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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - PS4 - $24 (in-Store ONLY), XB1 - $39 (Free C&C) @ Target


Saw this deal in the morning on the Target Website, wanted to make sure they have stock for pick up. So I called my local target store and the rep told me it is also selling for $24 in store.

So both in store and online is $24

Not a bad deal, gonna pick one up tonight.

12:49pm AEDT - PS4 version Sold Out online

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      Why would it be on sale for only one day?

      • It wasn't a sale

        • ahh so it's back to $55 today.. so if it wasn't a sale, then it was a price glitch?

  • Anyone able to provide a receipt of the PS4 version @ $24?

    Been trying to get my mate to buy this for ages, but no online price anymore, so no price matching at his EB store he's working at >.<

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    Target Bourke Street Melbourne still has 6 copies left

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    Heaps of stock at the Bankstown store.

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    Go to Broadmeadows Shopping Centre Target in Melbourne! Plenty of stock - say 10+ from what I saw 30 mins ago. 24 dollars. :)

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    Not sure if this will work or not, but I still had the tab open of the actual product page. Still says available. I just bought it for store pick up. Got the confirm email. So…Woo? ^.^

    • WOW this is nice

    • Thanks! I also just got a confirmation email. Hoping they honour it.

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    For those that are still unwilling to pull the trigger, let me summarise why you should buy this game:


    • Every match you play will be different. The objective will be in a different place, different Operators (classes), different spawn points, different everything. Sometimes the game bugs out and doesn't randomise the objective point.
    • Teamwork. Don't go in expecting CoD, Battlefield of CS:GO. This game requires teamwork. Even when you die, you still have access to cameras/drones, be able to spectate friendly players. It's called Support Mode even though it's just a glorified spectator mode.
    • Season Pass content is free to all players 7 days after the release of the content.
    • Zero pay to win features.
    • Ubisoft actually listens to the community.
    • 99% of the community is great. Only ever had issues with about 10 people in my 11 days of actual ingame time.



    • Not everybody has microphones which can lead to some shitty situations.
    • Some people pick their favourite Operator even though it's completely useless in that gamemode (example: Fuze has a cluster bomb he can attach to windows. He could accidentally kill the hostage on the Hostage gamemode.
    • Veterans love to coach players when they're in spectator mode. Leads to some "shut the **** up" comments. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's a bad thing.
    • Lack of variety with weapon upgrades/attachments.
    • Extremely expensive weapon skins.

    I've clocked 11 days of ingame time, have reached level 101 and am just shy of being in the Gold division on Ranked (2nd highest division). I play this game daily. It makes me mad. It makes me love it. I bought my copy for PC for $60 (steelbook edition). I definitely got every single cent worth.

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      I'm guessing hacking only effects the PC version, unlikely hackers to be on console versions.

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        Yes, I should clarify that; hacking is only on the PC version!

      • Still they can abuse the client side hit detection though. I think this is still sort of hack.

    • How's matchmaking still? I hope it doesn't take a long time to find someone…

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        Other than matchmaking errors, it's less than a minute to find a game. About 2-3 minutes when it's late/early.

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      Mostly agree with thats said above, but "every match you play will be different" is a bit of an exaggeration, agreed the bomb/hostage has multiple different places it can spawn, but thats only from a selection, so on any given map there is maybe 5 or 6 places it can be, which is nice, but not exactly "different every time".

      Your level of enjoyment is heavily dictated by the squad your in, it can be insanely frustrating when you've cleared a bombsite only to watch the rookie with the defuser wander off in search of more bad guys to kill, only to then die on the far side of the map dropping the defuser at the enemies feet losing your team the entire match.

      Easily worth the $24 (or $39) price tag, but prepare for a steep learning curve.

    • Great write up. I've got it on PS4 and absolutely love it. Was so over the COD run and gun games but this one is a breathe of fresh air. Just like to add that the matchmaking on PS4 has greatly improved since the recent update (I used to get kicked to the PS4 homescreen a lot) and if you think it's bad try finding a match in SF5!

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    Receipt for PS4 version if anyone finds it useful: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=803DE4F6B8D8D59C!24653&authkey=!AMp297RpiOBZFTY&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

  • Why doesn't target allow split payments? Have a $30 visa I want to use and its $9 short. Couldn't even buy a $9 gift card with my regular VISA as they don't accept it apparently. Maybe they dont want my money.

    • You mean you couldn't split pay to get Xbox version in store?

  • Pricematched at EB Games, lady was not happy but phoned Target and said the price was indeed $24.

    • OMG, EB games I Phones rejected me straight away…..

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        I don't understand why the employees give such a bad attitude to customers. Get rid of the price matching policy if they're going to act like that.

        • Agreed. I've stopped asking because they respond so rudely when i inquire. They've never price matched for me.

        • Sorry, I must clarify she was very helpful, not happy was probably a poor choice of wording. Surprised and unsure whether they could honour it is probably more like it. The manager stated that they don't care at all about price matching and they personally 'love' doing it for the customers but this one was a little cheap so they had to phone otherwise they could get in trouble with head office.

  • 4 copies left in Melbourne cbd store (around 3:15pm)

  • None left at Belconnen.

    Talked to the guy (I went in before I got my C&C "ready" email) and he said that if you ordered C&C and your store sells out, you need to wait for them to be restocked from Melbourne warehouse (for ACT anyway). Should be getting stock in on Tuesday next week by the latest.

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      Target click and collect is not true click and collect. They send it to the store from the warehouse and it takes about a week. Better to just go in store or get free delivery.

      • ordered clicked and collect yesterday, ready to be picked up this morning. Maybe i got in just before the next shipment from the DC?

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    Counted 9 cases left for PS4. Guy at the counter said he had a guy call to put 6 of them on hold.

    • …… Unbelievable

    • Sorry forgot to mention this was for Camberwell store.

    • Surely they can put a limit on it right?

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        Target doesn't care, only about the moneys

        • fixed it for you: ALL RETAILERS don't care, only about the moneys (it's called capitalism)

  • Is this price worth it just for single player?

    • +1


      • Thanks, just as I expected… :(

        • Maybe just get psn. Is not bad

  • Thanks OP. Carindale,QLD had over 10 copies left none at Garden City, QLD.

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    About 8 left for ps4 down at Dandenong in VIC.

    Need to ask the guy at the counter, they're all hiding at the back.

  • Bloody good game this thanks OP

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    Only had one copy on Xbox one at my store which I grabbed. Annoying about the extra $ over the ps4 version but hopefully can sell the codes on ebay

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    Great bargain if you want the game, but no campaign = no deal for me I'm afraid.

    • Unlike Battlefront, this game is great as multiplayer only.

    • Rainbow six is all about the multiplayer, it's great at that.

  • Why is it that when I search Target's website for PS4 games and sort them by price (lowest to highest) I do not see Rainbow Six Siege listed?

    • Because it's out of stock online..

    • Once it's out of stock, it automatically goes to the bottom of the list

  • Target Epping 3076 has a stack (maybe 10 copies left after I got a copy for my brother in act and a mate in cbd).

  • Northland VIC gone

  • Still have 20 copies at Merrylands

  • Just went to Target Carlingford and got one!
    Only one copy left.

  • +1

    available at Hurstville Target

    • LOL I just went and got the game + heavy rain. Very nice haha

  • Can you play rainbow siege offline?

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      This game thrives on multiplayer, but yes it has a single offline mode which can be considered a tutorial for getting you ready for online.

      The offline mode is called 'Situations' and there are 10 missions, each with one main objective and three sub-objectives that earn you in-game currency. Each Situation introduces a different game mode; for example - defeat all hostiles, rescue a hostage, diffuse a bomb, protect an asset, etc. There are 10 of them and once you've completed all of them you should be just about ready for online play; although you'll probably want a solid team to play with.

      But that's all there is to single player; a 10 level tutorial on how to play the game modes.

      • Thanks..thought so, guess I'll pass..don't play enough online mode to pay for PS+

  • do you need PS Plus to play this game? I mean, if it is entirely multiplayer base, then it has to be played online and it seems that PS Plus is the only way to play online for PS4, right?

    • Correct.

      The only offline content available is a 10 level tutorial on the game modes and how to play.

  • Price has gone back to $55 but if we can find a version in-store will they match the price via the posted reciept?

    • I doubt it.

      Are we sure the price would be $55 in store?

      • Well store rep said so….

        • Please see comment below - target placing items on hold on the day in order to avoid selling them at a low price, then jacking them up the following and refusing to honour original hold price.

        • @enforcer103: tbh I didn't know Target usually holds item for the customer and give you the price at the time of hold.

          I have my lesson learned experience with Click and Collect stuff so I generally try hit the shop unless that is online exclusive.

          Feel sorry that you couldn't get the above price but based no below, each stores taking different action.

          One thing sure is that price gone up to normal price as mentioned by store rep.

        • @moonphase: not to mention that yesterday was Thrusday!

        • @moonphase:

          Apparently the system shows imminent price changes and staff are supposed to tell you if the price is due to change. Retail customer care is only about being reasonable. If staff say to you come and pick it up tomorrow and don't mention the price is more than doubling then, and then refuse to sell it at the price it was placed on hold for less than 24 hours earlier then thats not reasonable.

          Target wasted my time and money and also avoided selling the product at the advertised price. Essentially Target are guilty of dishonesty, and are no longer even vaguely trustworthy.

    • I got a copy yesterday from Pakenham Target. Price had changed to $55 but $24 tag was on shelf still so they changed the price for me :)

  • Caroline Springs have heaps…..but are now $55 each

  • Hi all, just rang the Mornington store and can confirm they are honouring yesterday's price of $24 for PS4. Not sure how many copies left but thought this was worth a mention

    Good luck!

    • Went to pick my reserved copy from yesterday with my details on it and Target refused to honour the price it was on hold for.

      No point trying to put anything on hold at Target anymore - you have to do click and collect or not bother.

      I won't be bothering much with such a crap store.

      • May be worth calling local stores still, I picked up my copy this afternoon with no problems. Still had a couple in stock

  • publisher enforced mark down ? nope , clearing extra stock ? ( most likely)

  • +3

    someone on gumtree has the audacity to not only be selling these for $60 but to also have a pic of the receipt showing he paid $24 for multiple copies of the game … deuchebag

    • LOL, what an arse. I hope everybody lowballs the shit outta him…

  • are there any stores with stock at $24 still

  • +1

    Saw a guy buying five or six copies today in Big W. Assume he was going to get them price match then trade/ebay them elsewhere.

  • I bought my copy for $24 today big w Broadmeadows…price match.
    The gentleman was very nice and didn't even Google the price.
    he's a young fella with many tattoos on both arms, just incase anyone wanted to get there copy. go see that guy

    Thank you Big W

    • +1

      Another Hipster gonna be out of a job tomorrow

      • lol

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