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Handyman Kit Price Dropped to $20 (Was $35) @ Dick Smith [Blacktown, NSW] In Store


Go to Blacktown Dicksmith pick up the Eneloop rechargeable batteries and browse in shop, I found out the manager remove the tool kit from shelf then I pick one to cashier check price. It is $20. Buy one as I saw the tool kit at Macquarie Centre last week which is $35. The tool kit No showing on DS website. Probably only available in store.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • Is that with all the tools?

    If so, how many tools do you get?

  • Yeah I saw a gazillion of these in store the other day - they were spread out far and wide across the otherwise empty tablet benches. Thought about grabbing one to keep in the laundry, but talked myself out of it.

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      The problem is that I generally end up using 1 or 2 of the tools ie. 10mm socket, std. philips etc. so you end up with a 99% unused tool box.

      I have all the crap tools I need.

      • I have all the crap tools I need.

        You do. But everyone needs that one set of crap tools, just so you have everything.

        If you use a cheap tool enough to break it, replace it with a decent one.

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    Got it for 1c cheaper

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      You could probably talk them down to 19.98 if you pay cash.

  • Thanks. Got one.

    Was tempted to get one the last time they went on sale for $25. Glad I held out till today!

  • Got one just now. Decided to make an account here to verify, and also note a few things.

    • Store pricing is likely to be $35, but scanning at $19.99
    • There are at least 10 left at Kotara, NSW as at 3pm 10/3
    • The 2 lower draws (one full one empty) secure locked while the top lid is closed (whether secured or not).
  • A few left at Miranda DS aswell, guessing about 6 as of 5pm

  • how many cable ties?

  • Plenty left at George St, Sydney

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