I firmware updated and confirm also not working. With the login I have the same problem but does work after a few attempts. I was finding that the camera would not QR scan read.

      I will try your solution tonight. Thank you.

    • I followed this steps last night, but still have issues with the camera not QR reading code. Go through the process of searching WIFI - get blue flashing light and the solid blue light but then get no further.


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