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Kindle Voyage (20% off) $239.20 at Dick Smith


There was a pricing error on the Kindle Voyage listed on Dick Smith's web. So I contacted their Customer Service and had it fixed to the price that it should be after the 20% off.

The price now is $239.20 (RRP 299).

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    Is it safe to use click and collect at Dick Smith still?

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      I've never found it to be very reliable. But Dick Smith isn't going anywhere soon. EzyDVD went into administration in 2008 and there was no interruption of service. This isn't like a small business going under, DSE will be around in some form for quite a while.

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        DSE will be around in some form for quite a while.

        With 'quite a while' being less than 8 weeks.

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        Hmm… Didn't read newspaper lately?

        • No, I have not.

          Have googled now.

          That's pretty bad. I'm genuinely surprised no-one stepped up and bought them at a bargain basement slightly-above-liquidation-cost price. It's not over yet but hot damn, that's pretty dire.

        • There were offers made but they didn't take them.

      • According to news.com http://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/fire-sale-beg... the stores will be closed within 8 weeks.

    • I wouldn't pay for anything online, best to visit them first.

  • what was priced as before?

    • was $269 which is only 10% off since the RRP 299.

  • The Paperwhite 300dpi I think is a better deal.

  • Isn't the paperwhite 300dpi just better value in all regards? From what I can remember the differences were trivial for a major difference in price.

    • Voyage has better contrast, I have the 300 DPI and the lack of contrast hurts imo. Especially for comics. And its whiter + brighter with adaptive brightness

      If you can deal with those issues then get the cheaper one

    • Major differences - Voyage has auto-adjust brightness, as well as side buttons to turn pages etc. (instead of touching the screen). That's about it.
      Compared to the 2014 Paperwhite it was a good improvement (better screen as well), but the 2015 Paperwhite has the same screen & resolution as the Voyage.

      I'd go with the 2015 Paperwhite - the Voyage's extras aren't worth the $120 price increase (at RRP).

      • Yep. Agreed. I didn't class those differences as 'major'.

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    Can someone that's perhaps owned this and the lower model comment if its worth the hundred dollars extra? I've watched reviews on both and honestly they are a bit better but I cannot see $100 more in visual quality.

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      I have the new Paperwhite. $159 @ DSE currently.

      It's awesome.

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      I have the voyage and the previous paperwhite 212dpi. The differences are minor nevertheless real, e.g. better screen contrast, better build quality, better position of the power button. There isn't an extra $100 of value, it's more like a 5% improvement. For some it may be worth paying over the odds

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    From a previous deal I wrote this

    I had a play with both instore and side by side you can definitely tell some differences.

    The paperwhite has a slight yellowish glow to it (when it is side by side the voyager, otherwise you wont notice!) and the ambient light sensor you have to manually change. the voyager has clicked page turning (thought I loved it but it was a bit meh), the light sensor changes by itself and has a much whiter screen.

    In the end though, as they have the same DPI, I would just go with the Paperwhite for only $140 which is an amazing price. The Voyager is just not worth the extra amount to have a slightly white screen with clickable buttons I did not even want to use

    Paperwhite is the choice
    Voyager is more expensive for not much more

    Hope that helps!

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