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RSPCA NSW $29 Adoption Fee for Animals / Some FREE


RSPCA NSW desperately wants to find forever homes for every single one of their shelter animals. For this, they need your help. Anyone looking for a new addition to their family is urged to visit an RSPCA NSW shelter or Care Centre. For four days in February, adopting a pet costs just $29, whatever the animal’s age, size or species. There’s no better time to find your new best friend!

WHAT: Discount adoption rates
WHEN: 26-29 February 2016
WHERE: All RSPCA NSW shelters and Care Centres

*If the adoption fee is normally $29 or less, the animal will be fee free during this period. Standard adoption procedures apply, including desexing and microchipping services, vaccinations and veterinary checks. This helps ensure each animal is rehomed with the perfect forever family.

Please consider donating more if you can as they do help some very worthwhile causes like shutting down puppy farms where some dogs are in cages their entire lives. If you don't wish to adopt, foster or donate please support them by spreading the word and getting some lonely humans the best company they could ever wish for.

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  • RSPCA NSW $29 Adoption fee for animals

    Isn't it normally $29 ?

  • any wabbits?

  • I'm cynical. They're trying to improve their stats. The basic flaw and the reason I will never contribute to the RSPCA is that they are responsible for animal control as well as welfare. But no one is going to donate money to animal control so that's not what they advertise.

    For many years they were killing the vast majority of the animals that came under their care. Then a few years ago they were improving year over year to counter the critcism. They have peaked now and are struggling not to do worse again. They want to make sure this coming year's stats aren't bad.

    Here are the latest stats:
    32.95% of total cats euthanased
    14.52% of total dogs euthanased
    47.32% of other animals euthanased

    Here is the archive of stats:
    2013/2014 is similarly boring but you can see that they're not doing significantly better.
    31.5% of total cats of total cats euthanased
    15.9% of total dogs of total dogs euthanased
    47.1% of other animals euthanased

    Compare to 2001/2002
    38% of dogs euthanased
    62% of cats euthanased

    That's right over 1/3rd of the dogs and almost 2/3 cats were put down. So much for care and protection.

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      You'd rather have no animal control so you can run into stray dogs and cats everywhere? Where more than likely they'll die by being run over by a car or even worse, taken advantage of.

      RSPCA gives the dogs/cats a chance to find a new home. It doesn't have an unlimited resource so it can not raise unwanted dogs/cats until old age so they have to unfortunately make a decision to euthanise some if they have been unwanted for an extended period.

      • No I'd rather not FUND animal control with my donations to an animal protection society. Animal control shouldn't be part of the RSPCA. I said that right in the first paragraph.

    • Those statistics are ultimately due to consumer activity, not any rescue operation. Anyone who agrees with the idea that animals may be purchased is responsible.

      • No I'm sorry. I am not responsible for people who let their dogs and cats breed indiscriminately. There are plenty of responsible pet owners and you're tarring them all with the same brush.

    • The numbers will never tell a happy story (there will never be one) :(

      Had a stray undesexed cat torment my 2 cats at home, so i caught him and called the local vet for advice. Vet said call a cat/dog shelter. Shelter said call the pound. The pound said call rspca. No one had room or would do anything aside from rspca.

      No disrespect to those at other animal welfare groups, it must be a tough job, but i'm happy to support rspca. Someone's got to do the crap work.

      • I refuse to pay donations to have animals killed. The issue isn't that there will be a happy story here. The issue is what I'm supporting. Animal control and animal welfare should be two completely separate organisations.

        • because you think that the animal control corrupts the animal welfare and not the other way around?

        • Understand your point, no beef there

          But if not rspca, then who? Some org from gun lobby (tainting them with a bad brush hehe)? While it is a heavy burden, i would prefer those with a great deal of respect for animals and pro welfare approach to be the ones responsible for animal control. I suppose this way, they can better influence the type and extent of animal control activities.

        • @justin_tsoi:

          This myth of yours that someone paid to put down a lot of animals is going to care about them I don't understand. That job would break anyone who wasn't a sociopath in no time at all.

        • @kima:

          No because I don't want my donations being used to put poison in an animal's veins. I have better things to donate my money to, and I don't consider that animal welfare.

  • Standard adoption procedures apply, including desexing and microchipping services, vaccinations and veterinary checks.

    While the adoption fee is $29/free, desexing will be around $250, microchipping will be around $50 and vaccination/check will be around $100. Just so that none of you here would think you're getting a pet for $29.

    • I think it just means you can't take an undesex or not microchipped pet. I believe it's all included in the price. But someone who's actually taken up the offer can perhaps clarify.

  • any update to this guys?