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Hisense 55" K720 Curved Ultra HD LED Smart TV - $1395 @ Harvey Norman


Seems like a pretty decent deal! Don't know how much these usually RRP for

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    does it do 4k at 60hz 4:4:4 ? and have dp 1.2?


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    I'm having real hard time with Hisense TV. Recently bought a 50inch smart tv. Its soooo slow. It will take atleast 30+ seconds to start playing a channel after pressing on button.
    And most of the youtube videos that play normally on my phone or ipad will keep buffering every 30 seconds when played on this TV.
    If you consider using Netflix on this TV, please check in store. One I bought is not compatible with netflix app on play store.

    I will suggest, when you are in store and thinking to get one, ask for the remote of demo tv and try every option possible like Switching on & off, switching between applications & channels, play different youtube videos etc.

    I don't know if most of the Android run smart TV's are same but I'm very disappointed with my purchase of this brand.

    Just sharing my experience, so people with double check before buying this brand. Hope this model is better than the one I bought. So please operate the tv before buying.



      I have a Sony 55inch UHD smart TV… It's not quite as bad as yours, but it's bad enough that I'm thinking "this is a $2899 TV??!". I know of others with similar issues… Which leads me to believe that it's not the TV, but android itself. If that drives you nuts (it drove my parents nuts I think lol when they came to visit) then it's better to get a non-smart TV… Just my 2c.

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        The new Samsung smart interface is great imo. I hear LG is very good too.


          Yeah that's coz it's not android right…? I think though once they do more upgrades it'll be fine…


        which model Yongaz? was thinking of grabbing a $ony Android, please give more info/comment?



          It's a great TV don't get me wrong… I love everything about it. It's just the android part really sucks. When it works, it's smooth as. I'd say it's good about 70% of the time….the android part that is but I have no complaints about anything else.


          @Yongaz: Many thanks!! That is the exact unit I been pricing on recent! Do you Plex with it?



          Nope…. it's basically got a built-in Chromecast, effectively rendering my chromecast useless heh. The mirroring function is AWESOME. But that's probably coz I've got a Sony Z5 phone and the original Z tablet. Like when you try and "throw" your phone / tablet screen it even turns on the tv or changes it to the right channel for you.

          Works well with my laptop / desktop streaming to it too. Basically rendering my WiDi device useless too lol.

          Like I said, picture is crystal clear… it's REALLY pretty. So yeah basically love everything about it, but the Android bit REALLY gets on my nerves. I've had to reboot it totally maybe 3-4 times in the past 3 months or so. When it works it's sweet; I even bought a TV keyboard from Belkin to go with it and it's really good when it works (like I said 70% of the time)…

          Hope that helps a little more. :)

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          Apparently Sony will be upgrading all 2015 android tvs to android marshmallow.


          Hopefully this helps with stability.

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          Have you checked for system updates in settings-my X8500c has had about 3 since I bought it, and now runs as smooth as silk. Out of the box though it was a complete mess.



          oooh thanks! That's something I haven't checked yet. I won't have the chance for a few more days as I'm interstate but will do that. Cheers!


    Heres the only decent review I can find on this TV. Just translate -> English



    I own a Hisense 46" 3D LED TV. It doesn't store settings once switched to standby or turned off. The customer service seemed eager to help, but it was after its warranty. They send me a usb stick with firmware update (there was no other way to update it a year ago). Didn't help.

    Just sayin.


    Ive been researching a new tv recently. But this is one of the only tvs that has full array local dimming leds… Its a big deal

    Damn must have missed this as its back to 1699.