This was posted 6 years 3 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Foxtel from Telstra - 3 Months Plat HD Free - $0 Install & No Lock in Contract - New Customers


Best Foxtel deal I have ever seen. Free Platinum HD for 3 months with $0 install and no lock in contract. Cancel or downgrade after 3 months.

Experience all the entertainment Foxtel from Telstra has to offer. The platinum package includes all the channel packs, so you won't miss a moment.

No set-up costs
No contract
No cancellation fees

Reports coming in of cancellations if you don't have a Telstra service. Telstra themselves are recommending a simple $2 pre-paid sim

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        • @caspochek: will it work interstate? My bro in law of vessels interstate.

          That would be wonderful.

        • @fm:
          Not sure mate, i took my box to test at his house before I canceled mine. I think with satellite it should work, I dont know about cable installation though. Try whirlpool perhaps?

        • @fm: I know of people who bought their own sat dish and take it caravanning around Aus. If course, Foxtel can't tell that "it never left the house".
          If your mate has cable and you get satellite, no go (or roles swapped)

        • +1

          Can confirm I am doing this, my box plus one for my dad :D - we are both cable.

  • Does anyone know if you can get Foxtel from Telstra using Belong. Would Foxtel play/go be unmetered on Belong?

    • no
      its a budget provider
      all data is counted im pretty sure
      technically it uses the telstra network but i seriously doubt youll get the same benefits as a full paying telstra customer

      stripped down belong for a reason (:

      its like buying a v8 and limiting it to 4 cylinders thats the belong equivalent of telstra
      dont get me wrong theyre good value but they cut out most of the full blown telstra stuff

      • telstra top ups 3 times a year
      • double nbn data
      • telstra air if thats your thing
      • bundling discount
      • telstra line profile changing for adsl speed optimization etc

      i seriously doubt theyll offer belong customers much more than the barebones adsl and home phone setup you get at a reduced rate

    • While Belong is owned by Telstra, it is operated by the Boost division therefore making Belong and Telstra official services unrelated. Foxtel is a part of Telstra services, so in signing up to this deal you agree to creating a Telstra account, pending a successful credit check.

  • +4

    Since FOXTEL is half owned by Murdoch, and his dirty business, I rather keep it out of my home! A big NEGATIVE from me… Plus it's not really a bargain, a way of trapping customers!

    • +8

      Or you could sign up and cancel and get a warm glow from knowing that you negatively impacted his bottom line.

      • That depends, if its use did indeed persuade people for his motivations then he wins too.

  • +1

    I dont see what's the hassle with those being negative about this deal? It's quite easy to cancel (i've done it myself ;)… it's a seamless process, it's not like you have to go through hoops just to cancel the service after a contract (cough fitness first)

  • +1

    The free install is worthwhile. I didn't have a TV point in the bedroom previously, but now I do, for free. Managed to get the installer to run a parallel cat6 cable at the same time also. Had to do my own crimping, but sure beats having to climb up on the roof myself.

    Helps that all the cabling goes back to a central cabinet in the house, one of those clipsal star serve boxes.

  • About 8-9 years ago, they did this as a targeted door-knocking campaign in units. 1 month free, no contract, free install.

    After about 3 months, they worked out that only 18-19% stayed on after the first free month, so they canned it.

  • Has anyone seen when this promotion runs til - I'm going away soon so would like to hold off til I come back to sign up…

    • +6

      Valid til end of April (confirmed with Foxtel)

      • -1

        Thank you sir. Have yourself a nice Australia Day

      • -1

        That is nice timing, my wife is into Game of Thrones…

        • +1

          Hook, line and sinker.

    • +1

      You could choose the installation date for when you're back, your start date for the 3 months starts when your service is activated

      • Ah ok perfect!

    • This offer expires in late June.

  • +2

    Thanks OP, this post prompted me to ring Foxtel and crack the shits. I've got Platinum HD multi-room at $159/month. But rather than singing up a new separate household member at the same address to take advantage of this offer with all the nuisances of disconnect/connect logistics, I threatened to cancel and played hardball (demanding to be put through to cancellations after they several petty offers). I'm now saving $500 ($45 less)for the next 12 months. So for existing customers, you too can effectively attract 3 months free too!

    I did something similar to this last year, so clearly Foxtel is much like a credit card provider with waiving (reducing) their annual fee depending on how much you spend etc.

    • Only paying $65 bucks but will give this a try.

  • +3

    When does this deal end? I want to start it as later as possible in time for the f1!

    • +1

      End of April according to a couple of posts above

      • Awesome! Thanks.

    • This offer concludes (unless extended) in late June.

  • +2

    Foxtel are struggling so hard… Serves them right after losing the EPL rights.

  • This sounds like a pretty good way for me to watch high quality EPL without having to look for streams… :)

    • -1

      Foxtel don't show epl awks

      • Wait what?!? Since when?
        Oh was this that news about Optus TV (or whoever it was) winning the rights so Foxtel no longer have it?

        • Then I would stick with

      • +1

        They do until the end of the current season. Then optus takes over.

  • I already have a Foxtel point in my bedroom but want to watch TV in the living area:

    1. Will a technician still need to come?
    2. Can I somehow stream TV from bedroom to living?
    • Unofficial solution- you can run a HDMI splitter cable from the bedroom to the living area. Anything veing shown from the bedroom is also visible in the living area.

      • Thanks for the insight. What options do I have if the bedroom is on the 2nd storey and the living is on the ground floor? I don't suppose CAT6 via Patch panel will be supported?

        • I use an AV sender over ethernet (can get wireless and HDMI versions too) to send my FetchTV to the bedroom from the theatre:

        • Oh my! Don't think we'll be watching TV from the lounge then, considering the price. Thanks for the advice.

        • @dmpiq:

          As a foxtel subscriber, isn't it possible to use foxtel play on a device in the second room? Provided that room is hooked to Internet of course

        • The CAT6 via patch panel may work. You'll need a HDMI over ethernet adapter ($50-100), and patch from one port directly to the other to join the rooms (ie. not via a switch/hub). Personally I tried connecting from the patch panel directly to my device, with the other device sitting in another room and that worked.

    • Yeah a technician will still have to be booked, it's their way of stopping people from dodging up the system(multiple boxes given to friends)

  • I need some help guys. I live in the second unit of a 4 unit residence. Unfortunately I only get ADSL2+ in Noble Park and terrible speeds being very far from the exchange. Our street however has Telstra Cable, but our residence does not. When I called Telstra to ask for Cable to be set up on our property, I was quoted a figure of $1000 for it to be brought over from the street, and that it would apply for all 4 units.

    My question is, if I sign up for this Foxtel deal, does that mean that Telstra will have to inadvertently bring the cable lines into the house? Or am I completely mistaken?

    • +1

      You are mistaken. That is not a standard install and there is a note about it not being free.

    • +1

      Its unlikely, although not impossible. In many cases they would just put the satelite dish on. It depends what is cheaper for them and the mood of the cabling guy.

      I got foxtel with cable - not sat - installed for free in an apartment on the first floor around 20-30 metres from the street. Didn't ask they just did it that way. Luck of the draw I think. Don't mention your previous quote or you will def be paying for a non standard install.

      Otherwise just wait for NBN and it will be free.

    • How do you tell if will be a standard install or not? Can you tell if they'll be installing a satellite vs cable?

      I'm in the same situation with a group of 6 units. When I key in my address on the Telstra Foxtel website it tells me "GREAT NEWS, FOXTEL FROM TELSTRA IS AVAILABLE". Does this mean I won't be charged an install fee?

      • You could say that the BC has restrictions on satellite and you can only use cable. See what they say

        • Great idea! Any idea if the Foxtel cable is the same as the BigPond broadband cable?

        • @atlas: Not certain - but after install of fox my apartment shows Telstra cable as 'available'.

      • You wont know until the first install date when a tech arrives. But IF it is a customised install, then they will need to get a quote for you, and you will need to approve the price of the quote before going ahead with it. If it doesnt go ahead you dont get charged anything.

  • No EPL next thanks!

    • Huh?

      • +2

        They lost English Premier League live coverage to Optus..

        • what is Optus going to do with an EPL subscription….

        • @MasterNoob:

          That's the big question mark for all epl fans.. Wondering the same thing myself

        • most likely they will stream it via a samsung or chromecast app. at a low price point. and then also on sell the rights to foxtel so they can have it as part of their package.

        • @porsche26c:
          I feel like this is the most likely situation. I would be surprised if foxtel didnt work out something to show the games as well.

  • homepage says offer ends 6th Feb, not end of April as someone said above.

    Edit: Sorry, that's a slightly different $0 offer

    • -1

      Would you please give me the link to foxtel website?

  • My Apartment has Foxtel points on the wall already - but it wants me to book an appointment for a tech. Is there a self install option, and if so, how do I access it?

    • Well, I rang them and they said they have to roll a tech for any new installs (even though my apartment has service already).

      Which is a pain, as their install appointments are business hours only, which of course is when I am at work.

      • Saturdays should be available too, generally an 8-10, 10-2 bracket.

        • Well, there are no Saturday dates available within the Feb-Mar dates provided. Every Sat/Sun is greyed out

        • Could very well be full up.

        • Saturdays are 7-10 10-2 and 2-5, sundays are only 7-10 and 10-2. These time brackets they dont make clear, its arrival between 7-10.

  • +2

    the best way to watch AFL for a reasonable fee is to use an Android tablet with the afl live app and a HDMI out cable into a TV for $90 / year for all games
    This is obviously only worth it if you watch a lot of footy
    sadly i don't have any deals for beers or pies, happy Australia day everyone :)

    • How did you get the HDMI out cable working? It doesn't work for me, says that streaming to a tv is unavailable

      • Samsung you can use an app called SideSync, not sure on other brands. Used my Note 3 with HDMI to TV last year for AFL (with free AFL Live subscription from Ozbargain deal, lol)

        • Interesting, I have the samsung tab, might try this then. Cheers legend!

        • I have a hyundai T7s android tablet, just plugged in the HDMI cable, TV mirrored what was on the tablet and worked great. Tablet is rooted but that shouldn't make any difference

      • I watched on my tv using a chromecast last year, Android phone, go into chromecast app and cast screen

        • i have heard reports that you'll run into issues trying to stream afl using android app using chromecast / wireless, if you choose this option do some more research :)

        • @sraven373:

          No issues on my side, watched a dozen games last season on the chromecast by casting screen through the app.

        • @mrned: thanks, good to know

    • +2

      The pass was free is you created a fantasy football team and the quality is terrible. Quality of WatchAFL is much better but it's more expensive and you need a Smart DNS or VPN service.

      • That was one of the busiest days on Ozbargain I've ever seen when that got announced!

  • I don't watch sports and I doubt I'd ever watch much live broadcast so I might just stick to Netflix. Good deal nonetheless

  • +2

    Thinking of investing in Telstra shares,

    • +1

      How about gift cards?

  • +1

    So after the 3 months,
    Can i effectively say i want to go onto a package that is sports in HD and the basic normal pack?
    Without any fees? also how much would it be?

    • Yes, $60 pm.

      • That's awesome, since i only want it for football.

  • It is worth noting that this seems to be online only at the moment. I just looked through our internal knowledge data base and there is no reference to it being available in Telstra stores. Possibly available in the call centres though.

    • +1

      I can confirm it's available in call centres. I can stop using my friend's Foxtel Go login for 3 months. Thanks Ozbargain.

      • Awesome, cheers for letting us know!

    • Hey, while im sure it's not something that Foxtel likes occurring, maybe you could (in dot point form) Identify the steps involved in Cancelling with the least amount of hassle when the 3 months are up? Massive Brownie Points to you if you can do this for us!

      • +9

        For sure dude,

        What I usually do to protect myself, when siging up. Is first ask for a reference number to the interaction on the system. This is our noting system that everyone else in the business/ombudsman can see.
        I then get them to repeat what they wrote in there- make sure to note the contract term, exact price per month, and deals.
        Then i get them to repeat it a second time, as sometimes you will get who will just say things. to make you happy. If they repeat it you can catch them out for doing that, as no one can remember word for word what they jsut said when they're not trying to remember.
        once that is done. When it comes down to cancelling, you should have no issues. The ammount of times i've set up deals for me/friends like this and never had a problem is immense.
        Here is a direct number to our cancellatons team in Adelaide for reference as well. 1800 218 964. Incredibly well trained, good mannered team. Never ever had an issue with them myself or when sending customers to them.

  • Don't think this has been mentioned yet but there is no "retention" deals available for Foxtel via Telstra. They JDGAF if you cancel. Big Whirlpool thread on this.

    With Foxtel I used to regularly call up and threaten to cancel, and get 50% off for 3 months. Rinse and repeat every 3 months for 2 years lol.

    • +1

      Depends what point of time it is in the year, sometimes there is sometimes there isn't. Depends how the system is set up and what deals are currently available. We're limited by what the system can do. But there definitely is retention deals, most of the time it will be in regards to other services though. So $10 off your mobile if you stay with Telstra kinda deal.

      • Still, not the same as Foxtel. I was paying like $30-35 a month for a long time for Sports + HD

  • Any chance of getting the deal via XBOX? I have a shitty landlord who doesn't allow foxtel dish to be installed on his property.

  • @ONEMariachi
    Can you confirm this deal expiry date? Some say Feb but others say Apr.

    • I don't specifically know the expiry, but I just completed the order process (online) and chose to have the installation done on the 25th of March.

  • I just signed up.

    Once you've processed the order it has a page with your order number and the below

    "Order Summary

    3 months Platinum HD free
    No set-up costs
    No contract
    No cancellation fees"

    I'd say taking a screenshot of that will help and be enough

    edit: they also send you an email stating that.

  • -2

    It just seems a little too good to be right, get 3 months of foxtel for no cost?

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