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Air Asia Premium Flat Bed - SYD <> DPS, Bali (Return) $298


Got the Email from Air Asia that something big coming and since I'm their loyalty program member, I have early access, the sale should go live 7/03/2016.

Anyway, checked this morning for trip to Bali and i was surprised their Premium Flatbed is only $298 return from Sydney.

This inlcude:
- Meal
- 40Kg checked bag

Promo Economy price is $354 this without checked bag and meal!!

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  • Nice deal, have a great trip.

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    In your booking is that price $300 each way or is the total, $600, for 2 people?

    • It's for 2 people :)

      • Great price.

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    MEL-DPS return is $281. Clearly a price error because it is the same as the economy promo fare. Book it before they fix it.

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    Travel Dates?

  • I'm not getting that price. Is there a promo code

    • same

    • Travel period oct 2015 - May 2016

      • Oct 2016- May 2017? The OP booked October 2016.

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    Fantastic deal, don't forget to use the sale banner on the website (or this link) and then login with your BIG ID. These prices are only for Indonesia AirAsia flights and I'm a bit hesitant flying them.

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    Awesome prices. I just booked one of those flatbeds from DPS-MEL. Only $122, includes flat bed, 40kg, seat selection and a meal. WTF AWESOME PRICE!! ($179 MEL-DPS, but during the day so no big deal that it is just a standard seat). Seems like plenty of $122 seats on that DPS-MEL overnight leg for early October.

    When am I ever going to fly 1A ever again?? Looking forward to it. Thanks so much OP!! Was thinking Thailand to get my advanced open water but stuff it when I can get this!

    • Hi ,Lainey, what/where is DPS. Thanks.

      • Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport, is the main airport in Bali, located 13 km south of Denpasar.

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    Awesome! I just booked MEL-DPS return with flatbeds for two people for $562 (28th October - 6th November). I'd be happy with that price for economy, let alone premium flatbeds!

  • Anyone spotted a flatbed date out of Gold Coast (OOL) ? Still looking.

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      Only works for Indonesia AirAsia X flights to Melbourne and Sydney. AirAsia X flights to/from Kuala Lumpur appear to be pricing correctly.

  • Looking for early Jan to Penang. No particularly good deals for normal tickets let alone flatbed. Bummer!

  • Yes, it's operated by Indonesia AirAsia and not AirAsia X but they're direct flights of under 7 hours and you also avoid long transits at KUL airport.

  • when i search not seeing any rates for Premium Flatbed (trying April 2017 dates), am i doing anything wrong :/

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    WOW, Can't believe that.. It's payback time for AirAsia to customers now. There fleet and crew is good but the customer service is worst ever.

    booked 2 Adults and 1 child 796. All included.

  • they fixed it now…but I managed to get syd to bali return during aus day weekend for 574 return for 2 pax flatbed

    • I'd avoid the night spots and the peak seasons.

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    I will pass. a bit superstitious on the term flat bed.

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      Your own term/usage.

  • Your screenshot says total price $597.98.

    • as said above that was for two ppl

  • no more flatbeds is 800.00 aud for 2 adults + 1 child still great price ??

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    This is possibly my worst impulse buy XD. Already booked an entire trip but couldn't resist adding another one.

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    WARNING! we had a premium flat bed booking over night to Singapore. Went through priority check in etc, got on the plane and our seats were double booked. They asked us to stand at the front.2 Aussie ground crew came on and said sorry, not sure what to do and locked the doors. The plane then taxied out & we were still standing. The only seat left was row 55! & a couple of 'hotseats' that we couldn't use because "we hadn't booked them". Plane is about to take off, crew didn't care. So we sit in hot seats & Put seatbelt on. Lady then comes and tap us on shoulder and says we need to move. I say only forward.. She continues to tap as I ignore her. She goes away. Plane takes off..seatbelt light off..ole tapper returns. I'm starting to lose my shit, she can't speak English well at all. Gf says we will try row 55 and convinces me to head back. Sit down, someone offers gf water and then says that will be $6 (even though business bookings include meals). Gf politely declined..ole tapper returns and says "ask refund later yes"..gf begrudgingly pays and ask for a blanket.. $8! Lights go out, and it's amazing how much a plane flexs at row 55 (you need to see it to believe it). Can't sleep, so sneak to hotseat. Earplugs in, hoody on. Just about asleep…ole tapper starts tapping. This crap went on all night. When we landed Airasia say you need to follow up in Oz, back home we just kept getting redirected. Got the difference between economy refunded, but never an acknowledgement of poor service or an apology. Had a great onward flight with Etihad. NEVER BOOK WITH AIR ASIA. They were happy for the plane to take off with us standing..ground crew knew the plane was double booked..so says plenty to me about there safety value and value of their customers.

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      That is the most appalling story I've heard!

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      WOW !! SO 2 lots of people got the same seat numbers ?? And they let them all onto the flight!! Their computer systems must be absolute shite !!

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      I didn't even know a plane could legally take off with you standing… Wonder if you could even get AirAsia in trouble for that alone!

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        I'm sure they would just deny it. Should have filmed it on my phone, but was more concerned about being safe at the time. It looked like a band or similar group of people were given our seats at the last minute. I was even happy to take a 2nd tear hotseat, and the fact I couldn't and the hostess was fully aware of what was going on as if it was the norm was enough 4 me to not need them in my life again. Didn't want to get arrested in KL on the way to Europe, but was bloody hard not to lose it.
        Ps. Pilot had to abort landing first time and never said anything as to why etc as normal airlines would normally do.. Disgraceful company. I would be looking at Tiger / jetstar price match..Not this..

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          Why don't you post this on their FB page with your tickets to complain as well as to warn others? You may get their attention and maybe some sort of compensation.

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      I booked the stupid Option Town upgrade and there were no buyers on my flight, got an email the night before saying "congratulations - please ask at the airport when you check in" blah blah

      so I get there and tell them about the email, she says "do you want to pay for a seat, its worth it…. " I said what about the email? she said we have to offer them for sale to passengers first, if no one buys them you might get one

      so by time flight took off there were no seats left they sold them at check in and I had to wait a week to get my option town money refunded to my card (minus the option town fee you have to pay)

      great service by crappy airasia, good if you want to fly very short distances though

      • Very unusual to get the email saying congratulations and not get the upgrade with Option Town. Have done this many times and yes, we have missed out when they have sold all the flatbeds last minute (I always go for the hot seats and extra seats options as a backup) but we have never received a confirmation from Option Town that we have been successful and not been given our flatbeds at check in!

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      Can confirm - Air Asia are the worst.

      MY sister and a few of us (about 9 people total) all booked tickets with Air Asia to go to Bali for her 30th birthday. We paid for a higher priced ticket (about $150 extra) to go on a flight that was not overnight. We can't be stuffed doing redeye flights these days if we don't have to. A week before we fly, we get an email from Air Asia bumping us from our more expensive flight to the redeye flight, I contacted them for a refund of the difference in the flight prices and to complain that we booked specifically so that we didn't have to fly redeye. We also were going to have to pay for an extra night in the hotel now too.

      They told me to get stuffed basically.

      So on the return flight we get an email 2 days before we were flying out - they had changed our tickets again for the return flight, and this time, we were spread across 3 different flights between our group! So I contacted AirAsia again with a WTF are you doing, and why?? So they changed everyone back to the same flight (the flights were all under a single booking) - and they tried to charge me money for changing the flights!!! I told them to go eff themselves and I was never flying with them again.

      So yeah, this is a great deal, but hell no, I am never flying with them again!!

  • Sweet thanks OP, flown Air Asia about 6 times now, and never had any real issues, all economy though. This will be interesting, already had a $20 credit, so $540 for 2 MEL to DPS return isn't too bad at all! Now to find cheap flights to Aussie…

  • Hope they honour it. If you login to your account then click modify the booking, you can see it has negative balance contact call centre.

    • Mine says CONFIRMED, and the total paid matches what they said it was going to be, $562. You sure you managed to make the payment successfully?

  • can't see promo rate on this route,, they're fixing it :(

    • or there's no promo rate at all for any routes, they withdrew it to fix some problems?

  • Managed to get 2 flat beds for Australia day extended weekend next year for $562 total, MEL-DPS return. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Got MEL - DPS in late Jan for $280 return. Thanks OP!

  • BIG Priority page seems to be seizing up for me now when I try and search, I wonder if they're 'adjusting' things.

    • yeah, could see the low price earlier, then 2 sec later, when did the search again, all promo rate disappeared

  • Is this really flat bed?
    It says only D7 flights are flat bed

    • Yes it is - we flew on AA Indo last Sep and we had flat beds

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    FOUND IT, u need to login using your AA big account to get the promo rate

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    Got return flight MEL-DPS in mid Jan during school holidays for $1030 2 adults 2 kids!

  • can't find any too. Looks like they fixed, indeed

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      u need to login using your AA big account to get the promo rate

  • Thanks OP. Scored return tix late October from MEL in business for $270 (and avoided cc fee by using PayPal cc link). One of the best mistake rate buys I've ever made!

    Anyone know what official rights we have in Australia (other than complaining to Consumer Affairs etc) if they try and cancel/invalidate tix?

  • Just booked 3 return flights 23 Jan- 3 Feb for $ 858 Including $ 60 CC Fee

    • +1

      strange, u mean just now?
      I logged in but couldn't find any price with "promo" tag at all, no matter which date or route…regardless of the "price error" ones
      if you can still make a booking, must be something wrong at my end

      • u need to login using your AA big account to get the promo rate

        • thx mate, but I did, i did, i hav a screen showing my Big number
          and also my name on the right top corner of the screen, what else can be the porb?

        • @j4j4j4j4: NOT sure then, maybe.. is targeted

      • use this promo code and check 060316BL

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      Should've used Paypal, no fees!

  • damn, not avil for any dates I can find.

    Just joined Big, fortunately on a throw away email.

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    Try this link and let me know if it works, will update the deal if it does. Can still see promo rates there, have updated the deal.

    • Can still see the deals

    • I can still see some with that link- eg. Mel-DPS 30th Oct to 7th Nov, $159 flatbed there and $122 flatbed on the way back.

    • can see from Syd as well but only when I search for one person :( :(
      as soon as I put in 2 adults it won't show me any options in January-2017

      • Try Melb? You will need to fly to Melb but am sure you can get some cheap syd-melb flights :-)

    • +1

      love you Shaw
      this worked!!!!

  • It is still working…..for Mel - DPS in Jan

  • +1

    THE promo only APPEARS on direct flight

    • False.
      I can see it on flights transiting thru KL…I can't even see direct flights to DPS

      • +1

        This is whats showing for syd -bali

      • AA Indo does not fly every day to Bali…think it is every alternate day.

  • Booked DPS-MEL mid Jan! Was having some troubles with the payment, but eventually went through (Couldn't use PayPal, had to use Credit Card). Thanks OP

    • What dates?

  • what's the best way to search availability? Is there a best way rather than clicking random dates

  • I hope the employee who made the pricing error gets to keep their job.

  • Thanks for this! I booked 2x SYD-DPS return with the flatbed special for $287. However when I go back and tried to book the same for another friend, in member special section is unavailable but the normal booking is available for flatbed, but it is $699 instead of the $127 originally. A bit disappointed that we can't get everyone on the same flight but it's such an awesome deal

  • Booked :)

    Question for those that are familiar with airasia - premium flatbed is supposed to offer unlimited free changes in flight time/date - does that mean I can wait until the sale is over and change to more desirable dates which were not on sale this time around? i.e. change from late Jan to xmas/new year period :)

    • They will charge you the fare difference so that won't work. It's on the *.

    • Whilst it does allow unlimited changes, you will need to pay the fare difference between the price you paid and the price at that time. And even if you can find the price cheaper by doing a new dummy booking, they will not allow you to get that price. I tried to change our flight last time round and they said I had to pay the higher price - even though I could buy a new ticket for a lower price.

  • finally booked to fly out on aussie day :)
    thanks OP !!

  • anyone recieved the confirmation email after making the booking?

    • I got our confirmation email - did you check your junk folder?

      • nothing in junk folder!

        i didnt log into my BIG account when making the booking though.

        • Have you paid?

        • @SunnyinDubai:

          Yes I paid.

          Talking to them now and apparently I entered the wrong email address? I'm almost 101% sure I entered the correct email address. Anyway they fixing it now after 40 mins wait!! Cheers everyone.

        • +1

          @michaelTito: that is good to hear…:-)

    • got my confirmed itinerary & paypal receipt almost instantly

  • no longer available it seems :(

  • Melb - DPS is still available for mid Jan…

  • -1

    They are not going to honour this anyway but that didn't stop me from booking for 2 persons departing on 30th Oct and return on 9th November for $562 retrun.

    • +1

      I've booked 30th of Oct to 12th November, Melb to Bali for $281, see you on the plane!

      • +4

        If you read the story from tunzafun001, you may be sharing a bed :P

        • That will be another story about Air Asia to tell Ozbaragain and the grandkids (after 3 more decades, may be)

      • Haha. See you then*

        *If they honour this deal

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