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Blaze Bluetooth Speaker, $5 @ Kmart. in Store Only?


Just walked in Ashfield KMart in NSW and found Blaze Bluetooth speaker for $5 each. These were clearance items and about 8 still left at this store.

Feels solid and good size. Will have to see if the sound quality is ok, but for $5 I think it should be adequate.

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    Although the battery life isn't the best, it is a steal for $5.

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    These have the led display that acts like equaliser….brought 1 for $20 few months back :)

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      Where did you bring it to?

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        Isn't he a dummy.

      • to your

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    This K-mart speaker for $5 is a bargain. Looks great, sounds OK. The WOW speaker for $7.50 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/237798 may have sightly better sound quality; I've listed briefly to both. Interested other opinions.

  • Have used the blaze one previously, it was a fail when hooked up to a Mac laptop but adequate when plugged into a phone or other laptop. Used it in the backyard & got for $10 soon after xmas.

  • Couldn't see any stock in Campbellfield (VIC) but I didn't search that hard as I have one of the $7.50 Bluetooth speakers from Woolies already. However, there was a "Triangle" Bluetooth speaker on sale for $9. Plenty of stock, 10+ available from memory. Down in the aisles near the photo centre. Sorry, forgot to take a pic - I didn't buy one.

  • Great for the kids and absolutely worth $5

  • These were near the triangle Bluetooth speakers, but separate shelf near the photo centre as well.

    I missed out on the Woolies $7.50 speaker but now I am happy. Been looking for a new speaker for quite a while already as I just need something stronger than my laptops speaker :)

    There was also some bicycle Bluetooth speakers for $5 as well that you can attach to your bicycle and listen while you bike… I was like no thanks ;P

    • There were 10 at seven hills the other day mate

  • How well do they pump?

  • hmmm…

  • do these have easy to press media controls on the speaker?

    • no, clunky buttons under a rubber cover

      • Clunky enough that a blind person with poor motor skills could figure it out?

        • You ought to be kinder to yourself, Land of Smeg. You type well for someone with your afflictions!

        • @carwashhair: He could be using a voice recognition software

        • @ProjectZero: I'm looking for a speaker for my grandfather who has Parkinson's and Cataracts.

  • Anyone knows if Kmart Toowong has some stock for this?

  • I have 2 of these (bought them when they were $15 a while back) and for the most part, they are great. Connects with Bluetooth no troubles and I can get around 4 hours of playback with the flashy light turned off with ease. Not the loudest speaker in the world and the bass isn't stellar, but I take mine lots of places outdoors etc and I feel way better about this one potentially being broken than something expensive.

  • OOS IN KOTARA, warata n Glendale, NSW

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    Has anyone compared these to the Bowers & Wilkon Zeppelin speakers? How do they compare


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      Yeah it's about $695

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        I might get the kmart one instead if the performance is close.

  • I grabbed the last 2 remaining speakers just a while ago feom ashfield kmart.. Sounds ok, with the light it can be used as a night lamp as well :)