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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 300ppi $156.60 @ eBay Officeworks


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for $155 using eBay 10% discount, and cashrewards 1.25% cashback. Thought this was a good price!

From Officeworks eBay. I believe it's also free delivery (although I opted for c&c)

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    Was about to post. Best price since DS.

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    Might want to add '300ppi' to the title

    • Thanks mate, done.

  • Got one. Thanks OP!

  • this purchase don't accept Credit card purchase through PAY PAL :(…so no Qantas Points on Amex. :)

    • did for me. Last time I tried AMEX was years ago and they dont let you. Just use VISA/mastercard?

  • I love my Paperwhite for the backlighting (great for camping) but touchscreen is annoying. It is frustrating you cannot buy the older Kindle models with the physical side buttons from Amazon anymore and they are selling for more than the latest versions on ebay.

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      The new "Voyage" series has side-buttons (as well as auto-dimming of the backlight). But IMO they're not really worth the extra $120 you'll pay.

    • Fwiw I love the touchscreen, much prefer it to the old buttons, I find it very easy to use :)

  • Great timing! Thank you.

  • this or the kobo glo hd? whats your thoughts

    • This. Kobo is the poor cousin of the Kindle.

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      I went with a kobo glo hd - I think you would probably be happy with either.
      I get a lot of epubs which the kobo can read without having to convert them first.

      You can also adjust a few more things on the kobo (although some people may not want to). You can add fonts, adjust font thickness, adjust margins (to allow more reading room) etc.

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      I just bought a Glo HD, and I'm really enjoying it so far. I would've just as easily gone with a Kindle though, but I had JB gift cards, so Kobo it was. From my research, they're both great devices, and are more or less equal to each other.

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      The software side of things, the kindle beats it hands down - has a good dictionary/wiki function, and remembers your lookups as a list for later revision, has better search and I think nicer fonts, downside being DRM. Kobo is better value for hardware, but the software is not of the same caliber.

    • thanks peeps

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      Bought Kobo Glo HD for my wife and I in Dec / Jan - 2 different JB's in Sydney East/ City. Asked if they could do the Glo HD and sleep cover for $180 for both. First purchase was at $185 for both, second one at different store agreed to $180 for both. Very happy with it. The big upside with the Glo is being able to use all those cheap $30 Telstra sims to buy books on Google Play. Massive saving over a Kindle.

    • let us know what you get ;)

      • went for the kindle, ordered y/day and received it today.

  • Val prezzie sorted.

  • thx OP good find! wanted one for partner and now its a valentines present PERFECT :D

  • In case some folks didn't know, new kindle is coming pretty soon. Might want to save bucks for the new gen.

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      Any details? Just read that a new firmware is coming out soon or has recently but haven't come across anything about a new model.

  • can anyone advise on a case?

    • The usual Amazon case is a little pricey, but imo it's really worth it. Works great :)

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      I've bought eBay cases for all my kindles including this one…they are 25% or less of the amazon price and fit well.

    • eBay has good cases! about $10 and mine has lastes almost two years so far!

  • Got one from the deal, thanks!

  • What can you actually do on this thing other than read ebooks?

    • Just a heads up, I'm not being negative. I only want it for books. No web browsing, email, YouTube or any other shite as a tabket would do. Does it fit the bill?

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        Should do. I have the Kobo Glo HD. Has some basic ability to look up things on the web - google, Wikipedia etc. Has built-in dictionary and ability to side-load more dictionaries. I believe you can also load pdf's, bookmark webpages and sync with an app - called pocket I think. But yes - very basic - which makes it light, easy to hold and battery lasts for weeks between charges. Note that most public libraries have one or more ebook lending portals. I believe you need a work-around with Kindles - which are restricted to the Kindle book format by design - whereas Kobo uses the more generic epub format - so works much more easily for library ebook borrowing.

        • Thanks for the heads up. I guess there are some type of parental controls? I want one for daughter but don't want her web browsing on Facebook and YouTube and all of that stuff instead of reading

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          @superduper: NW. You'd need to google that. Remember my experience is with the Kobo - but I'm guessing not really. However the readers are a poor way to browse the web - monochrome screens, different screen techonology etc. You could obviously not connect the wifi - but I'm guessing your daughter would know how to turn it on and connect to any wifi she has credentials for. Re books - You could either have her on her own account - in which case you couldn't share books with her / other people in your family - or you could have her on your account - which means you could share books - and manage her device - ie you decide which books you transfer to her device. I don't know if you saw my earlier comment - but the Kobo is compatible with Google Play books (and books from most sources - except Kindle bookstore) - and you can save a lot on the purchase price of books by buying from Google using the frequently discounted Telstra sim starter packs - one of the top favourite products on Ozbargain - up there with Eneloop batteries.

        • @belbo: thanks I've been looking into it. That's a smart way to buy books through google with discounted Telstra sims lol. Crazy stuff. Unfortunately I already have a large kindle collection that I'm guessing wouldn't work with the kobo.

  • For those who have one, how is eye strain after many hours of use?

    • No problems for me. You can always dial down the backlight. BTW Before buying my Kobo I read in reviews that to adjust the brightness on the Kindle you need to go into the menu options. On the Glo HD you simply swipe up or down on the LHS of the screen - very convenient.

  • Cheers, just bought one

  • Don't know what happened, but I've been charged $174 to my PayPal account?!
    On the ebay order details it says:

    Subtotal AU $174.00
    Postage Free
    Total voucher amount -AU $17.40
    AU $156.60

    Yet on my Paypal account, i've been charged $174… What's going on?

    • Check your funding source has the full amount been deducted? Sometimes it's just the way it shows it on PayPal.

  • This seller is currently away, and isn't processing orders at this time. You can add this item to your watch list to purchase later?

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