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[Android] PowerAmp Full Version Unlocker $0.99 @ Google Play


It has been cheaper..but still a great price.

The #1 paid music player in the Google Play Store 4 years running—Poweramp is the most powerful music player available on the Android OS. Features like gapless play, an unmatched equalization system, great crossfade, and support for most popular music file format might all make Poweramp the best $3.99 you have ever spent in your life—2+ million users would agree to that.

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    I was literally just about to post this.

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    Highly recommended, plays anything I throw at it. Never regretted paying the full price.

  • Great app, especially if you skin it with the material theme.

    I haven't used it since subscribing to Google play but it's hands down the best listening to your own files.

  • Bought it last time, good app. A few quirks I have with it though:
    1. The in-line controls on my earphones seem to have a 1-2 second delay (doesn't happen on Google Music).
    2. The screen takes an extremely long time to go off if you have its lock screen widget activated whilst listening to music. Around a minute.There's been many instances where the song changes when it's in my pants because the screen is still on.
    3. There's probably a setting for it, but going back goes back to the previous song when I'd prefer it to go back to the start of the same song.

      1. Mess with crosfade settings, it might go away.
      2. Yes, most definitely is. Have a look a bit more if you're stilling using it.
  • is it better than nplayer?

  • +6

    it really whips the llamas ass

  • A good app, somehow makes your music sounds better. Too bad this cannot be used when playing through spotify/pandora

  • Great app. Got this 5 years ago and loved it. Miss it since switching to apple. I recall the creator said he was going to change the name to PowerMP due to copyright complaints .. looks like that didn't happen though. He was very open with the development and was open to suggestions from the community.

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    Great app. Have been using it for years. The only problem for me is it doesn't read ratings tags. Still waiting for dev to add that promised feature.

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    Lovely I just paid $5 few days ago… Great product

  • Waiting for MX Player Pro to go on sale. Seems never on sale.

    • isn't VLC a good & free alternative?

  • BlackPlayer is free and does everything you need.

  • Rocket Player Pro + Viper4Android seem to be a good combination for me.

  • +1

    Great app .. lots of useful features .. been using it for years .. :-) .. !!

  • Awesome for equalizer/settings nerds. brought it a few weeks ago for $5 and don't even feel ripped off because it is so good. great at sorting out massive music libraries. Just got one of the recent cheap a cheap 64gb micro SD's (thanks to ozbargain, of course), handles 55gb of mp3/flac files with ease.

  • I have bought and used the full versions for both Poweramp & GoneMAD music player. I stuck with GMMP for OPUS support and slightly better equaliser settings, but Poweramp for 99c is still a solid buy.

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    Bought it last time. Don't know why. Menu/function is all over the place. Takes me longer to find anything/everything.

    At 99c, meh, give it a go.

  • Anyone find that the 'Shuffle' option doesn't really shuffle all your library? In my case, it only 'shuffles' a specific set of songs and not the whole library. I've heard they've done some things to the shuffling algorithm to amend this issue but it still persists. Only reason I'm not using it atm.

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    Nice, indexes large mp4 silently and quickly.

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