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Apple iPhone 6S 16GB Space Grey $871.38 (Aus Stock - 24 Months Warranty) @ Mobileciti eBay


Apple iPhone 6S 16GB - Australian Stock - 24 months warranty

$8 more than @ QD eBay but for Aus stock

Original Deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/233878

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    Wait, so this is the discounted price? Ouch

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    16GB never again. Need at least 64GB.

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      Fortunate how MicroSD cards are so damn cheap now :)

      • Teach me how to cut out a micro SD card slot in an iphone you troll.

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          You are assuming I am referring to this child's device

        • @Neo:

          okay fair call. Apple can crash and burn for all I care.
          Down with big business that can't innovate to save themselves!

        • Drexel tool a slot in the phone …a service you can later offer to friends ….but yes 16g is a bit small if there is no expansion…..I can live with 32gb as I backup photos and movies

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          Well it was a reply to this "child". Fair call.

          You can't put a Micro SD card in my S6 Edge either.

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          @El Grande:

          you can in the s7 and the s6 doesn't come with 16 GB of internal storage.

          Your fault for buying it.

        • @cDNA: But My iPhone 5S did come with 16GB. Hence the comment. My S6 is 64GB.

      • Yup, can sticky-tape MicroSD card to the iPhone.

    • You need a new phone if you're still whining about storage capacity.

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    Yeah but then you have an iPhone. Seriously, this phone is no deal at all, there are far far better flagship devices that cost $100-$200 less than this discounted price.

    • Depends what apps you use and pc you have ….it's not about hardware it's software and updates .

    • So just because a certain phone doesn't meet your needs, that makes the deal bad for everyone else?

      • It's a comparison to competing products on price and performance. It's a bad deal. If you don't literally need an iPhone, you will do far better to buy one of the competing devices.

  • Cheers Tubby

  • Any deals on Fujitsu air conditioners?

  • I'm very tempted… :p but what's a good price on the iPhone 6, with say 64GB?

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        sorry but 15th march is rumoured to be iphone 5se and ipad air 3 - iphone 7 is september as per past few models :)

      • Not to call your bluff, but I'm interested to know your source on the release date of March 15th for the iPhone 7?

        • @Cheap Charlie: There's no way the iPhone 7 is going to be announced on March 15. They always announce the newest iPhone model in September. Also, I strongly doubt the iPhone 7 will look the same as the 6S.

          They always have a substantial style change for every 2nd model - otherwise, how would anyone notice that you've bought a new iPhone?

          The March event is likely to include a revised iPad and possibly a cheaper, gimped 4" iPhone to replace the 5S at the bottom of the range. Based on Apple's current pricing, the 5SE (or whatever it's called) is likely to cost around $830 for the base model, which actually makes this 6S deal look reasonably attractive in comparison.

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        I've heard about the lack of stereo jack. To be honest they would be shooting themselves in the foot with that, I would be really disappointed if they did that for just trying to force customers to buy their headphones.

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          Apple shot themselves in the foot when they removed the floppy drive from the iMac. Or did they? 😉

        • As they make phones thinner the 3.5mm jack is a physical constraint hence dumping it ….probably bundle adapter.

        • @garage sale: yeah it honestly makes sense to me, and it's bound to happen. Given there's no real market for 2.5mm headphones it probably makes sense to go straight to lightening or Bluetooth as an option too as long as they can provide an adapter, which seems almost certain given 3/4 of Apples own Beats headphones still use 3.5mm jacks.

          If it means a smaller device and helps with making it waterproof I'm happy to add two or three inch adapter cable to my headphones code. With any luck its drive Wirelss headphone prices down.

      • The rumours are that an iPhone 5se will be announced, not the iPhone 7. It may be named something else, but it's the 4" device that is expected to be unveiled not the flagship models which as far as anyone is aware are still likely to hit Q3 like they have the past few years.

        There may be an iPad announcement too for the Air family which was overlooked in 2015. Some earlier reports were talking about a new Apple Watch update but it seems like those claims have gone a bit cold as if Jan.

  • Wasn't a bad deal, used the coupon and the slush funds I had in my PayPal and picked one up.
    Thanks OP.

    Now to decide if I give this to the wife and wait for a 5se for me.

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