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FREE: Nuketown Map for Black Ops 3


On a mobile so can't test this, but more details & credit here.

Click the orange box. Sign in & complete details with console gamer tag etc. then state that you did not receive a code with your pre-order. Code should pop up on screen ready to use.

Have a great day :)

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  • All I get is "Sorry, an unexpected error occurred."
    It might have been "hotukdealed"

    • My activision account must have been too old, majority of the profile wasn't filled in.
      I made another account and it worked fine thanks TA

  • I got it just about 4 minutes ago no problems. On the source site people had errors and such with some retrying up to 10x before they didn't get an error. I did it from the mobile site which seems to be more successful than the desktop site.

  • Doesn't work, thumbs down from me

    Edit: I retract that statement, activate your account by email log back in and it will work!

  • Wasn't Nuketown included with all copies of BO3 sold in Australia?

    • Except for as soon as the game came out, they stopped advertising the included Nuketown, and thus they soled all stock that included nuketown and now only have the standard edition. At least that what it seemed like.

  • Worked like a charm. Thanks OP

  • Currently stuck at linking console which i already have

  • Consoles only, or PC as well?

  • I only recently put my code in for PS4. Turns out that Nuketown is no longer a map that you cycle through when playing online. Not sure why they decided to do that

    • They did the same thing with the Freefall map on Ghosts.

      It was included as a pack in map for the first fair few copies of the game, so at that point everyone has it, but then later on when they stop handing it out and less and less people have it, they take it out of the main playlist section things.

      Or at least that's my theory as to why anyway.

  • Also stuck on the console link page

  • i got a copy of ps4 and xbox one code :) thanks ur the man TA gave the code to my friend who doesnt like making accounts for sites

  • Worked perfectly, cheers

  • I've setup the account, linked my XB live account and activated the email but I'm still getting the "In order to use this service you must have linked your console account to your Activision account" message on both mobile and PC, any help please?

    • Yes! Kept clicking the link and eventually got to the page and worked as described and got my code. Thanks heaps TA. Update: I just logged in on my XB login from PC and redeemed the code and worked without issues.

  • Got mine for PS4 thanks!

  • Just used my mob with no problems. Pc code received straight away. I'll need to go home to redeem test it!

  • Request:

    Success! As a one-time exception, we're issuing you a NUK3TOWN Bonus Map code.

    Then Redeem:

    You now own BO3 - Nuk3town Bonus Map.
    This will automatically install on your home Xbox. If your Xbox is on or is set to Instant-on, automatic updates and purchases are on, and it has enough space, it will start the download. If you would like to change your home Xbox, on that console, go to Settings > Personalisation > My home Xbox. To change your power options, go to Settings > Power mode & startup.

    Will test later. Didnt work the first few attempts.

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks OP! I had issues getting the code via PC, but it worked first time through my phone.
    This is just what I need for my secondary PS4, the original nuketown only works on the primary and didnt transfer over..

  • Worked for me on Steam for PC :) Thanks TA!

  • Worked for me! Cheers!

  • cheers for this!

  • Now I have Nuketown without BO3:) Anyone want to sell me a copy for PS4 with used code.

  • Like a glove … thanks!

  • Perfect, thanks TA.

  • Had to keep trying couple of times after linking to PSN account but did eventually work! Thanks!

  • Ppl played bo3 without nuketown??? Yuk..

  • Was worried with people posting it didn't work, but is fine on my Xbox One :)

  • Thanks so much TA! One of the best things you've posted in awhile, I really appreciate it. :)

  • Thanks. Had actually bought a copy with the map, but the code didn't work. Now I can use what I ordered!

  • It took me 10 minutes for this to work. I kept clicking the orange "BLACK OPS III NUK3TOWN SUPPORT CODE" button, and it kept saying link your account. I just kept following it around and around in circles and eventually it worked. Persist!

    Thanks heaps TA.

  • I bought a copy with nuke town few weeks ago but haven't played a match on it yet… Is there some special game mode that you can only play it on? I mainly play core-tdm

  • Was going to buy a code off eBay because I missed out on the map. Thank you TA. Perfect!

  • Is this of any use for the PS3 version?

    • Last gen versions don't support any DLC, sorry bud.

      At least on the plus side you won't get asked to buy the season pass or some microtransactions every time you play.

  • is this working for anyone anymore? I have verified my email and linked my gamertag to my account, I've tried for a couple hours now and it keeps saying I need to link my account?

  • I keep on trying but the error keeps on coming up, i have verified my email, i have linked my PSN
    i am very desperate for Nuketown and want it asap
    can anyone help me
    thanks :)

  • Amazing. The greedy beancounters at Activision actually giving something away.

    Now how about reasonable prices for the older games in your catalogue?