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Teclast X98 Air III Intel Z3735F 1.83GHz 9.7 Inch Android 5.0 Tablet $161.42 Delivered @ Banggood


Teclast X98 Air III Intel Z3735F 1.83GHz 9.7 Inch Android 5.0 Tablet, which is quite reasonably priced at $161.42 with the coupon code.

Thanks to @PVA for pointing out what banggood stocked, "https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/238460"

I've ordered one, and judging by banggood's shipping times, it will probably take a month to arrive.


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  • Is it USD or aud?

  • Good price, pity it's not the dual boot version though.

    • Windows 8.1/10 on this tablet is pretty unusable, it isn't optimized properly for the resolution and some of the windows applications have tiny text. It also struggles with battery life lasting only 6-7 hours a day with minimal use. I changed back to android and it works for basic 'tablet' type tasks quite well.

      • I have the smaller X89 and I thought the same thing about 8.1. Once I updated it to Win 10 and use tablet mode though it's actually pretty good.

        I bricked the Android partition once and was stuck with only Windows and I had no complaints until I could fix Android again. I do use Android 90% of the time but it's nice to have the option if I need it.

      • I actually don't mind it at all (think mine is x98 air 3g). I use a Microsoft wedge keyboard with it and find it great for word etc. Battery life with windows 10 heaps Better than 8 (which never slept properly on my model), but android is better definitely. Do agree with the occasional windows issues with font scaling though. Love the screen

  • Malware, bloatware? Where does this come from?

  • +10 votes

    Hey guys, as a current owner of this device, I'd like to let u know of a few things:
    A. Touch is laggy, isn't as responsive.
    B. Some apps don't work properly under Intel Chipset. I've emailed 4 app companies n so far, been told they won't add support for this hardware.
    C. Screen is nice to look at n plays video ok.
    D. Unit is heavy compared to others.

    My aim was for my kids to play their educational games. With the issues above, the unit is now charging n collecting dust.

    I also purchased Bluetooth keyboard n that seems to work nicely for emails or word processing.


    • Did you have poor battery life?
      My friend had one of these battery life was less than a day

      • Poor battery life - maybe 30% less efficient vs Qualcomm Chipsets. Less than a day with 5 hours use? I think my son played with it for 2 to 3 hours and still had some left at the end of the day.

        • That's pretty bad. I'm using an older generation Intel Cloverfield tablet, Z2000 series SOC, from ASUS. It has 1080p FHD display.

          It gets 10 hours of screen on time so I don't think the Intel chipset is at fault. Your tablet probably has a much smaller battery than you think. Also, the software might be unoptimised so it's power-saving features may not work properly.

          It's very typical of chinese tablets to overstate the lithium batt's capacity, specs might read 8000mah but in reality you might get 25% less.

      • maybe due to the retina screen? I think the only other tablet that has this high resolution is the iPad

    • thanks for this.
      laggy compared to more expensive ipads/samsungs etc or laggy compared to other $160 tablets?

      my wife has an asus tablet that was meant to have a processor that has problems like you say but I havent heard her say thags dont work, what apps were they?

      • Laggy as in its not as responsive as your phone,ipad,branded android. For a 160 tablet, i guess the lagginess is the same. My father in laws company gave him a no brand sub $100 tablet that performed the same. If u play games with it, be patient. u hv to press it harder than sat your phone. E.g. my son plays puzzle on it, had to press harder n drag. After a while, even my finger hurts from the friction. Depends on ur usage, browsing Web, watching movie ok.

        • +1 vote

          that sounds like the old resistive type screens from 10 years back, i wouldnt have thought they would use them but who knows.

        • @PVA: no definitely not the old resistive type screens from back in the day those were horrible on an extreme. to me, it was responsive, not as snappy as an iPad. perhaps similar to a mid-range android phone

          not sure what he means by having to press and drag harder? to me it's fine. those experiences sound like a $40 supermarket tablet.

    • I have the air II version and my touch screen doesn't seem laggy, pretty good for what it is. I use it to read PDFs and browse some webpages for university and watch youtube videos before bed.

      Battery life for me is around 6-7 hours of screen on time.

      • Same with my air 3g. I know some people were able to get replacements when they had laggy/non responsive touch screens

    • Just an FYI on the apps…. this can be relatively easily fixed by changing your build.prop to say you have something popular, like a Samsung Tab or Nexus 7 etc.
      Just give it a google for instructions (device will need to be rooted though, which again is pretty easy following a guide).

      Most apps would work fine by the app company just adding your particular tablet to the list of supported devices… but they'd officially have to support it and take it into consideration when updating etc etc.
      So it's easier for them to just leave out these non-mainstream devices and not have to worry about them.

  • Okee RCH, dr panda games, intellijoy games, duck duck moose. I've emailed most of them n they replied with device problem, n other gonna fix games. My kids can't play, can only use it to watch wiggles etc. It's heavy, so…collecting dust it is for now.

  • I have a Air 3G dual boot device. On the contrary, I find the tablet fairly responsive.
    Battery life is ok - after almost one year I can still get 4+ hours for web browsing out of it, and obviously games drains battery very quickly.
    My son has a iPad Air 2 and it weights 437 grams. Mine is 498 grams, same as the Air III model here. Yeah, 15% heavier, but look at the price…
    Here is a review of this device: http://techtablets.com/2015/11/teclast-x98-air-iii-review/

    • I was looking at the dual boot ones.
      Does windows get updates or is what it has it?
      You can add any Windows program easy.
      Do you use both or just end up with using android only.

      • My air II automatically updates.

        It windows on x86, so yeah, windows apps generally run.
        Suff about windows:
        * I scaled resolution to 200% to make it easier to see and touch. Tiny click points like the windows buttons in Pandora need several clicks to hit the button.
        * To change the log on and update text from Chinese you need to need to go into user accounts.
        * The chipset drivers aren't updated in windows. You can download from the manufacturer with chrome auto translate or download from a Chinese tablet review website (the drivers don't seem to support intel low power modes).
        * A positive is my Air II has ridiculously good wifi in windows, making it an excellent streamer.

        I keep mine in windows because windows updates, android doesn’t.

      • yes gets windows updates easily
        yes can add windows programs easily
        Just ended up using windows not the android …… better software for windows.

  • I was just considering one of these.
    at $113 after coupon 9efc13. Only 1280*800 res. Higher res version isn't much more but looks like no stock yet.
    Has newer Atom X5 Z8300 and dual boots Windows/Android. Any feedback on this model from anyone ?
    Did want it for my 3 year old but app compatibility with Intel chip as mentioned above concerns me.

  • That is cheap.

    I got Air 3G not long ago for about double that.

  • Looking for an 8" android with 32gb storage and 2gb ram for about $150 delivered. Any options?

  • No idea why people are saying this is a "good" tablet in the same post that they explain that basic things such as being able to use the touch interface properly isn't possible.

    I'd call that an unuseable tablet.

    Surely there must be better alternatives for the same money …

  • Does anyone know if the 2Gb DDR3L is replaceable or is an integrated chip? The tablets overall looks great but 2Gb of RAM is the only lacking feature for me.

    • FYI this is an Android OS, Windows not included.

      You can't upgrade the ram on tablets, they do not use the Sodimm form factor because this type of memory takes up too much space and would make tablets twice as thick.

      It's normally embedded (soldered in)

      • Like all Baytrail CPUs they can only address a max of 2GB RAM.

        But over the years there's always been at least 1 'blah blah 2gb ram blah blah not enough' comment with these listings.

        They run fantastic and it's sad that the most upvoted comment in this thread is mostly false. There is 0 touch lag and is actually fairly light for a tablet at 550g for a 10" form factor.

        Can have a look at many of the video reviews to confirm the 0 lag.

  • What's the benchmarks on this thing?