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Audiofly AF56 Earphones (No Mic) 40% off ($69.97 Shipped)


Just picked up a pair of these Audofly AF56 earphones to replace my previous pair which I lost. I had them for 3+ years and used them almost every week day. They never had a problem up until I lost them. In my opinion they sound better than the Sennheiser CX300-II that I also owned a pair of (lost them too). They are well regarded and made in Perth, WA. Just look up some reviews on Amazon, Head-Fi etc. They are recommended as a top pick in the Headphonic forums.

This deal is while stocks last and applicable to the no mic version only (Vino and Vintage White available).

Website Description:
Packing our largest in-ear driver, the AF56 delivers uncompromising sound, pumping out astonishing clarity over the whole spectrum with a rich and detailed bottom end… all with a nostalgic smirk.

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    I agree that these are streets ahead of the CX300 (1 or 2, I had both), the sound is great especially if you like well pronounced, clear bass. The mic is not great, picks up too much background noise imo, e.g. on voice conference at work I have to be in a room instead of at desk.

    I went through several pairs of these - three I think - until they upgraded me. I think they may have had an issue with the glue they used at the time, as the casings were coming apart real easily.

    Now I will say that the service is absolutely first class at audiofly, they are extremely accommodating and Sharon at their office is a total star.

    If they have resolved the glue issue, these are a top class pair of headphones and an absolute bargain at that price.


      I had a similar experience, got them early November last year and by the first week of December one of them had come unglued.
      Took them into their showroom in King Street and they offered to upgrade me to the AF78 for no extra cost.

      The AF78s are holding up better, and I had previously owned a pair of AF33s which were working well until they went through the wash.


        I have the AF78 too, fantastic headphones but I am on my second pair as the coverplates fell off (yep, glue issue) and they exchanged them for me.

        They have a more balanced signature, I did prefer the bass on the AF56, but both are fantastic.

        Despite my issues with glue, I'd back AF to figure this out and I would buy from them again.


          Agreed. I went through 3 pairs of AF78's due to glue issue but put up with it as I loved the sound. In the end they upgraded me to AF120's and I keep them attached to the amp at home.

          Needless to say, their after-sales support and warranty process by far is the best I've ever dealt with. Also helps that the audiofly head office is just down the road from my office. :D


    Howdy. I've had 2 pairs of these and both fell apart within a couple of weeks. Glue on the casings as the poster above stated.

    Sound quality is great though, was very happy with that part of it.


    Hi - can you clarify the (No Mic) part of the current title?

    As far as I can tell, these definitely come with a mic.



      There is a mic version and a non mic version. When you select the colour, you select whether you want a mic version or a no-mic version. Mic versions are ~$10 more expensive and are not on sale.


    Has anyone tried using this code? It doesn't seem to be working or maybe it has expired ?

    Their website does say they have a sale on the 45s but nothing about the 56s.

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