This was posted 11 years 10 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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SALE Only $1.65 (P&H) 2X AAA 1100mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Batteries



Guys I'm offering cheap rechargeable battery Fujicell 2x AAA 1100mAh Ni-MH for $1.65 (included P&H), 500 batteries available on stock ready to ship

Maximum purchase per customer is 4 pcs batteries, this is a real not SPAM

No combined postage because is really short profit, just clear my stock


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    So you'd be considered the rep? You should tick the rep box then for your post.

  • Bad comments. don't trust the ebay seller

  • Guys I'm a genuine seller and I offering a good deal to share with my friends
    rep box?I will try to revise that,thanks mate

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    This doesn't seem the appropriate spot for ebay advertising. Ozbargain will be swamped with ebayers!

    • I don't mind as long as it's a bargain..

    • Who says ebayers aren't proper e-retailers as well? As long as they're only advertising Buy Now deals, and not auctions and it's a good deal, I think it should still be considered a bargain.

      • agree.. it would be imposible to browse through all ebay stuffs to find bargain, therefore if any1 can point out a special one then thats good enuf for me. if i still have digcam using AAA battery, i will buy this, i heard fujicell is good

      • agree. but didn't we get heaps of negative votes for the same item on the weekend. What's this thing against ebay sellers? I don't search ebay everyday for bargains so it's fair to post here good buy it now bargains.

  • How much is the postage and handling for delivery to Sydney?

    • you can check the ebay page.

      • It says less than a dollar. is that true??

        • it is..

  • kravitz, do you know the quality of this battery? Can I use this for clock, mouse, keyboard, etc?
    Also, you said maximum purchase per customer is 4 pcs, does it means 4 packs or 4 batteries(=2 packs)? One pack contains 2 batteries for $1.65 right?

    • I wouldn't use rechargeables for low drain appliances unless it one of those low self-discharge models like Eneloop. The self-discharge will be greater than the current draw. That said, mice look power hungry if they have a LED in them. And I've been running a bedside clock on one NiMH cell, albeit an old one.

      • That's what I'm worried of.. Is there any AAA eneloop bateries?

        • If it's something that eats quite a few alkaline batteries over a year, sure go ahead and use a rechargeable. Not sure it's worth your while for the Eneloop. The advantage of Eneloop is in things like cameras where you don't want to be caught with a flat battery when you haven't had warning to charge it. The places I wouldn't worry about using rechargeables are low drain like fire alarms, LCD clocks where you wouldn't save enough alkalines to make it worth your while.

  • I don't know if anyone has noticed, but the seller has not specifically stated the make of batteries in his post, and has also stated "picture for illustration only", so it is not necessary Fuji branded batteries.

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    7 bad feedback (ebay) on one month….i'm not sure if i would buy from him…

  • Picture for illustration is because I'm selling 2pcs battery and picture show up 4 pcs batteries, that's why I state picture for illustration only but I'm selling Fujicell battery like picture

    Yes suitable for camera digital,clock,mouse and etc as long suitable for AAA batteries


  • Item no. 220571777445 was removed from ozbargain for sock puppetting but is cheaper

    • how do you see the removed item?

      • I can't… I just remembered seeing a similar listing earlier this week.

        • You remembered an item WITH its item number - you deserve a =ve vote just for that ;-)

      • whats sock puppetting?…. in this context.. I realise sock puppetting is like the green sock in the Telstra ads

        • A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception within an online community

          • @Sharp: For the listing I am thinking of, it was sockpuppet voting.

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      Different seller, same item. On Kravitz previous battery deal, we couldn't confirm quantity.

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    Awesome i am ready to flood ozbargain with all my ebay crap , now that is okay lol

  • First of all, the OW deal is more cheaper, and trusted as you can even return the item if you are not happy
    which can be followed on, on an average calculation its even cheaper.

    Secondly you cannot be sure of 100% of the items bought off ebay.
    OZbargain,, a place for bargain, but from the places which are trusted..

    Ebay has never been a trusted places and items are of no guarantee.. Sorry but defintely not a bargain,, and really not a place for ebay stuff… as it will be full with HONG KONG deals..

  • How about this:

    Soshine AA 2500mAh Batteries (4-Pack)
    ( from Deal Extreme

    4 AAA batteries, 2500mAh capacity for roughly $10 AUD delivered

    so that works out to be $2.50 per each battery, which is a tad more expensive than OP's but they have twice the capacity anyway.

    • I got some SoShine batteries from Deal Extreme :S

      I couldn't even charge some of them using the SoShine recharger that I got from DealExtreme.

      (However, using an old slow charger, I was able to trickle charge them, but it takes about 12-48 hours)

      I did get some of the recent offers for Fujicell from eBay sales (auctions aren't allowed here) and they've been working very nicely (in speakers, an electric shaver and a mobile phone battery charger; note: the batteries did not come with packaging).

      That said, I agree with pais (below) … reading the seller's recent negs has me concerned.

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        This can happen with any rechargeable batteries.
        Just clean the battery connecting points and point at the battery connector in charger with qtips dipped with rubbing alcohol, you will find all batteries charging like new.

        • but the same connectors would charge other batteries … ?

          (my SoShine recharger from DealExtreme only lasted a little longer than 6 months then stopped working completely, for no apparent reason. Display wouldn't come on when plugged into the power point etc)

          • @User508906: in that case you will have rub sand paper at the bottom connector of the battery, as you may see, the connector would be black enough, and the whole layer wont allow your battery to charge properly.

            Do you know! even putting a normal battery in direct sunlight for hours or even rubbing, it will hold quite tiny charge, as good as for atleast a photo shoot.

    • IMHO, 2500mAh AAA batteries don't exist. I have 800-900mAh ones, so 1100mAh did trigger my interest.. but I've been burnt with too many low-quality rechargeable ones. So I will stay away for now.

    • Uhm, you do realized they are different sizes? The AAA Soshine 1100 mAh ones are ~$5 AUD delivered for 4.

      The SoShine ones are apparently pretty good according to some of the DX posts there FWIW which have tested it with the Mahapowerex chargers.

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    I'm all for eBay bargains from reputable sellers, but you've had 7 negs in the last month pertinent to the quality of goods and ineptitude of customer service. No thanks.

  • i really don't like the idea of ebay items popping up here. As said before, if you are unhappy with something you bought at say OW it's easy to take back and refund. Ebay - not so much.

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    wow, I have a lot of "cheap stuff on ebay" I could flood OzBargain with!!

    tomorrow you guys should see some $2 china made shirt, $1 low quality self brand socks etc if this kind of ads are allowed on OzBargain!!

    for this listing here, it's not like it's a very well known brand @ a bargain price!

  • u or one of ur battery mates owe me 2 bux from last time..

  • No ebay deal on ozbargain!

  • i hate ebay

  • I'm new here, but if you allow ebay stuff here, you'll kill this site in no time.
    I've found heaps of good stuff on ebay, under 1$ and 0.65$ shipping from HK, but
    please dont flood this site with HongKongWare

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    The rules:


    Don't post auctions.

    This is because an auction can change prices and has no fixed price.

    EBAY deals are NOT banned at all. If the listing is a Buy it Now (Fixed price) and has a good supply then the listing is fine. For example, a few months ago there was a buy it now for a HDTV tuner card which received 51 positive votes.


    Negative voting:

    "EBAY" is not a valid negative reason.

    Please include a proper description of why you are voting negative. Votes accompanied by unclear reasons or inaccurate reasons may be revoked. eg +1, yea, …. ?? etc

    @cameldownunder, EBAY items have been on this site for the past 3 years, some popular some not,
    @lucyr, there are many bargains being sold that are not from brick and mortar stores. Maybe the seller can clarify return policy

    Removed 1 positive vote from OP, as he didn't post as rep initially
    Removed 2 negative votes, invalid negative vote

    • the issue i still have with a seller's return policy on ebay is that it means NOTHING. Ebay are terrible at enforcing anything, and taking up matters with them is a terribly drawn out and excruciating process

      • Where I've paid via Paypal and had an issue, Paypal has been fairly straight forward (if rigid) to use and very helpful to me.

        (as opposed to seeking help from eBay)

      • But this return policy has nothing to do with Ozbargain, even deals that are from brick store posted here wouldn't gurantee you a good return policy. So as long as it's not auction, I don't see any problem with ebay stuff here?

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    Seems a lot of people hate "Ebay" I don't want to comment anything, I don't have a store so I prefer online website to sale, I'm selling my items which is batteries not promote "Ebay website itself" in OZbargain site and I have a lot of neg comment because of that :(

    Faulty batteries will be exchange with a new ones,off course in 7 days purchase
    hope this help,thanks

    • can you explain all your negative feedback on ebay in the last few weeks?

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    i bought the $1.50 deal (2xAAA 1100mAH inc ship) on sunday from

    i got the fujicell batteries in the mail today

    I've got 4xAA 2700mAh fujicells and they work great

    the officeworks clearance sales are hardly worth it since they are only online and you have to pay $5 for shipping. and that's if you're lucky enough to even add one to your cart thats IN STOCK

  • im after some AA rechargables.. not AAA can anyone advise me with the best bargain around. much appreciated fellas


    Thats the removed item…If you check the seller..they both have a very similar category of items. Its highly suspicious:

    1. They both are selling the same batteries
    2. They both put limits for the batteries
    3. They are both selling an assortment of tents, tanks, instruments etc…a very random variety of item categories…which seem to coincide.
    4. They both have poor english.


    • yeah i bought from them and I got mine today

      and like i said i've used fujicells before.. they're great!

  • +1

    it's not wise to buy junk!

  • Just received the battery today.

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